Brilliant spoof trailer: Tetris The Movie

News Simon Brew 29 May 2012 - 10:56

Well, if we can have a Battleship film, why not a Tetris one? Someone's gone and made the trailer for it already...

Back when Battleship was announced as the source of a movie, heads were scratched. Now that lots of people have seen Battleship, heads are still being scratched, too. After all, if you can turn a board game like that into a film, whatever's next? Chess? Draughts?

Or what about Tetris?

Courtesy of this brilliant spoof trailer, we now get a glimpse of just how that could turn out. The only worry being, of course, that some Hollywood posh person might just watch this and think it's a good idea...

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Hasn't the movie version of chess been made? I believe it was called 'Lord of the Rings'

And Game of Thrones...and basically any film with kings, castles and knights...

Wasnt Christopher Lambert in it.

 Ah, that was Knight Moves, wasn't it?

lol I can actually see some sense in a movie like tetris where these components fall from space and perhaps wall off a city with the menace of what happens when the wall is complete with no escape from within the wall.

Perhaps it's an alien mining system that when the line is complete explodes and channels all the debris up into space to a collector ship hovering above?

Then we could see the destruction of one city and when it happens to another the heroes have to find ways to stop the bricks making a line as they fall.

Damn.  I'm not helping here am I?

This cracked me up.

Excellent - look forward to the prequel...Breakout

So when's the movie version of Manic Miner coming out?

 there are so many silly, overblown, set piece movies made, that this spoof almost plays it too straight--a trailer like that is entirely plausible.  it would probably make a ton of money.

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