Matt Smith joins new Terminator trilogy

News Simon Brew 2 May 2014 - 16:14

One-time Doctor Who star Matt Smith has apparently landed a "major" role in the new Terminator trilogy...

Huge news this. With his Doctor Who days now behind him, it's been revealed that Matt Smith is set to join the new trilogy of Terminator films in a "major role".

Smith's not 100% confirmed yet, but Deadline is reporting he is likely to now join the films. His part in the now-shooting Terminator: Genesis is likely to be a smaller one, but the role "will grow in the second and third films".

Smith joins a cast that includes Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. No further details of his character are available at this time. You can bet your backside we'll keep you posted though.

Terminator: Genesis, directed by Alan Taylor, arrives in July 2015. Release dates for the subsequent films have not yet been announced.

UPDATE: Skydance has now confirmed this on its Twitter feed: "We don't have a TARDIS, but we do have a Time Lord: we're pleased to welcome Matt Smith to the cast of #Terminator"

FURTHER UPDATE: The official Paramount press release reveals that "Smith will play a new character with a strong connection to John Connor, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, J.K. Simmons, Dayo Okeniyi and Byung Hun Lee".


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I fight Terminators now. Fighting Terminators is cool.

Useless trivia: this makes two Alan Taylor-directed films in a row to feature former Doctors in the cast (after Chris Eccleston appeared in Thor: The Dark World). Coincidence? Or is he a fan?

Jason Clarke

That's a double edge sword. There will be those who will criticise the film if they do crack a time travel joke.

Smith: The 12-gauge auto-loader.

Clerk: That's Italian. You can go pump or auto.

Smith: The .45 long slide, with laser sighting.

Clerk: These are brand new - we just got them in. That's a good gun. Just touch the trigger, the beam comes on and you put the red dot where you want the bullet to go. You can't miss. Anything else?

Smith: Sonic screwdriver with magic wand type properties.

Clerk: Hey, just what you see pal.

nice one, might actually see this now!

I thought Terminators RELIED on Time Travel?

After Daleks and Cybermen, facing Terminators will be a breeze.

I hope he plays a grown-up version of that kid with the mullet who is John Connors' mate in T2.

*raggedy clothes

It is indeed a story about a time travelling cyborb(s) and/or a time travelling human resistance fighter. However, what we were discussing was the inclusion of a "time/doctor who" based joke to highlight the fact "hey guys, we have the guy who used to play doctor who in this" so we are going to crack a timey wimey joke.

Came on here to post exactly the same thing. I could see him doing that. Perhaps playing a scientist in the first movie so we stil get to see him slightly zany!

Personally, I'm more buzzed to see J.K. Simmons (J jonah Jameson from the original spiderman trillogy), now THAT GUY is amazing! Matt, not so much. Nice guy, but I just dont rate him that highly as an actor, sorry...

Considering absolutely nobody asked for this film to be made in the first place, I put forward that all they have to sustain any semblance of purpose ARE the in-jokes and winks to the audience.
If they try the 'dark and gritty' route they will be in very big trouble indeed :)

You know, you might be on to something. Neither Rise Of The Machines or Salvation were particularly good, but at least I can remember ROTM.

No they rely on electrical current. Time travel is only used to cause massive damage to the cannon.

I see what u did there ;-)

So there's a reboot with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Isn't that just going to confuse people?
If you are going to reboot a franchise you should get new actors.

What if he IS the Terminator, that would be cool.

With all this parrallel Terminator timelines there was bound to be one with Time Lords.

So it was TARDIS technology powering terminator time travel all along!!!

Terminator : Geronimo!

This comment made my time. I would like to give you 102 upvotes, but alas, I am restricted to only one. :D


I think you'll find he played The Doctor more than once.

If we're getting an ex-Time Lord, I think the Mrs. would have preferred DT, if there's to be nudey time travelling involved.


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