Schwarzenegger promises T2 feel to Terminator: Genesis

News Simon Brew 18 Mar 2014 - 06:36

Terminator: Genesis is going to be closer in feel to Terminator 2, reckons Arnold Schwarzenegger...

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new film coming out at the end of the month, in the shape of Sabotage. This is a project that's gone through a few titles (it started out with the name Ten), but basically sees Arnie alongside Sam Worthington in an action movie directed by David Ayer (End Of Watch).

Schwarzenegger has started doing press for the film in the US, and you won't be surprised to hear that Terminator: Genesis is an upcoming film that he's being asked about a lot. Confirming that the new movie is set to start shooting in New Orleans at the end of April, Schwarzenegger told the site that "Terminator is going to have the exact same feel".

He added that "the way it reads, it has the same feel of Terminator 2. It’s big. There’s hardcore action and it has some really great visual effects in there, but not over the top. It’s not a Thor type of movie, even though it’s the same director. It has good special effects, but just enough to say, “Wow, where did that come from? How did they do that?”

That Thor director he's on about there is Alan Taylor, who helmed Thor: The Dark World. It's not, to our knowledge, been officially announced that he's the director of Terminator: Genesis, but it's been a badly kept secret for some time now that he is.

Schwarzenegger also confirmed he's still making the belated Twins sequel, Triplets.

The full interview is here and Terminator: Genesis is set to arrive in cinemas next summer.

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Anyone any idea about the story with this one?

Story? You want story? Arnie already said it will have lots of action and effects? You want story as well?

It's about a robot from the future (or maybe the past), that comes back (or possibly forward), in time to kill (or perhaps help), someone and change (or maybe not have any effect on) the future. Or the past. Sounds amazing!

Sorry man, it's still early where I am. Need some coffee! :D

If it is totally abandoning Salvation and not a continuation with in some way I cant be bothered

Is it normal for megalomaniac computer systems to design murderous robots with built-in ageing?

It feels like a bit of a redundant feature, unless there are free bus pass and TV license implications

So he has read the script, and in that script it explains the special effects? Is that normal, or is Arnie embellishing what he knows and wearing his PR hat?

I guess if they're going down that route (and not having Arnie as some kind of human creator), then they can use the 'living tissue surrounding metal skeleton' explanation from the first film, and then say that that living tissue is subject to the aging process.
Thank you. All cheques payable to Mr Simon Katanga.

Or not.

I think that could be really interesting. A terminator sent back in time to say, the 1960s, as a silent protector from afar. Its 'independence switch' could have been enabled, like it was in T2, allowing it free thought and the ability to learn. Given enough time, it could have gained a great sense of humanity, its own set of morals, even considering itself more human than machine, integrated into society whilst always watching Sarah/John Connor from afar. I could imagine some interesting philosophical dialogue on what it means to be human, again, much like T2.

"Schwarzenegger also confirmed he's still making the belated Twins sequel, Triplets."

Good lord. Is he going through his greatest hits back catalogue. Who's up for a Commando sequel?

No chance....

only if they get Alyssa Milano back to play his daughter...who gets abducted again...
Also it needs to have Arnie carrying a tree for no reason. Yeah I'd watch it.

who is your source, that's almost exactly right (or wrong).

actually it would to a certain extent as scrips lay out the scene

unfortunately, it's much more likely that they'll just find him in a box, dust him off and he'll say "am I back?"

Best thing they could possibly do for the Terminator franchise is to drop Arnie altogether from it, and do a page one rewrite of a rebooted series.

Seriously...he was the Terminator in's 30 years later. He's more than a bit aged to be doing that role. People like Arnie and Stallone were great to watch in their heydey in the 1980's...but now it's just kind of sad that they don't have any depth as actors for anything else.

They do a really interesting take on that in the Terminator tv series (Sarah Connor Chronicles). They run with the idea that once a terminator is sent back in time, it's essentially cut off from Skynet. So Skynet might change tactics/goals, and because that terminator is still operating on its original orders, it can end up in conflict with another terminator sent back to the same time period (where the 2nd terminator is from a later period in Skynet's timeline, or from an alternate timeline created by the 1st terminator's actions).

So in season 2 there's a great moment where the main villain up to that point kills another terminator to prevent it from killing a character that the 1st terminator plans to use to track down the Connors (when the character asks why he was saved, the 1st terminator responds "I have more faith in you than Skynet").

He's a pro, been there done that. He knows what to say and when to stop i guess.

he doesnt know if its R or pg13.

...and feeding a deer, with ice cream on his face! It will me amazing, right?

Sam Becket leaps into the body of Kyle Reese and has to right what once went wrong, hoping the next leap... will be the leap home!

A cyborg deer, who tries to kill him. I'd see that!

Guys, just watch the Curious Case of Benjamin Button and what they did with Brad Pitt to see how easily they could accommodate Arnie looking young and fresh for the film. It was different with Salvation, where they had to do totally re-do his facial features for "his cameo". Just think of it as CGI make-up or live-action photoshopping, easily done.

A more accurate title would be Terminator: Geriatrics.

Oh boy...

I read the Arnie quotes in my best Arnie impression in my head, but then ended up reading the entire rest of this news story in the Arnie voice too.

Seriously, all this Arnie bashing is unwarranted. In my opinion, I am glad he is making sequels etc. Remember going to the movies to see an action movie, and the only effects were explosions, boobs, and car chases with an actor who looked like he could snap you in half, and they always looked like that. These days, action movies are all about far out stories, very noticeable CGI, not enough boobs, and a pretty boy "star" who looks tough yes, but had to work out for 6 months to look like that (the only modern day action hero in my book is the Stath..nuff said). A new Terminator with Arnie in it that has good actors, a competent director, with $100million + budget, BRING IT ON. Don't bash it until you see it, or at least read a storyline first! Remember when people bagged out Sly Stallone for Rocky Balboa and Rambo (4) before even seeing it, those same people shut their cake hole quite quickly once those movies came out and how they were AWEESOOOOOME!

I always thought there was a scene missing from Commando, first you see Arnie feeding the deer then it cuts to the deers head on a wall while he and "JENNY" enjoy a lovely venison meal together (laughing and smiling of course)

Commando II: Sully's Revenge
Commando II: Lettin' off Steam with Bennett

Commando II : Bennett's back!
Commando II : JENNY's gonna get you!

I own Salvation on Blu Ray, but I don't care that they're, apparently, abandoning it. However, if there was a franchise that was abondoning one (or more) of it's sequels to continue on from the first sequel, then it should be Alien. Ignore Alien3 and the blasphemous killing off of Hicks and Newt and give us a true sequel to Aliens (directed by the now proven and powerful David Fincher, with no interference from Fox). Also, not set on a prison planet full of religious rapists. Yet keep Tywin Lannister and don't kill him right when I start to care about his character.
Sorry but it's been bugging me for years and I just can't move on.

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