Terminator: Genesis adds J K Simmons

News Simon Brew 14 Mar 2014 - 06:45

J K Simmons is the latest to sign up to Alan Taylor's upcoming Terminator: Genesis, in a role that hints at a link with the first film

Ah, the mighty J K Simmons. Perhaps still best known for his brilliant portrayal of J Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi's trilogy of Spider-Man films, he's continued to notch up a collection of impressive and varied credits. And the next to add to his IMDB page will be a role in Alan Taylor's upcoming Terminator: Genesis.

He joins a cast that includes Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. And Simmons will be playing a "weary and alcoholic detective who has followed a bizarre case involving Sarah Connor and robots for more than three decades". In fact, it seems that the case will date back to 1984, the year of James Cameron's original The Terminator movie.

Shooting on Terminator: Genesis starts in the spring, ahead of its release in July 2015.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Hmm, interesting ... so it'll jump between 1984 and the present day.

I can picture him playing Vukovich, but is he old enough to play Lance Henriksen thirty years on? At least they've replaced one awesome actor with another. So far, I'm happy with the casting, with the massive exception of Jai Courtnay (if that's how it's spelled). Think Emilia Clarke will do a great job as Sarah, and while I haven't seen Jason Clarke in anything, he seems like an interesting choice.

Im up for a new Terminator film, and aside from Jai Courtney, the cast looks quite strong.

Still wish they'd made a Salvation sequel with Bale. I think I am in the minority, but it was a good film headed in the right direction. What fans want is a definitive end.

We've been told that humans win the war with John Conner at the helm, hence why the machines try to wipe him out of ever existing in the first place. So now, can we just see how time travel is invented and how the humans win it please?!

So a young Sarah, an adult John and a detective in 2014. I'm starting to worry about how many time periods this movie is going to portray. Obviously time travel is a big element in the franchise, but too much hopping makes a coherent story difficult.

Big agree.

This is why I liked Salvation so much. Done with the past, we know what happened, lets concentrate on the story that leads up to John Conner sending his 'soon to be' father back in time. As soon as we see that, then we can wrap up the franchise as it would have gone full circle.

so this is an alternate time line present day? Or did T3 not happen in this continuity?

T3 did not happen - full stop.

Never speak such blasphemy again!

I wasn't a fan of Salvation myself. I'll not go into the reasons because I have other stuff to do today, lol.

I don't mind time travel as a part of the story. It has been there from the start and it can work really well. I just worry about how much of it we're going to see or that they are maybe going to have a parallel story type thing going on over too many time frames for it to stay cohesive.

I think my biggest issue is that after looking forward to T3 and being (less but still quite) disappointed with Salvation I find it difficult to muster much hope for this reboot sequel thing that hasn't really been very well defined as yet. I hope it will be good, but nothing I've read so far has got me thinking it will be.

Yeah, that's the thing innit. We've not had a truly 'solid' sequel since T2. So our hopes are not going to be too high for anything that follows!

I did enjoy the Guns and Roses song in Salvation though, nice nod to T2 that!

And I liked CG Arnie. The fact he is ACTUALLY in this new one is a bit odd, why would there be wrinkly T-800s?

I wish they had made the sequel(s) too, I was quite impressed by it even if it didn't have that real Terminator feel. Hard to imagine anyone else playing a young Kyle Reese better than Anton Yelchin. Changing the cast yet again is just fragmenting the series even more, how many John Connors have we seen now? You'd be hard-pressed to sit and watch the series and feel any sense of continuity.

Speak for yourself, I quite liked T3 personally.

Great point. I didn't even think of that, the continuity of sitting down and watching them all together with all these different actors.

It still annoys me that they used different Rachel's in TDK trilogy.

Speak for yourself.

Oh wait, you did.

I really enjoyed Salvation (just not Bale and Worthington's performances but that's just my opinion), I do wish the powers that be continued with that storyline ending with a Future War movie that showed Anton Yelchin's Reese going through the time portal after the original '84 Terminator and the triumph of humanity over the machines then wrap up the whole Terminator storyline taking it back to the beginning. Sad it'll never happen.

There was talk at one point of Arnie playing the guy who the T-800 was based on. I'm assuming they would be ignoring the T3 deleted scene with the brash American voiced Arnie soldier. I think there may have been mention of an old timey gangster but I don't know if that was rumour, wild speculation or based on infortmation from the people involved.

I liked the nod to T3 with the song too, but I had a major problem with the fact that it stopped as soon as the bikes hit the trap when nothing touched the player.

Yeah... I'm that fun to watch movies with, lol.

If this film is good... well I'd be ******* surprised!

There have been more John Connors than James bonds...

To quote the said t3 deleted scene "we can fix it"

Well, yeah, but then they made Salvation so...

At least you won't be ******* alone in that, lol.

Good to see at least some effort at continuity

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