Arnold Schwarzenegger on Terminator 5

News Simon Brew 3 Mar 2014 - 07:10

Terminator: Genesis sees Arnold Schwarzenegger returning properly to the franchise. And he's been talking about the new film...

It's full steam ahead on the second reboot of The Terminator franchise, with Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney set to join Arnold Schwarzenegger for Terminator: Genesis. Alan Taylor, who helmed Thor: The Dark World, is directing.

Schwarzenegger himself has been chatting about the film at a special Arnold Sports Festival event that took place the other day, which in turn was picked up via the website The Arnold Fans.

He confirmed that production was set to start "in the middle or in the end of April", and that "it will be a four or four-and-a-half month shoot". It was already known that most of the film would be shot in New Orleans, but Schwarzenegger added that some was potentially going to be done in Los Angeles too.

He added that I'm really looking forward to that because as you know, the last time when they did the Terminator, it was when I was Governor and so I couldn't be in that movie but now I'm back again and they are very excited about having me in the film", adding that "the script is fantastic so I'm really looking forward to this film".

Terminator:  Genesis is set for release on July 1st 2015.

The Arnold Fans.

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No eyebrows this time please. FOR GODS SAKE NO EYEBROWS

Or star shaped sun glasses thanks.

As much as I hate the casting of Jay Courtney as Kyle Reese (!), I'm choosing to remain somewhat optimistic about this. I mean, they ballsed Salvation up (by chooosing a weird storyline, a weird overly-macho John Connor, and failing to make the future as horrifying as Cameron's films did), so this can't be worse, right?

I really enjoyed Thor: The Dark World, so at least Alan Taylor's proven he can do a big film. I just hope it's closer in tone to Cameron's films than T3 or Salvation.

I really wish, instead of Terminator: Salvation, they'd just given that budget to the makers of TSCC and let them continue that with a big budget instead.

Was a phenomenal show, and the twist/cliffhanger ending was a great step for the franchise.

Arnies one line that just keeps on giving "I'll be back" and he was , again, and again, and again.....


Am I the only one who really liked Salvation and wanted to see the planned trilogy?


But at least it had a stab at something new. The thought of yet more tales of Arnie and the Connor family has me stifling a yawn.

Just... let it go.

Personally, I thought they should have finished on T3. T1 has a predestination paradox, which T2 suggested they had undone, but T3 restored it. I'm not generally keen on T3, although I think it has a pretty good ending.

Arnold has aged so this mean terminators age too because his winkles will be showing

Wow, yes... I am very happy to his return to Terminator .... I wish him every success

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