Jai Courtney confirmed as Kyle Reese in Terminator: Genesis

News Simon Brew 20 Feb 2014 - 06:37
Jai Courtney

The upcoming reboot of the Terminator franchise has found the new Kyle Reese...

His career has taken him from Spartacus: Blood And Sand, to being Werner Herzog's henchman in Jack Reacher, through to being one of the very few to escape the shambles that was A Good Day To Die Hard in tact. It looks, though, as if Jai Courtney has found his highest profile role to date, as - confirming earlier rumours - he's been cast as Kyle Reese in the upcoming Terminator reboot, Terminator: Genesis.

He steps into shoes previously worn by Michael Biehn and Anton Yelchin, and his casting completes the principal line-up for the new Terminator film. Jason Clarke is set to play John Connor, Emilia Clarke is Sarah Connor, and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back too.

Photography can't be far off starting, given that the movie has a release date of July 1st 2015.. Terminator: Genesis is set to be the first in a new trilogy, and Thor: The Dark World's Alan Taylor is directing.


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And any interest that was growing in my towards this new project has now gone. What a terrible piece of miscasting this could turn out to be.

How will he get that massive head through the time portal?

Two points:
1. The word is intact. Not in tact.
2. Nothing escaped that film intact. It's like a black hole of crapness that haunts any poor soul that has been unfortunate enough to see it. Like Indy 4 it's better just to pretend it didn't happen.

Someone who I've only seen in rubbish things has signed up to a thing I expect will be rubbish.


Indy what?

I loved Spartacus but I have to admit that Jai Courtney's acting was pretty rubbish. I can't comment on his movie performances as I have not seen Die Hard or Frankenstein.

Not sure what to make of this. Maybe this will be the role to win me over, but since I've only seen him in Die Hard 5 and I, Frankenstein - my worst film from last year and quite possibly my worst from this - it doesn't exactly fill me with joy. He wasn't very good in either, either. Let's hope for the best.

Im a big Terminator fan but even Im losing interest in this. It will be a big dissapointment if they dont follow on from Salvation in some way and just start all over again. If they do start all over again I wont bother going to the cinema to see it.

"I have not seen Die Hard or Frankenstein."
Lucky you.

Seriously, why do executives keep hiring people who have been consistent in mediocrity?
It's not even like they could say "Courtney is a terrible actor and has proven it in every project he starred in, but hey, people like him so let's get him on board". Nobody will see the Terminator Genesis poster with his face on it and think "Courtney is in it, I'll watch that!". So why not pick even a first-time actor, that could be paid less than Courtney, but who can actually act?
Truly puzzling to me.

Haha, This ^^

... new week, new casting announcement, the same people complaining and throwing things like "Hollywood is the worst" "any interest I might have had has gone" "this movies is going to suck" rabble rabble rabble

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. And Jack McClane was one of the worst things about A Good Day to Die Hard

Slightly patronising...

Well he was good in Spartacus and Jack Reacher. But as long as McG is allowed nowhere near this, I'm optimistic.

I fail to see the relevance of this comic here. People don't complain that Courtney can't make a good Kyle Reese, they complain that Courtney can't act, period. It's not a fanboy thing.

I didn't rate him in A Good Day To Die Hard

Nope, no idea.

Sounds terrible. Talk of beating a dead hores.

Horse, don't want to be found to be beating hores. .

In order for this time travel to occur, the subject must be a living organism....how will his wooden acting get through?

I hope it's a 12A so I can take my stupid kid to see it. Then I can get all self righteous on the message boards about how my stupid kid loved it and dribbled all the way through it, and how much I'm looking forward to taking him home and watching the original movie. I hope people leave negative comments without having seen it so I can chastise them for having an invalid opinion with witty put downs. I also hope they do a tie in with a bunch of crappy toys so it looks like I care about the happiness of my stupid kid.

Or I could just set fire to my wallet right now. That'll learn 'em.

... gee, I must have dreamed that happened, then :P

You feeling ok?

I liked him in Jack Reacher. Be positive, all is not lost. :)

Thought he was great in Spartacus too...

I hope your kid hates you.

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