Casting rumour for John Connor in Terminator: Genesis

News Simon Brew 12 Dec 2013 - 06:42

Jason Clarke may step into the role previously played by Edward Furlong and Nick Stahl, in the upcoming Terminator: Genesis...

Earlier this week, we learned that the title of Terminator 5, the second cinematic reboot of the franchise, would be Terminator: Genesis. It's still expected to be Alan Taylor directing, following his success with Thor: The Dark World, and most of the casting rumours to date have centred on who will be playing Sarah Connor in the new movie (Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson are apparently candidates).

With regards the role of John Connor though, a name has finally entered the mix. And that actor is Jason Clarke, who it's been reported is now the front runner for the role.

Clarke will be seen in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes next year, and the Australian actor has also been seen in the likes of Lawless, Zero Dark Thirty and The Great Gatsby.

Filming on the movie is set to start next month, and when we have more news, we'll put down our coffee momentarily and bring it to you.


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He's a good actor, but I wish my brain wouldn't automatically think "he looks like Chandler from Friends" every time I see him in something.

Terminator fans be honest: Do we really want or need this movie?

I dont know. I hope they pick up from Salvation rather than a full reboot. Going back to square one or doing some kind of alternate reality I just cant be bothered with.

But Jason Clarke looks older than both Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson. How will that work?

I'm guessing its John's turn to do some time traveling.

Ahh! Damn it. Now that's all I can think when I see him!

Thanks for that Russell!

I didn't think we needed 'Salvation' but I ended up enjoying it. I even wanted a Salvation sequel. It was headed in the right direction. I hope they stick with that story arc and continue to show us the fight between the machines and humans. In the end, all I want to see is John Conner sending back his father to protect his mother! Then that's where it should end. It would have gone full circle.

lol feel like an orphan when it comes to these remakes/reboots. I once had a family T1 and T2, they died, and here i am, with family nr......

good actor, great choice.. as was Christian Bale so that doesn't say much, still turned out crap.. I won't get my hopes up until I know for sure that McG and Brett Rattner are fully booked with other projects

No soul-destroyingly routine Cumberbatch/Levett rumours?

2 words: Time Travel !

Simply don't read anything about it or watch it. Problem solved.

An old John Connor meeting young Sarah, please tell me they aren't doing the Red Dwarf plot and hes going to be his own father!!!

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