Terminator 5 has its title

News Simon Brew 10 Dec 2013 - 06:49

It looks like the new Terminator movie will be going by the name of Terminator: Genesis...

Heading to cinemas in the summer of 2015 is the big screen reboot of the Terminator movie franchise. It's not been confirmed as of yet that Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor is directing this one, but it seems that's the case. And we also learned the other day that plans are afoot for a new crossover television show as well.

As for the movie, it's all but assumed that Arnold Schwarzenegger will also be returning - he's certainly suggested as much - and other casting rumours keep swilling around. But what's emerged now is what looks like the title for the film. It popped up over at Production Weekly on its Twitter feed, and it looks as though Terminator 5 is going to be called Terminator: Genesis.

If it's an origin story, at least it's not one that's been told on the big screen before.

More news as we get it...

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So the T-800 is sent back to the 80s to save the world from Phil Collins and co?

Oh Mama!

Not really sure what the strategy is for the Terminator franchise...just seems like a land of confusion to me.

Is Tom Baker sent back to the time of the birth of the Terminators to wipe them out before they can become a problem?

Maybe the new terminator has an invisible touch... yeah

I wish they would send him back to now to save us from One Direction and co.

Me too, full reboot or alternate timeline, further back in time, arrrgghh

GENESIS. It sounds bad.

Gensis. I hope it portrays the events just before the first movie. Of Arnie going back in time and then Connor sending Reece back too.

When you run out of ideas and you're desperate to cash-in, just dream up an origin story. Yeah, that'll do.

Gensis. The T800 is sent back in time to kill Adam & Eve...

Did Rise of the Machines not cover the 'Genesis'?

The only way I can see Arnie (at his age) working in this movie and having a big enough role would be to have him as a captive human scientist forced to manufacturer look-a-like Arnienators and he makes them in his own image (a god complex).

I am available for writing duties. :)

I dreed hearing the terminator theme played by genesis or the the terminator sent back to stop the creation of the daleks

Tom Baker would make an awesome terminator! John Conner would be too curious as to what entertainingly bonkers thing he was going to do next to fight back!

Or Arnie goes forward in time to kick Christopher Lloyd off a cliff into a boiling maelstrom of lava?

"I haf had enuffofyou."

... surprisingly difficult to do a written-down Arnie impression.

I can of course spell "manufacture" properly on request, no extra charge.

"Sarah Connor?"
"Would you like a jelly baby?"

heh. I see yours and raise you......Kim Kardashian.

If they are going to go full reboot they seriously need to drop that haggard old tart Arnie.

Two people have either never seen The Search for Spock or they really didn't like my written-down Arnie impression.

Throw in Kanye as well and you've got yerself a deal.

Arnies gonna be the template guy for the likeness

When are they going to explain how time travel was invented? Not one character has asked such a question.

Some people just have no sense of humour.

Please don't make anymore of these films.

Actually I think it will go this was. The parts set in the future will take place after Salvation (though they won't discuss it a lot); then they'll travel back in time BEFORE Terminator 1.

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