Schwarzenegger reveals Terminator 5 shoot date, new details

News Simon Brew 14 Jun 2013 - 06:41

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed where he fits into Terminator 5, and when it shoots. Plus more on King Conan and Triplets...

It looks as if the brand new Terminator film is finally starting to get somewhere. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Paramount Pictures was picking up distribution rights to Terminator 5. And Arnold Schwarzenegger has now confirmed to TheArnoldFans that the film is going to start shooting in January 2014.

Furthermore, he's also been clear about his role in the new movie. "I'm very happy that the studios want me to be in Terminator 5 and to star AS the Terminator, when we start shooting in January".

It'd be easy for us to read too much into this, but is Schwarzenegger inferring there that he might be the single Terminator in the movie, going back to the approach of the very first movie? Crucially, wouldn't that make him the antagonist, again for the first time since James Cameron's original? These are questions that we don't know definite answers to, but it'd suggest that there's a desire to capture what made The Terminator tick in the first place if true.

Furthermore, Schwarzenegger has given a brand new update on the state of two further sequels he's working on, King Conan and Triplets. It looks as if the plan now is to do King Conan after Terminator 5. And Arnie also added that "I'm getting the script in two weeks from now about the sequel to Twins, which will be called Triplets". You might recall that the working plan is for Triplets to reunite Schwarzenegger with Danny DeVito, and to also add Eddie Murphy to the mix.

So, it looks as if 2014 for Schwarzenegger will be about his three mooted sequels. We still don't know who's going to be directing any of them, though, but we'll keep you posted as we hear more...


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I just saw a photo of Arnold in front of the Sydney Opera House taken a few hours ago. He's on a national speaking tour of Australia.

The Sydney Opera House is where he won his 7th Mr. Olympic title, in 1980. He looks quite fit. He doesn't look like he looked in 1980. Or 1984. Or 1991 ...

Of course there is going to be a big guessing game about how he intends to pull this off ...


It's not so much "I'll be back" more "Oh, my back".

Thank you, I'm here all week.

Apparently Eddie Murphy said he'll only be in Triplets if he can play all three parts.

This is brilliant news. Arnie made the original terminator franchise and the only good thing about Salvation was when his cgi version stepped out of the incubator.
As for the old "he's too old" argument, it wouldn't be like Salvation where they had to create his face, all they would need to do is brush across his face- take Benjamin Button and Brad Pitt's cgi work in that as an example

It is essential that he shaves his eyebrows for this role. Why does nobody realise that he needs to shave his eyebrows. He had no eyebrows in T1 and that was very effective. He needs to shave his eyebrows. For the love of God, shave his eyebrows. Shave them. SHAVE THEM.

Umm wasnt he an antogonist in the last Terminator movie, even though he was entirely CG?


I need your zimmer, your brace and your cataract glasses. ;)

" in zis instaaalment, Skynet is going back in time to kill Sarah Connor's grandfaazer and because, you know, he's a grandfaaazer, zey have to send an oooold looking Terminater to deal viz him..."

Hop on the back of my motorized wheelchair if you want to live.

Petition time...

Good news about Conan though - the 'King Conan' name and script were always attached to Milius, so hopefully he's on board.

Its a bit of stretch to say he will be the single terminator and an antagonist. At this point, we know nothing. However, speculation is fun, right?

Salvation was a good movie, and Bale was good as Connor so hopefully this timeline will persevere. However, this will have to be an out-of-this-world story to rescue the franchise otherwise its truly is dead. I still say the only story that us true fans want to see is one including Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton (and to a lesser degree Edward Furlong although this is highly unlikely for obvious reasons!)

Take Tron Legacy for example, if you take into account advancements in CGI and perhaps a larger budget and more time then age of the actor doesn't really matter. It would be good however to take the approach of Salvation and recreate the way he looked in T1 though.

Not to sound too picky, but he had eyebrows leading up to jumping through the flaming car just after the nightclub scene. I do agree though - he looked pretty bad-ass without them.

Who really wants to see "Triplets" ?? Was there actually a demand for that ?? While I understand T5 and Conan 3 (or 4 if you include Red Sonja), I don't get the point with this one. Sure I like Twins, but if there was any other sequel to a Schwarenegger movie, it would rather be True Lies, or a Jack Slater film !

As you said it was entirely CG, so it doesn't count. Add to this the fact that he only appeared 10 seconds...

I actually want to see Triplets. I'm partially ashamed, because I know I should be. But not really.

Could you but the age of Arnie if a Terminator got sent to the wrong general area first and was unable to find John Connor? Could they say that the flesh outer-skin of the Terminator would age over time? Does this make it sound interesting? Yes to all three for me.

I do think Arnie is too old to play the Terminator now, he just about got away with it in T3. Maybe they can do some CGI trickery with him, but it'll look fake. Unless, they actually write it into the story proper. Why not have him play the man the Terminator is based on, that Skynet choose to use as their Terminator. I think they played with this idea as a joke in the deleted scenes of T3.

After the abomination that was Salvation I'm not sure what the hell they can do with the franchise now anyway. Reboot it? Have the Terminator come back after someone who isn't John Connor in 2014? Have a new timeline created? *shrug*

Wouldn't you rather that Andrew Scott played the Terminator this time?

This is awesome news! But it has a ways to go if it wants to be as awesome as Die Hard 5!

He'll be too busy filming Doctor Who!

Well I never wanted such a sequel, but now that I know it'll probably be released, I'll go watch it too XD. I'm so weak !!

Well in the Terminator, you had a robot covered in meat. In T2 you had a "mimetic poly-alloy" terminator. (T3 and so on were blurs, so I'm going to omit them). So it's reasonable (heh) to assume that in T5 we'll have holographic/CG terminators. Bring on the Google Sketchup Terminator!

I guess I'm the only person on earth who thought that the first one wasn't that good.

Let alone 5 of them later.

You understood the conan remake?!

And you consider that something worth mentioning,
instead of fervently denying in secret shame?

It was Arnold's superimposed head on Roland Kickinger's body. Arnold's facial likeness was utilized via CGI, with a mold of his face made in 1984 scanned to create the digital makeup. Fellow Austrian bodybuilder and actor Kickinger, who previously portrayed Schwarzenegger in the 2005 biographical film See Arnold Run, was his physical double on set. (with thanks to wikipedia)

I can see this one being set Arnie being the human that the terminator was based off, being THE terminator, at a time when it is age appropriate.

Nope ! I meant the real Conan 3, "The Legend of Conan", the next movie, with Arnold. Conan remake is not Conan 3, it's an alternate universe Conan, it doesn't count.

I'm just hoping that they keep up the tradition of recasting John Conner for every movie.

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