Paramount picking up rights to Terminator 5

News Simon Brew 12 Jun 2013 - 06:19

The long-planned Terminator 5, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, may finally be going before the cameras next year...

Progress has, as you've probably guessed, been slow on the upcoming Terminator 5. After an expensive auction for the rights a year or two back, and then Arnold Schwarzenegger expressing his interest in returning to the franchise, things appear to have hit the skids. Schwarzenegger reportedly said recently in an interview that he was still involved, as we suspect he is (although there's a good chance that the interview concerned had been held back some time for the DVD release of The Last Stand). Furthermore, earlier this year Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier were hired to pen a screenplay.

However, now it seems that the wheels of Terminator 5 are set to turn again. Paramount Pictures, reports The Wrap, is negotiating fo the distribution rights to the new movie, which will continue to be produced by David Ellison's Skydance Productions and Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures.

The plan, it seems, is to move into production at some point next year (suggesting a possible 2015 release date), although Terminator 5 still needs a director. Justin Lin, of Fast & Furious fame, was attached once upon a time, and he's become available again since. Whether he takes the gig remains to be seen.

As we hear more on Terminator 5, we'll keep you posted...

The Wrap.

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I'd love to see another (good) Terminator movie with Arnie in it, but this is a tough ask.

Arnie is clearly not looking like the young Terminator anymore, I know he could still kick my butt into next week but it would just be embarrassing to try to pass him off as the same T-101. I liked the idea of having him as some kind of human character which the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 was based on (they could use some kind of CGI, like Salvation, for a production line shot) but, and god bless him, Arnie really can't act for toffee and since his political career/movie hiatus he's got worse. Terminator films worked so well for him as he really didn't have much to say, and when he did the delivery was supposed to be mechanical.

The only way round this is motion capture and make him young, but where's the fun in that?

Having Arnie in the terminator franchise hasn't made a lick of sense since the first one. They are supposed to be for infiltration, but they all look like the same guy?

Wonder if Paramount are interested in the rights for this movie about a dead horse that I've got?

(@Bakhesh) I think the Terminator sent back in the second one was the only one the resistance could get their hands on to send back, if you remember Skynet sent back the T-1000. (@RichieC) I think Arnold could play himself, a cameo role of the old original human that the Terminator was originally designed on by Skynet, old and wise....maybe even jacked into the system as some kind of resistance hacking tool that only the DNA makeup of the original Terminator can provide. Allowing the resistance to hack into Skynet. Ya digg?

I want to see the cold, emotionless, eyebrow-less, (almost) dialog-less killing machine from T1. He ruined the character of the Terminator when he made it... well... a character. It's a machine not a man! The rot set in with T2 and was well and truly ruined by T3. T:Salvation was a welcome break from the nonsense and I can only hope Arnie's going back to the T1 type cyborg if he returns to this. And an 18 cert horror/sci-fi thriller would be nice. No doubt it will be a PG-13 crap fest :-(

With time travel, key to the concept, that's not much of a problem.

Arnold was quite good in a small movie he did with some guy named Cameron called True Lies. He talked a lot in that one, as he does in what we laughingly call real life. He was also quite convincing in the role of "Governor of California." A landslide election, and then a landslide re-election. He did about nine million appearances in the part.

How to solve this "problem" of him being an actual aging human?

He plays a real guy who has some connection to whatever the storyline turns out to be. And with technology he is shown as the original, as in Salvation, but with his current voice.

The only actual issue here is coming up with the right story.

I thought Salvation was alright and big improvement on the unoriginal third film, which seemed like a rehash of the second film. I agree with some of the others that I don't see how Arnie can fit into the franchise considering that he is much older now. They could maybe have him as an older T-101 who's skin has aged so that Skynet can keep him undercover for longer periods but I really want to see Terminator franchise purge its self of Arnie's influence. I think the franchise is better off going down a direction without Arnie like Salvation or The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Can't they just let it die?

Absolutely, I think that's the best way right there.

You seem to think I'm knocking him personally, or at least unreasonably. I'm not trying to, I genuinely love his stuff, many of his films remain favourites of mine (True Lies is certainly included in that) and I've nothing against his political career, just think how amazing it would be if he could've been President, he would've won by a landslide. There's a real difference between life and acting though.

On recent form, as in The Last Stand or either Expendables cameo, he's been very very wooden with dialogue. Something that in several of his other films was also an issue, maybe he was just working with better people who bought out the best in him? Either way, he was certainly on form for the decade from Terminator to True Lies.

Apart from that you seem to be saying the same as I was, I really want to see this film happen, I really want to see Arnie in it, but I think it's going to be very tough to get it right.

You're right. The film will need good material and good direction.

Why would they have Arnie in it?

Unless they are going to use a new type of T-100 that ages like humans.

I cannot wait for this movie ! It's so frustrating that the wait between 2 Terminator movie is sooooooo long ! I thought I would die before T3 was out... The aging problem is not really one, he can play the original human on whom skynet based the look of its T-800. We see this character in the extras of the T3 DVD. If he didn't die on Judgment Day, he can very well be alive !

It will just rise out of the flames again.

I was thinking about the supposed absurdity of having all the Terminators looking like Arnie earlier today before I read this: It would be daft in our time, but in a post apocalyptic future, with no TV, internet, facebook or even newspapers, it would be really difficult to disseminate the image of a potential infiltrator to anyone outside of the people in your immediate vicinity.
Anyway, as to the actual prospect of T5 - pay top dollar, get Cameron, Hamilton & Biehn back as well as Arnie, then you've got a movie people will want to see...

If you watch the scene in the first film, where the Terminator infiltrates the human base, he looks bugger all like Arnie.

As long as they bring Summer Glau in the trilogy, I’m in!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles provided Summer Glau with a really challenging role in that she has to play an AI being who is very, very close to reaching the Singularity – when an AI becomes more intelligent than its human creators. In one episode in particular, Season 2, episode 4, entitled Allison From Palmdale, she falls into a disassociative fugue state in which she, the cyborg, cannot distinguish between her AI self and the human she is modelled on. Apart from being a tour de force of acting on Ms.Glau’s part, she provides a really interesting portrayal of the types of identity issues might arise with an AI that is so close to being “human”. And that is just one of many episodes. She is thrilling and compelling to watch throughout.

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