Arnold Schwarzenegger definitely on board for Terminator 5

News Simon Brew 23 Jan 2013 - 07:13

Terminator 5 will definitely feature Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man himself has confirmed...

The surprise failure of The Last Stand at the US box office has left Arnold Schwarzenegger with one or two interesting decisions regarding his future film projects. Whilst The Last Stand enjoyed decent enough reviews, it's going to just about scrape over $10m at the US box office, and not much more than that. That wouldn't have covered Arnie's salary once upon a time.

Perhaps inevitably then, he's now confirmed that he's very much committed to the mooted Terminator 5. He had been involved beforehand, back when Justin Lin was said to direct the film, but had seemed less certain since then. We knew he was off to make The Legend Of Conan later this year, and that Triplets was also on his schedule somewhere. But he's now confirmed at the UK press conference for The Last Stand that he will indeed be appearing in Terminator 5.

The latest on the project is that new writers have been brought on board, and we'd imagine that all concerned will want to get it moving forward this year, or early next. Where Arnie will fit into it isn't yet clear, but we'll be following this one closely.

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I believe he'll be appearing as a left eyebrow. Cameo.

Seriously though, is it not time to just kill off this franchise? I don't think anyones really eager to see another poor sequel. Why not try something different and go for animation this time - produce a really good 3D animated picture and kick off a new franchise with that.

I know it's not popular but I really enjoyed Salvation. I don't think there is another avenue left for Terminator, other than the future war. If they go back in time again I'll despair of it all.

I don't get it either. I really liked Salvation. I thought it was much better than Terminator 3.

Damn... i bet this will abort the Conan movie, now... too bad.

Your not alone with your view. I enjoyed Salvation a lot more than I did Terminator 3. I think the future of the franchise is in the apocalyptic future. I hope to god that they don't make another chase film.

Yes I also like Salvation. When I first saw the Terminator film, the original...I always thought it would be cool to see more of the future war. And many years later we finally did. What else can they do with it now? Send another terminator back in time AGAIN? For some reason....what? To kill John / Sarah again? When they had not managed it yet? But then thats just Terminator 2 or Terminator 3 again again again....You know what I think ? I think old Shwartz has left it too long. He is now too old. Can you imagine him in Terminator 5 at the age of what? About 67 by the time its done. Its just not going to work. Unless he somehow plays a different part, like the human the Terminator was based on, but then its not going to be the same. I think Conan 3 is a bad idea, as he is getting too old to get away with it. He will probably do something depressing with it, like killing off Conan at the end. And I for one, have had enough of all that depressing stuff at the end of movies....Looper I am looking at you. Thing is, the original Conan films are now classics, so are the Terminator films, he just about got away with it in T3 but now? I think he should leave these old movies alone and not do any belated sequels, just go and do some other movie roles, like Tomb etc....or start playing stuff more his age. Look at Sean Connery in the early 90s...The Rock, Dragonheart etc etc....They should just do a follow up to Salvation, and if Arnold wants to be in it, fine. But not as a Terminator...have him be the template for the machine, but aged as he is now, and the adult Conner helps him escape from the machines and then together they could work out a way to make their own terminators that could terminate the machines instead, turn the weapons against them...machine vs machine with humans in the middle etc..that woud be cool.....


I don't get why it's not popular. it was a decent movie with al the effects we've wanted to see. but that's the internet jerkoff mentality for you.

Salvation was fine, but missed a golden opportunity to continue the story right where T3 (a massively underrated film) ended. Where are these robots built? How do they evolve? What do the survivors do after the bombs drop?

I agree to. Although it might work if he was a T-800 - that works even more, no one would suspect some old guy to be any kind of threat never mind a terminator...

Watched The Last Stand at the UK London Premiere. I personally think this is the best action film I have seen in 20 years. It is in my top three Arnie films.

Nah, not having this "reappraisal" of Salvation. It still blows a lot of mule cock and the passage of time won't erase the fact that McG's a second-rate hack who should never have been let anywhere near a much-loved franchise like Terminator.

Its just a shame he missed out so much acting time playing the Governator and impregnating maids. I fear time has passed on for him (unlike Stallone who freakishly seems as ripped as ever and has spent time in acting classes since the 90's)

I can think of beastlly terminators that can evolve with mutating genes of skynet building generation.

i have great idea's, apart from human and terminator's after the explosion A new line up might be the interfearance of these remains and pieces of machine parts.
Due to this can lead to animal combining eliment or mutating gene's through circuitry system of hybridisation.

For the T5 am expecting New super human machine with incredible ability such as welding thruogh iron and metal (body equiped to weapons) being able to heal it self after multiple impacts of bullet (molten switching points) and all about the control of circuitry in it's body and military machine.

See this dead horse here, it's name is The Terminator franchise, let's flog it!

Mmmh.. I sure love to see humans having their machines as well! being resistant or superhuman for a soldier on the battle feild and controlling heavy mech gear’s like secondary armor to fight down skynet.

ahhhh. sure love to see horror, more blood. well this will likelly to be more on the hybrid side new project analisis bisley rage grim animal interfairance after skynet station were destroy by the resistance.

yesss. and the secret place skynet set grounds on ahhh. a reality aspects, human earth sending curiosity on mars didin’t think i would say that. mars is skynet world. hahhahahaha

Anyway guys i like your feed backs on this tophic?
did i left out a part?

I think we left out the horror in cyber sex being a real human and emotional will feel a fright to see blood inside their body and the sperm gun will kill them off.

I agree salvation was awesome

I still have not been able to sit through Terminator 4 in one sitting because it was so horrible. I found myself bored. The only part that felt like Terminator was when he played Guns and roses and tripped that bike and the part where Arnold came out for 2 minutes. Other than that I thought I was watching some unpopular robot movie that wasn't terminator. Terminator 4 should have had Arnold in it most of the time and started it off where the 3rd one ended. They should have had Linda Hamilton be the narrator voice like she did in T2 at the beginning and showed like 5 or 6 major cities being wiped out in complete detail. First NYC then France and so on. That would have been my idea of an explosive beginning. Christian Bale did a lousy job of being John Connor. He just didn't seem like the John Connor from the previous movies at all. Edward Furlong was the best John Connor but even Nick Stahl(who didn't look like him at all)still managed to keep the essence of the original John Connors personality. That's where Christian Bale failed miserably. There wasn't any of that special sense of humor without Arnold which really hurt the movie. T4 was a big failure. I am looking forward to seeing T5 with Arnold and hopefully an actor that can play an older but original John Connor. Hell they should let Edward Furlong be John Connor for T5 and then it'll make T4 really feel like an oddball of the series. I like the 3rd one but not as much as 2nd. On this day I still see the 3rd installment as the last one. T5 will be my T4 because any Terminator movie with Arnold as the star, you just know it will be a lot more thrilling, long lasting detailed action scenes, sense of humor, pretty much all the areas where T4 failed.

Terminator 6 may be the last Arnold movie he is getting old even if he's has to share the spotlight with another actor I hope he is a main focus in the movie maybe teaming up with a newer model terminator

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