Arnold Schwarzenegger definitely on board for Terminator 5

News Simon Brew
23 Jan 2013 - 07:13

Terminator 5 will definitely feature Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man himself has confirmed...

The surprise failure of The Last Stand at the US box office has left Arnold Schwarzenegger with one or two interesting decisions regarding his future film projects. Whilst The Last Stand enjoyed decent enough reviews, it's going to just about scrape over $10m at the US box office, and not much more than that. That wouldn't have covered Arnie's salary once upon a time.

Perhaps inevitably then, he's now confirmed that he's very much committed to the mooted Terminator 5. He had been involved beforehand, back when Justin Lin was said to direct the film, but had seemed less certain since then. We knew he was off to make The Legend Of Conan later this year, and that Triplets was also on his schedule somewhere. But he's now confirmed at the UK press conference for The Last Stand that he will indeed be appearing in Terminator 5.

The latest on the project is that new writers have been brought on board, and we'd imagine that all concerned will want to get it moving forward this year, or early next. Where Arnie will fit into it isn't yet clear, but we'll be following this one closely.

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