New writers hired for Terminator 5

News Simon Brew
18 Jan 2013 - 07:17

A pair of new writers have boarded the development of Terminator 5...

Gradually slumbering back to life is the mooted Terminator 5, which fell apart towards the back of 2011 when proposed director Justin Lin decided to go back to the Fast & Furious franchise (with Fast & Furious 6 now due out in a few months’ time). Since then, Arnold Schwarzenegger has committed to other projects as well, with The Legend Of Conan set to shoot later this year.

That said, there were signs towards the end of 2012 that Terminator 5 was heading back into action, and we’ve now learned that a pair of new writers have been recruited for the project.

Patrick Lussier and Laeto Kalogridis are set to have a crack at the screenplay. The former is the director of My Bloody Valentine 3D and Drive Angry, while the latter worked on the screenplays for the likes of Shutter Island and Avatar. There’s been no word yet on a new director though.

More news on Terminator 5 as we hear it.


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