Work set to begin on two new Terminator movies?

News Simon Brew 4 Dec 2012 - 07:11

Financing of the new Terminator movies now seems to be finally moving. The race is now on to make two new films before 2019...

It's been a bumpy year and a half or so on the road to a potential Terminator 5. If you've followed the story to date, you'll know that the rights were eventually picked up in an auction for the best part of $30m by Pacificorp, and in turn by Megan Ellison and her company, Annapurna Pictures. She then got Fast & Furious director Justin Lin involved, Arnold Schwarzenegger was seemingly enlisted, and Terminator 5 appeared to be pressing ahead.

However, Lin decided to go and make one, probably two more Fast & Furious movies. Schwarzenegger has opted for other films in the meantime, with The Legend Of Conan likely to take up much of his 2013. And there had been seemingly no progress on the new Terminator movie.

But it looks like there's life in the franchise yet. The problem, it seems, is that the North American rights to the Terminator franchise revert back to James Cameron in 2019. Hence, Megan Ellison has now apparently restructured the original deal, and crucially the price, with that in mind. It leaves a window to make, basically, two more Terminator movies before it's likely that Cameron will own the rights again.

Megan Ellison has also now brought her brother, David, into the deal. David Ellison runs Skydance Films, and the pair of them are now set to produce Terminator 5.

With regards the state of the film itself, the continued financial negotiations explain the lack of development work. As such, the Ellisons are now on the hunt for a screenwriter to start once again on bringing Terminator 5 to the screen. It sounds like they're basically starting from scratch on two new movies, with the clock very much ticking. Thus, we'd expect a bit more progress this time around...


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This is more confusing than long division with no calculator.

Wow, sounds like they're making them for al the right reasons *sigh*

Despite that, I look forward to what could come

I have very low expectations.

So long as it's not an excuse to run around the LA Freeway for 2 hours and call it science fiction, then I will remain hopeful. I thought 4 was rather good in that respect.

Don't fall into the trap! We've all fallen for it twice now.

It's been a *long* time since T2 and this doesn't sound promising at all. They might as well give it to Michael Bay so he can kill it off altogether this time.

They won't be met.

The only way this will be good is to bring back Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn (and possibly Edward Furlong)! Throw in Lance Henriksson with some kind of parallel universe and you have got your self a good movie :)

How about a story line where John Conner sends a terminator back in time to assassinate the inventor of time travel thus preventing terminators from going back to try and kill him. Maybe Pacificorp could by the rights to Back To The Future so that the inventor of time travel turns out to be Doc Brown! Anyone who has seen How Terminator Should Have Ended on Youtube can see that it might actually be a good idea in the right hands.

"...the rights were eventually picked up in an auction for the best part of $30..." I once picked up a TV in an auction for £30. It looked out-of-date and never worked...

it's confusing because a crime is being committed

I'd like to see T5 pickup where the TSSC TV show ended, with it's cast... with Thomas Decker as a young John Connor (18-20-ish) traveling forward in time to the resistance, with Cameron (Summer Glau), Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green), maybe Lena Headey as Sarah Connor again, and I'd like to see someone as Kyle Reese (because if it's set in the future, with the resistance, he has to play a crucial role).

I'd love to see that timeline explored (where the left the show, which actually created yet another timeline, from the already independent timeline the TV show carried for two seasons). It would be great to see John grow up in the future, train with and lead the resistance, etc.

Leave Arnold out of it. I know a lot of people love T2, but I think the cheesy one liners ruined what Cameron had done in the first movie. If you can't tell, I loved the first one the most, followed by the TSSC TV show, then maybe T4.

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