Signs of life in Terminator 5?

News Simon Brew 1 Nov 2012 - 08:07

Could the long-mooted new Terminator film be flickering back into life?

After months of radio silence with regards the planned new Terminator film, a single Tweet seems to offer a sign that it's emerging from its slumber. At one point, Terminator 5 had both director Justin Lin and star Arnold Schwarzenegger involved and interested. Lin, though, opted to go and make more Fast & Furious sequels, whilst of late, Schwarzenegger has been talking more about a new Conan film (and possibly a Twins sequel) over an imminent return to his most famous franchise.

So is Terminator 5 dead in the water? Apparently not. A Tweet from Annapurna Pictures, the company that holds the rights to the new film, reads simply this:

"The whole thing goes: The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves." -John Connor, Terminator 2 (news is coming)"

It's not much to go on, granted, but it's the first signs of life since reports circulated about Terminator 5 being stuck in limbo a few weeks back. Given that Arnold Schwarzenegger's schedule is likely to be tied up for some time to come, it'd be ambitious to think that Terminator 5 would be before the cameras in the next twelve months. And it may just be that the new film is targeting the summer of 2015 for its release. Which would put it against Justice League, The Avengers 2 and Star Wars Episode 7. No pressure there, then.

That said, chances are that we're making an awful lot out of a single Tweet. But we'll keep you posted...


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This will only work with Arnie playing the Terminator if they show him stepping off the production line (a la Salvation) and instantly getting his face slightly melted* to explain the saggyness of age OR they find an old Terminator and discover that not only do they look like humans, they age like them to allow long term covert missions.

*Yes I know skin doesn't work that way

I always thought there must have been a human model the T-800 was based on, maybe an engineer at Skynet or something.
Perhaps Skynet imprisoned that engineer to take constant scans of his body so it didn't 'forget' what humans looked like when it was creating the terminators.
Arnie could then play that character?
Or maybe that's an awful idea and its shoehorning Arnie in for the sake of it...

My opinion is they should make arnie like a cyborg leader a bit like the predators youve got the main one as you see at the end of alien vs predator in antarctica he de cloaks along with the big ship. My opinion is make him a creator or a cyborg who has previously been in many battles but unheard of because of his success, maybe acient cyborg but powerful!! it can be done it actually could be the best terminator yet because of his age!!!!

All they can do in terms of Arnie, is to have the CGI version of him (like in Salvation). They should not put him in it as an aging Arnie. It just wouldnt work any way.

They MUST continue with the Salvation story.

It had legs, run with it!

It was based on a soldier who worked for skynet. It is a deleted scene on T3 dvd.

Having Arnie in any terminator film after the first one makes no sense at all. Otherwise, the script in the original would have been....

Kyle Reese "The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human... sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot. I had to wait till he moved on you before I could zero him."
Sarah "But....they all look like the same guy?"
Kyle: ", but they used to wear different types of sunglasses. We weren't paying that much attention anyway"

But honestly guys having arnold as a cyborg leader or like the main cyborg with his age would suit the franchise because we could have cgi arnolds alongside which i hate cause it looks so bullshit but there :/ Having him as an aged acient, unheard of cyborg whos elderley and comes back because his machines are losing. Or they find him and reboot him from an old acient place i dont know?!? Its got to be done right either way it must include arnold schwarzenegger!! without him terminator 5 should never be done !!

And as far as starwars episode 7 goes. It's a dangerous move, it better be left alone or a great success :/!!!!

If T5 does come then it has to have a very orginal story. The story should show the time machine used by skynet and explain why skynet couldn't send more terminators with a twist. Or Arnie actually doing what he was made to do. Infiltrating bases of the Resistence and finding his main target, John Connor. Maybe here we can see how the Resistance capture the killer bot and 'reprogram it'.

Hire Josh Friedman and the other writers of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and continue that. It's the best story that was "Terminator".

Nice knowledge.

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