Terminator: Salvation and Transformers 2 get earlier release dates

News Simon Brew
13 Feb 2009 - 07:07
Transformers 2. Summer 2009.

The Terminators and Transformers will be getting here just a little ahead of schedule…

Just last week we reported that, in the jostling for position in the summer blockbuster market, X-Men Origins: Wolverine had moved back to 29th April in the UK, with the worldwide rollout likely to follow suit. Turns out, that’s just the start of things.

Over in the States, the two films that – on the basis of a trailer or two at least – most look in competition with each other, Terminator: Salvation and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, have also both had their release dates moved forwards.

Warner Bros has confirmed that it’s moving the new Terminator film forward a day, to May 21st from the original May 22nd slot. It shared its original home with the sequel to Night At The Musuem, and we suspect that every bit of breathing space it has helps.

Meanwhile, Transformers 2 will be hitting screens two days earlier than originally planned, with a release date on Wednesday June 24th rather than Friday 26th.

Given how much money is involved with both projects, every extra day they can grab themselves will do little harm. And we expect the UK release dates to fall into suit in due course.

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