Terminator 5 filming next year, to be Salvation sequel?

News Simon Brew 8 Jun 2012 - 07:25

Two more Terminator movies, following on from Terminator: Salvation? That’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger reckons…

Last year, it seemed for a while that a new Terminator movie was steaming ahead. Arnold Schwarzenegger was set to return, and Justin Lin was announced as the director. Furthermore, we were told that Terminator 5 was set to have an R rating, too.

However, then things slowed down. Lin chose to make Fast & Furious 6 instead, and possibly Fast & Furious 7, too. No new director has subsequently been announced, and the new Terminator movie seemed stuck in limbo.

Finally, though, some fresh news about the movie has been forthcoming, courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s been chatting to Action Effects about the project (which has since gone offline, either because of the mass of traffic, or because this story may yet prove not to be true, although it generally ties with what's been said about the plans thus far), and has also confirmed that the movie is likely to follow on from Terminator: Salvation.

“I can’t say to much they want it held in secret if you know what I mean, but I will say that next year I will start filming it and it’s going to be one of the hardest films I have ever done I can tell you that already for sure”, he revealed.

“They have six months set aside just for filming, so I will be training and getting into the best physical shape I possibly can before filming starts. It does follow Salvation although some of the producers and franchise owner were not too happy about the job McG did with it but they felt it was good enough to continue on, and they want the fifth and sixth instalments to be the closing of the franchise.”

So then. Two more Terminator movies, and the planned trilogy that started with Salvation is set to continue. We’ll keep you posted…


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He's getting the best physical shape he possibly can? Why? Please don't
tell me he's actually going to play a terminator again... Unless he's
doing motion capture for a CGI T-800, please leave it alone. Also,
having him as a 'bad' terminator would be awesome. But with decent
effects this time, not the
cut-n-paste-his-1984-face-to-random-bodybuilder style puppet they used
in Salvation -- take those high-end PCs to their limits, mofos!

Listen, and understand. That Terminator franchise is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are bored to death.

Actually, I thought the "cut-n-paste" effect from Salvation was executed extremely well and worked perfectly.

Whilst still flawed, I think they proved with Tron Legacy that they can do a face pretty well these days, and lets be honest, an Arnie Terminator usually wears Sun glasses so the 'dead eyes' of Clu won't be an issue. And anyway, a Terminator should look dead behind the eyes anyway!

“They have six months set aside just for filming, so I will be training and getting into the best physical shape I possibly can before filming starts. It does follow Salvation although some of the producers and franchise owner were not too happy about the job McG did with it but they felt it was good enough to continue on, and they want the fifth and sixth instalments to be the closing of the franchise.”

Urm, does this sound like Arnie AT ALL. "I possibly can"? "Not too happy about the job"? I call fake.

I hope Christian Bale's in them too.

I hope we can get more rants if he is! :-)

Those quotes scream Fake to me, sorry. Read it to yourself and think of Arnie's voice; just does sound like how he would talk to me...

I actually liked Salvation so am pleased to hear this. 

As to whether it is genuine or fake quote, Arnie could either have improved his language skills since most of us heard him speak last, or the writer of the original article could have just tidied things up to make it sound easier to read.

Either way, any rumours about movies not even announced to be in pre-production should be taken with a wheel barrow full of salt!!

I thought it looked very cheap. It was taken straight from the opening L.A. scene in The Terminator, as Arnold stands up for the first time in 1984 and scans his surroundings. And his head was added to the body of bodybuilder Roland Kissinger who, though very muscular, has a very different body-type to Arnold (longer legs, less sweeping pectorals etc.) And there was much selective lighting  effects to hide the shortcomings and almost immediately the T-800's skin is flayed off. After all the hype preceding the 'cameo,' I was very disappointed.

I feel a T5 is the very lastest last chance for the franchise before it's put in a cupboard for a while. The last two outings were dire and excruciatingly poor.

Salvation was so bad that I think I must have blocked it from my mind as I know I watched it, but can recall very little from it, the same state I'm in with the god awful Wolverine. I guess the company behind the film must have also blocked Salvation (such an ironic title in retrospect) from their minds in order to commission a 5th film.

I love the first two films and it would be great to see the series back on track, but I fear the worst. Bad dialogue, stupid or nonsensical plots and an over reliance on things going boom to get the punters in.

Hasta la vista....Baby

I hope they get someone else in as John Connor and Kyle Reese.  Anton Yelchin was a good Chekov in Star Trek, but you can't envisage him growing up to be the "Michael Biehn" Kyle Reese.  Bale just portrayed John as Batman sans Batmask(?).

I'm sure it was also said that the franchise owners were unhappy with Salvation. Wonder how that will impact T5?


I watched Salvation on TV a few weeks ago. The first time since I saw it when it was released. I turned over after the bike/hk/mech scene at the gas station, it was a great scene up until they were captured, but they could have done so much more with it. After watching that the rest of the film just never made it back up there. I would very much like to see another terminator film, maybe a storm on skynet hq, but please do more with the terminators, they discovered time travel for goodness sake, make them a bit cleverer...

Great, great, great news !!! <3

 I have never, and probably never will again, read the phrase "sweeping pectorals". ;-)

 nicely done!

 i'm in the same boat, watched it, it was so bland and generic that I don't recall much from it

i really liked the sarah connor tv show.  if they absolutely have to churn out more of this franchise, i wish they would maybe pursue the story they cutoff in the middle with the show.

at this point, my only reaction to the idea of more terminator movies is who cares.  the idea of arnie being in them is too nonsensical to address.  the man is 65.

It could have been better but I liked it too.  And I thought the CGI effect transposing Arnold's face looked fine to me. I wonder how much complaints are due to the fact people knew it was CGI before hand. I've noticed just the fact things are CGI will put some people off regardless of the quality, but I might be unfair there. For example many complained about the CGI in the Star Wars prequels, and, while I agree those films have some major flaws, I didn't think the effects were amongst them. (Okay the scene in the factory in Clones was a bit toony.)

Anyhow. Even if one dislikes the Terminator Salvation, I think the setting is still a good one to continue on from. I hope the world is portrayed more like what we saw in the flashback/forward scenes of the previous films though.

I think a sequel to Salvation is the best way to go. I think Cameron did everything with the cat and mouse scenario and it is time to move more into the Apocalyptic future. I hope they can get a better director as well. McG did an ok job but I want someone as good as Cameron.

The problem with doing another Terminator movie is the insistance of putting Arnuhld in it.  There was an outstanding tv series made on the comparitive shoestring budget that never featured him, and the biggest complaint of Salvation was that it wasn't what had been promised since the first movie- which was a John Connor-centric episode.

BTW I heard a film review podcast "Flicks" that gave a far superior cut of the movie than either of the ones we ended up with:  Instead of Marcus running into that pilot chick he runs into Connor himself, saves his life (although they probably don't make love afterward) and they become friends on the way back to base.  That way when Connor finds out he is a cyborg it is more of a betrayal and there is actually some basis for trusting him enough to let him go.  Finally at the end Marcus dies somehow saving Connor's life rather than the obviously hastily re-written ending ("I'll give you my heart, buddy!") that we had.

Hahaha, I don't know where the hell that came from... I used to do a bit of bodybuilding when I was younger, so it must be a phrase lodged in the back of my mind, lol. In fairness though, they were 'sweeping,' lol

 Actually they took the young arnold shot from the movie Running Man. You can look it up if you do not believe me.

I'm going by an interview with McG around the time of Salvation's release, where he stated himself they scanned an old cast of Arnold's face that was used in 1984 for The Terminator, and took most of their reference points from original movie.

Why can't anyone in Hollywood let this tired old franchise go? Same goes for the 80s decade as well.

I mean come on, Terminator came out in 1984. Nearly 30 years ago. Sequels worked back in the 90s because it was still quite fresh. They revived it again a decade later and it was a dissapointment, Arnie looked past it in the role. Terminator 4 was even worse.

What makes this even worse is that Arnie will probably return to the role. Come on, man. Please hang this up. It was great in '84 but I am getting tired of your doing this schtick 3 decades later. You can't do what you did in your prime and it just so tired now. The same goes with Die Hard, Rambo and Indiana Jones new films. It was great in the 80s but really guys, just hang all your stuff up. You are not 25 anymore.

When will Hollywood stop living in the past and start coming up with fresh ideas that reflect this decade and give new generations their own stories? New stars, new ideas are needed.

Dude, please shut up.

they need to bring James Cameron back to direct the last two. The only way they are going to be good.

My favorite part of any terminator movie was the cool future wars scenes,and frankly, T4 disapointed on that, wich is bad becasue esentially the whole movie is the future war. Even the craptastic T3 had a better future wars scene than most of T4. "Mc G", whatever thats supposed to be, went for a more gritty "realistic" feel to T4, when most people wanted the future wars to be an epic version of the nite time laser battles from the first 3. One of T4s biggest mistakes is that the resistance members seems to lounge around unhindered by terminators most of the time when they should be constantly on the run from them, the film had no despiration or urgency that the others had. We need Cameron back to fix this, put the terror back in terminator, it did start off as a horror after all.

as arny said "I'll be back"

I enjoyed Termintor Salvation. It was certainly far better than Terminator 3 which was a disgrace! Although Arnie is the face of Terminator, I feel putting him in the film for the sake of having him in the film will ruin it. His character is dead and old technology and does not fit into films in the future. He is also a cyborg who does not change or age as he has is real life. Its weird how his character (being a robot) got a new hair cut in 2 and 3! The actors from Salvation will need to be in the next film to make it successful and a continuing story!

Thank God they are going to continue the story from Salvation and bring it to a close. I actually enjoyed Salvation. I didn't think it was as good at T1 or T2, but good overall. I would actually like to see Christian Bale back but I highly doubt that'll happen.

why not just reboot the whole franchise, they are doing it with total re-call so why not this? then at least that way they can glam it up, darken it up, more explosions more blood same "robots" but better story line look at dark knight trilogy, best batman ever so im sure in the right hands or even same hands better tech. it could be made to be the way it was envisioned in the first place, if u look at it if they hit a dead end a reboot is really the only option. yes Arnie did a good job but is it time to pass it on?

What if Arnold returns in T5 as the now aged Army general the T-101 terminator skins were modeled off. He could be aged, (20 years into a war with machines), and would therefore be able to justify looking 65, and he'd be a army general so you know he'd be capable of blowing stuff up even as a human. Plus John Connor watching Arnolds character get hurt in human form would add a new poignant dimension to the john connor/arnold (T101 skin) relationship. This would be a good way to have arnold in the film without losing integrity within the script, plus John Connor could teach Arnolds character terminators 'punchlines' throughout the film, or Arnold could observe John using them during the film, and then use them himself (in arnie voice) during the films climax, giving Arnie a chance to hit a few 1 liners along the way. What do ya'll think??

And total recall looks just great. Also, the Conan reboot did fantastic. T1 and T2 no matter how cheesy at times are great movies for their genre. Why do you want to wipe your ass with that by having someone like Colin Farrell chase Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese around in what will no doubt be rated PG-13 so the little kids can watch too? Reboots to good movies are stupid with Batman being an exception. Otherwise I can't think of a time it has been done right. And now there's not even a time limit for it. I credit The Hulk for that. But now it's like well the movie sucked and we failed so let's reboot it in 2 years. I refuse to acknowledge the new Spider-man movie. Do people have new ideas anymore? It seems like they just walk blindly into a video store and grab a random movie and say we're gonna remake that and the new release wall is not off limits.

GOD no please no christian bale

Good one! i liked that lol.

no i wanna see sam worthington....yummy...he was the only actor that fit his role....

I think Arnie is a little too old now :( Maybe he could be found in a terminator junk yard are rebuild???

They wanted Cameron for "Salvation" but his caveat was that the movie rights should return to him. That's obviously a request that no one would accept which I think indicates that Cameron has moved on and has no further interest in the Terminator franchise.


Nicely done. Good idea.

The Salvation idea is brilliant what better plot to have- Batman vs Terminator

This doesn't make sense. If it was in the future (the time that the first terminator was sent back) he wouldn't be old yet, he'd still be young, unless they replicated an already old man as he was when younger, which would be weird. The only way him being old in the film would make sense is if he was modeled for the terminator in the 80s, which again wouldn't work because I'm guessing they wouldn't have had the technology to do so

I want a big Voltron in the movie and smaller ones. There should be action figure and vehicle toys.

Salvation made zero sense. Terminators programmed to throw people around a bit?; a robot the size of a battleship built to take people alive? (heard of tranquiliser/stun rounds? Much more resource efficient); a Skynet central base defended by about 5 terminators? Salvation was such utter nonsense it actually made me angry.

The Terminator franchise doesn't feel pain ..... I do ...... don't do that again!

I believe it was Skynet that discovered and worked on time travel not the terminators themselves. Terminators only do what they're programmed to do.

They used Roland Kickinger as the body of the T-800 then pasted a digital version of Arnie's face from the 1984 Terminator movie.

I thought Bale was good as John Connor.. I'd like to see him in it again.. thing is they'd need to find an actor who looks like Michael Biehn to make it plausable and to tie it into the 1984 movie.

Saw an actor Billy Miller who resembles Biehn somewhat.

If Arnie was to come back it'll make no sense, as he's 65 yrs old. Terminators don't age. Well their physical features don't. So they'd have to digitize Arnie all the way through the movie as if he was like his 1984 character. Which would be very expensive.

What they should've done was shot the rest of the movies when T2 came out. Then it would be plausable. T3 was naff.

Bale could be slightly aged so that would fit.. Arnie though couldn't be de-aged not without digital technology. Also his accent is different now. Back then he still had a fairly pronounced Austrian twang to his voice, now he sounds more american.

Worthington died in the movie.. unless you're suggesting he could become a Infiltrator as he was in the first place and all Infiltrators look like Sam. That could work..

It's like Arnie doing Conan again. He never was the Conan as described in the Robert E.e. Howard stories.. So yet another character mangled by hollywood. Arnie is too short to play Conan.. ever wondered why the camera always faces upward when you see Arnie movies? Thats because Arnie lied about his height kept telling people he's 6ft 2in tall when he's 5ft 10in tall..

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