Terminator 5 filming next year, to be Salvation sequel?

News Simon Brew
8 Jun 2012 - 07:25

Two more Terminator movies, following on from Terminator: Salvation? That’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger reckons…

Last year, it seemed for a while that a new Terminator movie was steaming ahead. Arnold Schwarzenegger was set to return, and Justin Lin was announced as the director. Furthermore, we were told that Terminator 5 was set to have an R rating, too.

However, then things slowed down. Lin chose to make Fast & Furious 6 instead, and possibly Fast & Furious 7, too. No new director has subsequently been announced, and the new Terminator movie seemed stuck in limbo.

Finally, though, some fresh news about the movie has been forthcoming, courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s been chatting to Action Effects about the project (which has since gone offline, either because of the mass of traffic, or because this story may yet prove not to be true, although it generally ties with what's been said about the plans thus far), and has also confirmed that the movie is likely to follow on from Terminator: Salvation.

“I can’t say to much they want it held in secret if you know what I mean, but I will say that next year I will start filming it and it’s going to be one of the hardest films I have ever done I can tell you that already for sure”, he revealed.

“They have six months set aside just for filming, so I will be training and getting into the best physical shape I possibly can before filming starts. It does follow Salvation although some of the producers and franchise owner were not too happy about the job McG did with it but they felt it was good enough to continue on, and they want the fifth and sixth instalments to be the closing of the franchise.”

So then. Two more Terminator movies, and the planned trilogy that started with Salvation is set to continue. We’ll keep you posted…


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