Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: new trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 24 Jun 2014 - 16:53

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot gets a new trailer. Take a look within...

They're heroes in a half shell, and they're green. Under the guiding hands of producer Michael Bay and director Jonathan Liebesman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are heading back to our cinema screens for the first live-action adventure since 1993.

This time, the Turtles are CGI rather than animatronic, the evil Shredder is played by the great William Fichtner, Megan Fox wears the yellow jumpsuit as news reporter April O'Neil while the action's as big and over-the-top as you'd expect from Bay and the director of such films as Wrath Of The Titans and Battle Los Angeles. The filmmakers have clearly taken a few liberties with the source comics - Shredder now appears to be an American businessman, for one thing - but the Turtles themselves are as cheeky and athletic as they ever were. You can find the new trailer waiting for you below.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is out on the 17th October in the UK.

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They're taking liberties with the meaning of the word 'new'. Apart from the bit on teh skateboard, that's the same as the last one, isn't it?

Eehh, that's the link for the last trailer, not the new one I think...

Sorry, wrong link - now fixed.

Nice to see a bit of Splinter (albeit just his hands), more of the turtles and a glimpse of Shredder.

Totally agree.

did you miss the part with his face

Awful. Just awful.

Didn't they call the original cartoon Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in the UK?

Shredder looked good, then the blades on each hand split and started firing and then he looked less good. Interested to see it, sucks we have to wait two months beyond the US release to see it, do they not consider this enough of a "summer blockbuster" for a worldwide release within the same month?

Amusing how they changed Splinter's purpose for training the Turtles. I'm still gonna watch this though!

Ah OK - it's different now. Could be fun - worth giving it a go.

Yep, and the censors had a real problem with nunchucks.

"Give me the camera", yeah that's how I felt as well. No idea what was going on in the first 30 seconds.

They mentioned Shredder was a robot samurai? Sigh. Think i will wait until the dvd release for this one.

Merr rental just out of curiosity.

Been reading alot of comments online such as "looks awful" "disgraceful" "Terrible dialogue"

Yes, it probably will be shite, but I have 5 words. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.

Lets get those rose tinted specs off.

TMNT isnt Godfather or Star Wars.

This looks just as naff as the the others.......and I liked those. It's got Bay's name on it so it's going to get crapped on anyway. All good news to me if all the hate is real for this and Transformers 4, the queues should be shorter and I'll be sat on my own.


"They're aliens?" "No, that's stupid."

Points right there :)

So 2 of the 4 original movies are crap therefore we should ignore the Crap in this one?

Really don't know what to think will probably still see it though lol

Anyone else think they've turned the Shredder from a bad-ass evil warrior into a Transformer?

Yeah, I second that notion.
Just because something isn't a masterpiece of cinema doesn't mean we don't have to hold it up to some standards.

Who cares if there were a couple of really bad Turtles movies in the past? Or that even the good ones were pretty damn hokey?
Those are the standards by which only a few are going to judge the new movie. The rest of us are holding it up to a different, more general, standard and honestly think that it looks awful and has terrible dialogue :P

You know what? All things considered, this doesn't look half bad.

There are things I like here (Donatello's super techy look, the humour, the turtles themselves who look pretty badass but still weirdly sweet, the bit about "together you are stronger than Shredder can never be" and well, probably everything everyone has liked), but there are still a few details I just can't deal with, like:
- April's hair. How hard was it for you to be more of a redhead or wear a stupid wig, this detail is stupid, but I am so used to April having red hair that it distracts me to hell, I find it hard to think about her as April at all.
- Shredder looks like a transformer when he starts to upgrade, which is kind of bad because he looked very threatening at first.
- Shredder being white. Was that really necessary? Couldn't he be an Asian or at least Asian-American business man? I don't know, I feel weird about that.
- The shaking camera. What the hell is wrong with action movies these days, I want to SEE the action, just make a decent coreograph and let it be seen, stop moving around and getting everything blurred. I don't pay for watching blurred shaking unclear images, I pay to see what's going on. Particularly when the heroes are martial arts masters.

Aye. All things considered (what with the weapons appearing in the actual cartoon) possibly the most pointless and yet costly piece of censoring in the whole history of censorship.

1.04 in the trailer. Erich Sachs (Finchter) says "We've taken your armour to the next level" to a person standing in the shadows before it cuts to shredder fighting. Looks to me like Sachs is not actually shredder and the man in the shadows is likely to be Oroku Saki and Sachs is working with him and his foot clan to take over the city.
I would guess that the shredder armour is original to start with but Sachs upgrades it to be a exo-skeleton type suit (like in edge of tomorrow) making him a super shredder which is why its referred to as "a robot" and seems a bit like a transformer. This then enables Saki to attack the turtles and splinter.

You are right! =)
That makes sense, because there is also this new trend of hiding the "true villain" behind a "fake one". I hope you are right.
I may have made it sound as if I didn't like the trailer, but in fact I do. I'd say that the thing that bothers me the most is Megan Fox's hairstyle. There is an occasional reddish tone to it, but not enough...

To be fair it kinda worked on me I did'nt attack anyone with nunchucks. Swords, poles and sais on the other hand......

In fairness, he did mention "rose tinted specs", so I'm fairly certain that he's referring to the "childhood ruined" crowd. The ones who ARE comparing it to the movies and the cartoon.

A bad-ass good warrior? Nah... fairly certain he's still evil.

I said evil, not good.

True. I think I spent too much time taking issue with the last sentence to put the rest of his post in context.

I think I'd like it if it didn't look like it was trying to be serious, or if it was intentionally laid-back and goofy.
Miiiiiiight also be a tad biased against Michael Bay as well, I'll admit :P

But you said he turned into a Transformer... I thought they were the good guys, or is that what their race is called?

Transformers are what their race is called. Split between the Good Autobots and the Evil Deceptacons.


I would have liked a gritty nasty cruel version like the original graphic novels. It seems a bit too safe for me. Too much technology too. Hover boards? Nooooooooooooooo. They're ninja's not Michael J Fox.

How on earth they allowed the director of Battle:Los Angeles and Wrath of Titans to direct another big budget film is beyond me...

Thank you.

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