Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the first trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 27 Mar 2014 - 17:19

It's here - the first trailer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot...

"Heroes aren't born - they're created". Yes, and this time, they've been created by director Jonathan Liebesman and his team of filmmakers.

Producer Michael Bay's finger prints are also all over the first trailer below, from the slow-motion and swooping cameras to the grand devastation and intense use of colour. Then, finally we get a look at the turtles' faces towards the end. Megan Fox may have fainted, but what you do you make of them?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is out on the 17th October in the UK. Until then, here's the first trailer:

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Awesome! Radical! Cowabunga Dudes! To the Max!!!!!!!

Some will say that it being so dark and gritty is true to the source material. I shall say, I'm not sure I want another superhero film to be dark and gritty, especially one which starts four teenage mutant ninja turtles.

Same here. I thought that the first live-action TMNT managed to do a really good job in blending the gritty tone of the comics and the lighthearted one of the cartoon.

Erm... did you watch the trailer the turtles seemed to be enjoying themselves the human cast were taking it seriously which is pretty much exactly what the first movie did. That said you cant decide the tone of an entire movie from a minute and a half trailer.

"Heroes aren't bored"??? :D

This looks like it has potential to be alright. I'm certainly not going to dismiss it until I've seen it.

Ice Age : Ninja Turtle Meltdown, The search for explosions

Do you want to go and have a lie down?

When I was a boy I was such a huge fan of the first film, massive fan! It was dark, gritty, scary - like those were people stealing stuff from vans.

So now, instead of stealing stuff from vans we get EXPLOSIONS. I'm not going to comment until it's out but It doesn't look like my kind of film. Sounds like his stolen the transformers soundtrack too.

You mean the search for Kung fu. Cuz I ain't see none, son

Would have been nice to see them doing some martial arts, I mean they are Ninja's

I will take my kids. They watch the cartoon. My dad took me. I watched the old cartoon. But my cousins and I didn't walk out of the theater. We jumpkicked our way out. If my kids walk out going BOOM instead of HIYA, I will get a full refund. I promise.

I think this looks kind of dumb fun, even if the turtles look like the goombas from the live action Super Mario Bros. movie.

I'll certainly give it a crack. Hard to believe I saw the original movie on the big screen TWENTY FOUR YEARS ago. This ageing malarkey is pants... :'(

I see that you're reading into my comment and finding things that aren't there. I said nothing about this trailer or what I think about the movie's possible tone. All I said was some praise for a movie that I happen to like a lot.

My bad! I thought you clicked on the story about the new trailer for a brand new TMNT movie and watched it and then posted a comment about the relevant trailer below! I didn't realise you clicked on the story bypassed the trailer and posted a comment anyway! I must look so silly!

My god, you're spot on.

I was going mad trying to figure out what it was they reminded me of!

Owch. Right in the childhood.

With the exception of the Turtles being present, the trailer pretty much looks like it could be cobbled out of clips from Nolan's Batman-movies or from any other superhero-movie from the past five years. I can't form an opinion one way or other until I've seen some more footage.

Now you're just being childish. No, I did watch the trailer but before I made a comment of my own, I responded to the first comment I happened to see.

That's all I ask. Could be they just don't wanna show it yet. But you know Bay. If Leo kicked a stray dog, Bay would make it explode.

...and the Academy Award for best female fainting scene goes to...

I just want to see amazing fights. There must by necessity be more Kung fu in the movie than this trailer revealed, since they can't show everything. However, since these days trailers DO show everything... There may be less kicks than it takes to make a turtles film.

I honestly don't know what to feel about this, because the trailer looks very similar to every other generic trailer for movies with a city in peril. There is nothing here to give me any indication what type of movie this will be, so I'm neither disappointed or hyped.

hmmmm... Now you mention it I see you have made another comment about the actual trailer itself... sadly my childish male pride wont allow me to apologise and say I was in the wrong so erm, youre a smelly poohead!!!! Haha I got the best of that interaction!

Enjoy your victory then. :P

It's basically exactly what I expected, which is not a good thing.

I make that 11 seconds to the first explosion.

It's only a matter of time until the Paramount mountain is replaced with an erupting volcano.

So I guess that's why other filmmakers still make a point of having "strong female characters"

More footage as in the whole movie? Because, really, that's the best way to form an opinion.

True, but I would still want to see something that would give me a reason to suspect that the movie would be worth at least the price of a ticket.

April O'Neil is not ginger! F off megan fox.

Haha, No Doubt

I think I preferred the latex ninja turtles to this sou-less CGI fest

Haha, Damn I was going to say 11seconds :). Ok I'm calling 10 seconds

To be fair, I don't think it's to do with her gender. There's a fair chance that anyone would faint if confronted by a seven-foot tall, talking, green, monster thing that looks like it could have crawled out of the depths of Hell.

I know, right?!?!?!?!? WTF!

So some turtles have freckles huh? Who knew! I thought it was Blake Griffin.

I'd've done a half-gainer, right into the garbage truck, AAAAAAHHHH!

RAPHAEL! Backflips! Now!

Well I still wanna watch it, just not more than I already did. I think maybe though if I had just heard about it, like my cool cousin earlier, I, like he, might've said "they look weird but I'll still watch it". The consensus seems to be... It's watchable. Now the new dofp trailer got me amped.

I haven't really been excited by the news at all, because so far many of the big nostalgia-themed movies have failed to impress me. It also doesn't help that I really do not like what Bay did as a director to the Transformers. But even more than that, I'm already content with the versions of TMNT that I have seen and liked so far, so I'm not at all bothered if this movie would turn out to be really bad. I doubt I'll bother to see it, unless there suddenly emerges some hook to get me invested in seeing a new movie with the Turtles.

Not impressed, but if there is something Bay does well, it's refusing to join the 21st century. This feels wonderfully late-90s popcorn movie. Terrible Turtles movie, but probably a great summer flick.

Good point there, these are the first Transformers movies. I don't consider the new one a reboot, though it's mark instead of Shia. As for turtles, I feel ya, but I'll let my son be the judge.

That's for the best. The new generation should have their own version of something, rather than making adaptations for the same audience that saw it 20+ years ago. It's gotten really ridiculous with the state of superhero-comics, which often seem to be geared mainly at men in their 40's.

I'm from New Orleans, and my dad's Cuban and mom Honduran. Sometimes very awkwardly. and when I was a kid they bought me a shirt from a flea market. Instead of ninja turtles they were.... Gators. Ninja gators.

Heh. I'm reminded of Phelous' show "Bootleg Zones", where he reviews bootleg toys, many of them based on TMNT: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/phelous/38492-bootleg-zones-turtles-fighters

Haha, at least I'm not alone.

Like a 3 star DoG review..?

I dunno. Maybe a preview of a scene with the Turtles interacting with Splinter, who is all sage-like, perhaps?

In the words of Archer et al: "Newwwwp!"

Ugh... Transformers all over again.

I wish Michael Bay would torment someone else's childhood for once...,

Annnnnnnnd just like in Transformers, the actual Turtles get ONE LINE in the ENTIRE TRAILER. Not that that doesn't happen, but it displays the same kind of sidelining as the Transformers got. I was really hoping that The Raid, Only God Forgives and other Asia-centric action movies would be a strong influence, but it seems here that the only influence here is Bay. At least Mikey sounds like Mikey, though!
Also, I personally love brunettes, but why isn't April ginger? That's her freakin' character!

Wait...what? Megan Fox is a redhead? Since when?

Well, I liked it. I wasn't looking forward to it after hearing about Bay's crazy ideas for the plot, but this looks pretty good. Takes me back to my first reading of the comics many decades ago.

Yeah, I'm not digging those Turtle designs one bit.

But men *don't* faint in films. It absolutely is a gendered response in media.

For the first minute my husband as like "I can't tell what movie this is supposed to be." Because all Bay films are pretty much the same.

Except if there's a woman giving birth of course, then it's almost compulsory for men to faint!

Hahaha! True story!


strange trailer. where's catchy toone? it doesn't seem fun. Like TNMT fun. Whats wrong with their faces?

As much fun as this looks, and it does look fun, Michael Bay's fingerprints are all over it despite him not even being the director.

If his name didn't flash up in the trailer, I would be more optimistic than I am.

She should have thrown on a wig or dyed her hair.

Megan Fox will be replaced by the third film...

Usually I would agree, but April does faint when meeting the turtles in almost every meeting scene out there, it is kind of a tradition. Except in one on the shows, when there is a guy faiting upon meeting them. I happen to have that glorious moment in VHS, but I NEVER can recall his name. I am sure someone here will.

I think it looks awesome. I was a huge TMNT fan as a kid, loved the original movies. Yes I enjoyed all three, although the first was obviously the best. New times, new technology, it was bound to happen. It looks like a pretty good flick though...so far.

I thought the same thing, sounds just like the Transformers trailers... AND it has MEGAN FOX in it!! How hilarious is that???

^This guy wins the internet^

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if this film turns out to be a near identical retelling for Transformers 1. There's frankly nothing in the trailer that makes that impossible.

EDIT: Although, new twist, the idiot hero we don't care about who the film spends most of it's time on is a girl this time...

... Who has been nothing but a plank of wood in everything she's ever been in, which at least is an improvement on the nonsense Shia The Beef puts us through.

Hey everyone,

I'm not sure I'm the best person to judge the trailer, as I'm a fairly recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles covert and only through the latest animated series (presently up to episode eight) and the IDW comic book, as well as possessing some very dim memories of the original animated series and haven't read the source material.

For me, well, it came off a bit bland, personally. The action sequences seemed to lack an energy you'd expect from a film like this and the humor (like Transformers) is trying to be well, 'broad' which is so careful to hit it's target that in my opinon, it misses it completly - which makes me worry about how it'll affect their representation of Mickey.

The CGI seemed to convey Mickey's goofballness and sweetness quite well, but the actual dialogue spoken just felt pretty...earnest to establish his character and the performance was much the same, rather then it being organic.

It's a shame they didn't hire any of the voice actors from the latest animated series to do the voices, I think they could alter their performances for the medium quite well and well, it's a out there movie about a group of teenage mutant ninja turtles, it doesn't have to be completly realistic.

I think I'll skip on this iteration until I've read the source material and possibly then, only out of curiosty :)

Ninjutsu...not kung-fu.

Thank you sir

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