Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: first look at the Turtles and Shredder?

Feature Matt Edwards 29 Jan 2014 - 11:22

UPDATE: Images now gone at request of lawyers acting for Paramount Pictures.

UPDATE: We have had to remove these images at the request of legal people.

“Oooooh!” reads the transcription of our reaction to these images.

Last night, Comic Book Movie dot com broke these images of models, apparently from the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. This is our first proper look at the character designs. A wonky-looking Halloween costume suggested to be based on the movie Turtles did leak last week, but we didn’t think you’d be interested in seeing it on account of it being a particularly rubbish Halloween costume.


These models certainly seem to fit with the design descriptions we’ve read. Obviously, we’re happy to be corrected if we’re wrong, but we think these are legitimate.

The clothed look of the Turtles is a little different and it seems that they’ve been spending as much time in the weights room as the dojo. Still, the look is much closer to the traditional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than many suspected it would be when we were talking about visits from alien turtles. In fact, we rather like the new design.

We get our first proper look at Shredder, albeit in model form. You can see a little of the Transformers films in the mask, but again, it’s little more than the traditional design made busier and snazzier. And, again, we quite like this one. In the film Shredder, played by William Fichtner, will be a character called Eric Sachs, rather than the traditional Oroku Saki he was in the original comics and near enough every other interpretation. Ninja Turtles has a history of wacky merchandise, so we’re not ruling out a range of official TMNT Eric Sachsaphones as the cause of the name change.

Anyway, the pictures are above, and below these words is the comments section, made available especially for your opinions.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is due for release 8th August in the US and 17th October in the UK.

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Well colour me surprised - they actually look half decent. Not expecting greatness of course, but this has increased my intrigued-o-meter

They look great

... look great, real or not so I keep the hope alive. Can't be worse than TMNT III can it?

Not so keen on Shredder's mask but the turtles look surprisingly great.

I'm impressed.

They actually look great, compared to that cheap halloween costume last week, I think they actually look at ninja turtles....like, live action ones, i mean, come on, they would look out of place if tey had their original design in cgi, and the shredder looks so badass

Actually pretty decent. Maybe the films will actually be good. Just have to wait and see

Leonardo looks like the Grinch :D

I think they look far better than I would have imagined.

Blimey. Definitely wouldn't want to meet those guys down a back alley... they look pretty cool.

The nostrils are freaking me out. Are the nostrils freaking anyone else out? Nostrils, people! NOSTRILLLLLLLLLLLS!!!!!

c'mon you can't be disappointed with these, they actually look intelligent in addition to being prepared to cause damage

Love the fact you can see differences in personality in these TMNT, Leo looks like a leader with Don taller and leaner and Raph looks lie a tank!!!

They look good, not gonna lie shredder looks a bit bad ass. I'm still a bit uneasy about this film as Michael 'Childhood Destroyer' Bay has his hands in the project.

Shredder looks awesome apart from the Transformers like face. overall I'm happy with this though. I guess we'll no more when we see the trailer.

BIG thumbs-up

The designs are great.
Having the Turtles from outer space isn't!

Turtles have nostrils.

The turtles look great, hope they release collectors action figures (not just kids toys) of them as I want them all. Shame the film will be the usual Michael Bay rubbish.

Bebop and Rocksteady or no sale

So far, so good.

Come on Mr Bay. You owe us a good film... keep it up.

shredder looks like the one in TMNT out of the shadows game

They wont be, they said it wouldnt be

Could be worse

I wish

No, not at all, he's too sizes two small

What the heck is that? And where's it from?

I'm going by the comment in the article above.
If it's not true i'd be delighted.

The Neverending Story...I forget the name ore the actual turtle.

I don't like how jacked they now seem to be, but I'm happy that there's a positive reaction overall. I also like the greater Japanese influence on their costumes. If nothing else, these will make some awesome toys.

It's Morla. From Fantasia.

I applaud the optimism thats always found amongst fans on DOG but its michael bay!!! thats all that needs to be said sadly...i feel ill already comtemplating those sickness inducing cgi effects from battleship or any of the terrible transformers movies.

Agreed cool, but not very tall

I thought the same, they look like they've got shredded in the gym

I am HOPING that William Fichtner wouldn't sign up for any ol piece of s**t.

However, like you say... it's Bay.

I know, but the TMNT just never feel right with them!

Yeah, I would have preferred them to look a bit more lithe and ninja-like, but at the same time, they're not human, so maybe that build *is* lithe for a mutant turtle? ;)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Terrapins?

It's a bit too Cloverfield for my liking.

Not going to lie this looks like it could be on the way to being a hit film. The turtles look good and shredder looks not too shabby. Only thing that can go wrong is megan fox. . Be interested to see this

I'm surprised by how cool they look!

I support these designs. Character name changes and taking liberties with the story, not so much.

This looks kinda cool.

Who says they're changing the name? "Eric Sachs" sounds very much like the sort of alias a man named Oroku Saki would choose if he wanted to fit in in America, doesn't it? It's a pretty straightforward Anglicization.

True. I suppose I'm a sucker for the way Splinter says; "YES Oroku Saki...I *know* who you are." in the original film.
Even from a muppet rat that line is bad-ass.

Im pretty sure the only thing alien related is the ooze that mutated them

Honestly, i hope megan fox got some kind of acting lessons before the film, the last thing we want is her to screw up Aprils character

Ahh.Never saw that, or at least I don't remember it.

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