Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen confirmed for Taken 3

News Simon Brew 14 Mar 2014 - 06:48

Liam Neeson will be rejoined by Fame Janssen and Maggie Grace in Olivier Megaton's Taken 3...

With the ongoing promise that Taken 3 won't be about someone being, er, taken this time, the cast of the film is coming together. We already know that Liam Neeson is set to reprise his role as Bryan Mills in the new film, and it had been revealed a little while back that Forest Whitaker would be joining the project too.

Now it's been confirmed that two familiar faces will be back for Taken 3 as well. Maggie Grace will be back as Neeson's daughter in the new movie, and Famke Janssen is returning to reprise the role of his wife, Lenore. These are not shocking announcements, granted, but they do now appear to be done deals.

The plan is to get Taken 3 shooting at the end of the month, with director Olivier Megaton, who made Taken 2, calling the shots. We'd guess a 2015 release is being targeted.


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Taken will be like The Matrix - I'll own the first one and pretend the others don't exist.

Oh, for goodness' sake...

Awwwwwww yeeeaaaahhhhh.
People slagging this off annoy me. Taken 2 did what it said on the tin and it was entertaining to watch. I saw no problem with it (was expecting it to travel about a bit more though rather than just staying it one town).

Once bitten twice shy, I won't be making that mistake again no siree

Locked in. First one's a regular favourite, second one was a bit silly but still great fun, and i'm just really enjoying everything Liam Neeson turns his hand to. The addition of Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen is great too, love watching them both.

Taken the Smeg

Olivier Megaton!
Best name....EVER.

So,a PG version this time or as we like to call it "Taken for a ride". I'll pass.

If by what it said on the tin was, " We hooked you with the excellent Taken,but have now ripped you off with a wishy washy,it's a numbers game sequel " then indeed you are correct. /facepalm

Now this is why I should look at the tins of movies before I watch them!

Suggested Title:

Taken 3 - Taken it too far.

the wife takes on the role of the daughter in the 2nd movie?

Taken - his Daughter
Taken 2 - his ex-Wife
Taken 3 - pop star Sheerah (Holly Valance) from the first movie

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