Taken 3 now likely to happen

News Simon Brew
10 Oct 2012 - 07:28

Following the massive success of Taken 2, writer Robert Mark Kamen has confirmed that plans are afoot for Taken 3...

It was in March of 2011 when we had the pleasure of interviewing Luc Besson, and we asked what the status of the Taken series was. He confirmed that Taken 2 was happening, but was pretty adamant with regards a third movie in the franchise. "We'll stop at the two", he told us, arguing that Taken 2 was a logical continuation and conclusion to the story of the first film.

Well, as you probably saw, the newly-released Taken 2 had quite a spectacular opening weekend, notching up over $100m worldwide. In the UK, Taken 2 has already beaten the entire British box office take of the first movie, and it's fair to say that the new film is set to go down as a sizeable hit.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, it seems as those Taken 3 is going to happen after all. Writer Robert Mark Kamen, talking to Hollywood.com, admitted that "we didn't start talking about Taken 3 until we saw the numbers, but then we said 'oh okay, I think we should do a third one'. And Fox wants us to do a third one".

In Kamen's defence here, he's being brutally honest. The Taken story was pretty much done, until the numbers came in for the last weekend. Now? "We've taken everything we can - it's going to go in another direction. Should be interesting".

When we hear more of Taken 3: Not Taken, we'll let you know.


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