Taken 3 now likely to happen

News Simon Brew 10 Oct 2012 - 07:28

Following the massive success of Taken 2, writer Robert Mark Kamen has confirmed that plans are afoot for Taken 3...

It was in March of 2011 when we had the pleasure of interviewing Luc Besson, and we asked what the status of the Taken series was. He confirmed that Taken 2 was happening, but was pretty adamant with regards a third movie in the franchise. "We'll stop at the two", he told us, arguing that Taken 2 was a logical continuation and conclusion to the story of the first film.

Well, as you probably saw, the newly-released Taken 2 had quite a spectacular opening weekend, notching up over $100m worldwide. In the UK, Taken 2 has already beaten the entire British box office take of the first movie, and it's fair to say that the new film is set to go down as a sizeable hit.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, it seems as those Taken 3 is going to happen after all. Writer Robert Mark Kamen, talking to Hollywood.com, admitted that "we didn't start talking about Taken 3 until we saw the numbers, but then we said 'oh okay, I think we should do a third one'. And Fox wants us to do a third one".

In Kamen's defence here, he's being brutally honest. The Taken story was pretty much done, until the numbers came in for the last weekend. Now? "We've taken everything we can - it's going to go in another direction. Should be interesting".

When we hear more of Taken 3: Not Taken, we'll let you know.


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Where were all these people who are going out to see Taken 2 when Dredd was out? We now will have three Taken movies, all no doubt recycling the same theme, and likely no sequels to a film that offered so much potential for bringing imaginative storylines to the big screen. Utterly depressing. :(

No, just no. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first Taken, the second one was just poor, and the third would follow!

I watched Taken 2 last night and I have to say it left somewhat of a bitter taste in my mouth and I'm that given its box office takings many other would be too having likely gone to seen purely based on the strength of the Original. It was a fine film in terms of Pace, Tension even acting but the bad guys just make me wanna stab myself in the eye with a rusty spoon.
In no particular order:
1st: The Plot: DafuQ?
Who the hell rationalizes taking and killing a family who killed your son as 'Justice' and swearing revenge when your knew your own son was a criminal empire runner who deals in taking other peoples daughters for the sex slave trade, has them additced to drugs and often killed if unsold. Your son was a bad person and he deserved all he got, If anything all the guys standing around with you at the funeral should be pissed at you for allowing your son to rope thier sons in his criminal empire.
Something Mr Mills explains when he finally catches up to you. Infact this is explained twice in the movie iirc.
2nd: Who in thier right mind wanders around with someone else's kidnapped wife, while the husband chases you down without carrying a weapon of your own? Not even a knife? Guns a lying around pretty much everywhere and you dont bother to pick one up or at least ask one of your cohorts to give you one of thier spares? What kind of bad guy are you? And where is your conviction? Hiding in a alcove instead of facing him down like a boss?
3rd & Last: For the love of God Bad Guys: If you say your gonna do something - Do it. 'Your a good mother and wife and for that im going to send you back in pieces' rasps our vengeful bad guy. Awesome I think, that'll teach our protagonist! Ut-oh Facepalm moment, you hand off that job to your underling who spends the next 20 minutes unrolling a set of knives he clearly stole from Dexter and proceeds to make tiny cuts in Mrs Mills probably expensive Jumper. Giving our hero plenty of time to find you again. GG Underling, GG.

Could have been better. I hope someone find these comments and hands them over too Fox and hope they decide to can the 3rd movie before it starts. Or Get better bad guys.

A good point there. Taken 2 was awful. Critics panned it and audiences thought it was poor, but they flocked in to see it.

Dredd was a critcal and audience success, however the American audience seemed to avoid it like the plague.

Just goes to show, it REALLY doesnt matter if the film is good or bad so as long as they get people into the cinema.

Such a sad time for film...

i have lost all faith in moviegoers after the poor response Dredd received, everybody moans about watered down action films, we get one and nobody goes to see it....grrrr, oh and taken 2 looks crap

we get one 'which isn't' that should have said

I saw Dredd and loved it. But, I was planning to see Taken 2 but I got the date wrong and it wasn't out yet, so I went and saw Dredd instead. I hadn't heard a thing about Dredd (nor Taken 2 either, actually), but I loved Taken so much that I was dead set on seeing the sequel.

But...now with all the shite reviews, I'll pass on T2 and hope for a better showing in Taken 3.

Much to critics' chagrin.

Agreed. The thing is, Taken was enough, we didn't need a sequel and we certainly don't need a third one but Dredd, on the other hand, is crying out for a sequel. I hope it does better when it's released on DVD.

Dredd seriously sucked....Taken 2 wasn't that much better, but Dredd represents everything that's wrong with action movies. I'm guessing it's a Brit movie judging by the reaction on this site, but c'mon, in the States we have crap like Dredd come out every other week.

Taken 3? This bloke's just not gonna stop til all of Europe's a bullet-ridden wasteland. is he?

Where were all the people when Dredd was out? Well, Dredd was an 18 certificate movie being shown in 3D only. I would have loved to have watched Dredd but I personally can't "see" 3D and I can't abide paying a premium to watch a something that I cannot watch. So straight away the audience that is going to see Dredd is automatically diminished. I won't go and see any movie that's in 3D, I wait for a way to be able to watch it in 2D.

As for Taken 2, it was as bad as the first one was good and I found it so annoying to be in a theatre to see families with young children coming in. Taken is not meant to be a child-friendly movie, it's meant to be a gritty, tense, violent action movie but all of this was sacrificed for bums-on-seats and the extra millions it's pulled in. Now, because of this they're talking about Taken 3? What's Mills going to do? Use his particular set of skills to rescue a Tickle Me Elmo toy?

Taken 3? No thanks. Just like there are only 3 Indianna Jones movies, there is only one Taken.

Having not yet seen 'Taken 2' (no interest), I still nonetheless think it made sense from a narrative point-of-view; Mills slaughters traffickers to get back daughter, said traffickers seek revenge on Mills by kidnapping his family to lure him in and subsequently kill him. That being said, it's only a 90-minute movie, which sounds to me that not much thought went into the actual script, hence the pretty poor reviews it's getting... a bit more time, effort, and imagination could very easily have made a terrific and exciting sequel that expanded on and broadened both the narrative and scope of the original instead of just a virtual retread in another setting, but a THIRD one, don't get me started, enough already!

And 'Dredd' tanking at the box-office doesn't mean it's over yet, I firmly believe it will do extremely well, above and beyond expectations, on home release, but will it be enough to justify an eventual sequel in the relative short-term, only time will tell, I personally don't think it will, but stranger things have happened in the film industry over the years, and at the very least, we managed to get ONE great faithful Judge Dredd film made, which is one more than I thought would ever happen after the 1995 debacle, so I'll settle for cult classic status for this new one, if that's as far as it goes, but as I said, it's not over yet...

Good point about the 3D, I detest only having the choice of 3D when I turn up at a cinema although I was pleasantly surprised by the use of it in Dredd. Also, correct, Dredd having an 18 certificate means you cant do a like for like comparison with a watered down 12 certificate Taken 2, however over TEN times more people watching it?? Shouldnt happen!

Perhaps taken 3 is a good idea, since inspite of the initial success, this will give viewers a chance to actually view the 3rd movie since the sequel was so horribly directed, particularly in the action scenes. A chance for redemption, get a different director and HOLD THE DAMN CAMERA STILL!!!

Dredd was boring that's why no one watched it.

Perhaps people are just fed up with constant comic book movies?

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