Margot Kidder on Superman and Man Of Steel

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1 Jul 2013 - 06:35

She was Lois Lane to a generation, and Margot Kidder has been chatting about big screen Superman, past and present...

It's little secret that Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the original run of Superman films, had her fair share of words over her treatment while working on them, and her views on decisions that were made. Specifically, she was no fan of the producters, the Salkinds, and didn't hold back about saying so. Hence, her virtual non-appearance in Superman III.

Kidder has returned to the subject as part of a new interview with WA Today that's well worth checking out. She reiterates her unhappiness over events surrounding Superman II in particular, when director Richard Donner was fired from the project. "It was very hard watching him go", she recalled. "Some of us made more of a fuss than others - me in particular ... It's really sad because he was a great director. He was terrific, and they broke his heart".

She continued, adding that "He put so much of himself into that and so at a certain point I guess they realised they had a hit and could make money, so [they thought] how can they make money cheap and fast? 'Get rid of this director who is getting us over budget and we'll get someone who will knock it off for us'".

And she's firm on her view on said producers: "well, yeah they were crooks", she alleges. To be fair, Kidder has kind words for Richard Donner's replacement on Superman II (and subsequently Superman III), Richard Lester, but just said he was "not right for the material".

A passionate advocate of the Donner cut of Superman II that she firmly credits the film's fans with getting released, Kidder also touched on her thoughts on the new Superman movie, Man Of Steel. And she's a fan. "I thought it was wonderful and I thought young Amy Adams was just terrific. I wanted a lot more of her. I wish they had more scenes for her".

Do take a moment to read the full interview, which includes Kidder looking back at her time working with the late Christopher Reeve. You can find it over at WA Today, here.

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