Man Of Steel hits big, presumably unlocks Man Of Steel 2

News Simon Brew 17 Jun 2013 - 06:24

With nearly $200m already in the bank, Warner Bros' expensive reboot of Superman, Man Of Steel, is a gamble that it looks to have won...

It will have been champagnes all round at Warner Bros this past weekend as, contrary to the last time the studio attempted to reboot the franchise, it finaally has another huge hit Superman movie on its hands.

The box office take for Man Of Steel in the US alone is sat at $125m, following the $113m opening weekend that saw it have the biggest June opening of all time Stateside. Outside of America, Superman has hit too. The movie has pulled in another $71m - with a lot more territories yet to go on its global rollout - for a worldwide take of just shy of $200m and counting. The film's particularly soared in the UK.

To put things into perspective, that's not at the level of an Iron Man 3 or The Avengers, but it's still above where most expected Man Of Steel to land (and it's comfortably cleared the takings of Superman Returns' opening). It's a very big hit - one that may yet edge towards $1bn worldwide if word of mouth olds - and suggests that a Man Of Steel 2 could meet the higher end of Marvel-style numbers.

With all that in mind, given that Warner Bros was awaiting the results of Man Of Steel before formally pushing forward with Man Of Steel 2, it's going to take something drastic to stop there being a second film. The likelihood is that Justice League has been unlocked too.

As and when there's formal confirmation, we'll keep you posted. But Warner Bros now, finally, appears to be at the starting point proper for a Justice League universe on the big screen. And we've never been in a position to say that before...

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I love the way that this article can be read as if MoS was a Kickstarter campaign, and it's nearing its next stretch goal - Justice League movie!

I've been waiting for this article for longer than i can reads exactly as I have dreamed....

This film is breathtaking in IMAX. Simply staggeringly epic. (I want an IMAX cinema in my house lol)

Word is MOS 2 is coming 2014 with JLA 2015 which seems a bit rushed unless it's all already written. Personally I'd love Man of Steel 2 ASAP and same with JLA but not if it loses the quality this one had because they rush the production.

Originally JLA was slated for 2015, but I think that has been pushed back. DC were smart enough to realise that releasing it the same year as Avengers 2 would be box office suicide.

I can't see there being a MOS 2 next year either, unless they have already started shooting it. The post-production effects alone would take at least a year to complete (they did on MOS anyway).

It looked amazing in Imax, but sounded terrible. I don't want to sound like an old man, but the biggest problem I had with this film was its volume. It felt like standing next to a stack of speakers at a gig, when you can feel the bass line making your chest vibrate. It was pretty much constant throughout the whole film too, and I found it really annoying. Snyder really needs to learn that less is more some times

oh no that's one of the things I love about it! The sound is so much clearer and has more 'punch'. And for films like this that's just perfect for me.

Used well, it can be great. If they'd saved it for the destruction at the end, it would have had impact, but from the first scene to the last, it was completely relentless. It genuinely made me feel uncomfortable for the first half an hour

If Warner Bros really wanna blow Marvel away then they must pull some strings with Nolan and Christian Bale. I understand that Nolan wants to leave his Batman series alone... But sometimes he must do whats best for the company. Bale did state he would be very keen for another roll as Batman if Nolan is in with a good script. Henry and Bale would be the start of Justice League... Creating a new batman will not work because we have just got used to Bale as batman and would be too much of a risk. If Bale is in along with Henry / Nolan / Zack and the rest of the crew, then Warner Bros could Potentially have the biggest super hero movie of all time!

The wallstreet journal reported it's up again for 2015 yesterday I believe :) A lot of other websites are reporting both MOS2 for 2014 Decemberish and Justice League for summer 2015 with slight skepticism. However it does seem very unlikely :)

I respectfully disagree. Bale said he'd do another film if Nolan was involved but he ruled out the possibility of a Justice League film because it would damage the gravitas of TDK Trilogy. Basically, if Nolan decides to do a fourth Dark Knight film, Bale would be up for it. He wouldn't be up for a superhero alien film cos that would ruin the previous three films. To do whats best for the company would mean selling out Nolan's Batman just to make a few quid.

Interesting.... Nolan's doing Interstellar then, isn't he? So I'm guessing his involvement would be minimal if he's even involved at all.
I don't trust Snyder on his own....

I plan to be a backer this Wednesday.

The films just about been a (comercial)success in spite of Zack Synder, I dread to think what it would have turned out like without Nolans guidance,
Please Warners, say thank you and goodbye to Synder and give the gig to strong disciplined, inventive, director.

I'd rather they do a Worlds Finest Superman/Batman movie first just to see if they can pull off an ensemble movie.

And you would suggest ..... Oh that's right you didn't.

I could easily have suggested at least a dozen(didn't see the point though, unless your responsible for hiring at warner?)
one perfect option would be Ben Affleck(with Mat damon as Lex Luthor:})

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