Man Of Steel runtime confirmed, new promo image

News Simon Brew 15 May 2013 - 06:43

Man Of Steel isn't going to be a short film, and a new picture of Henry Cavill as Superman appears...

There's been no shortage of posters and promo images that have suddenly sprung up for Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, Man Of Steel. And we've got another one for you here. This time, it's a shot of Henry Cavill where you can see his face, and with no Photoshopped motion blurs added anywhere.

It's not actually a poster this one, though. Instead, according to the Man Of Steel unofficial Facebook page, this is part of a Walmart promotion, for premiere night badges. A shame: it's better than half of the posters we've seen of late.

Anyway, we also seem to have a final running time for Man Of Steel confirmed. It's being listed as 2 hours and 23 minutes long. Not for the first time where modern DC comic book adaptations are concerned, it's probably best to buy a comfy seat...

Here's that new image:

Man Of Steel arrives on June 14th.


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I really think he is missing the red shorts, it really pull his costume together

can not wait !!

they couldn't use the shorts due to the court case that was ongoing (at the time) about the rights to the Superman Character. although DC could use the name and (i think) the chest logo the 'Look' of superman was in debate or held by the family so they got rid of the shorts and yellow belt and then you have a generic blue suit and red cape, similar, but different enough to please the lawyers... (i think i got that right...)

I don't know if this whole image is working for me. He seems too short and stubby, not 'majestic' enough. And frowning dramatically does not make you look heroic!

Interesting and I wonder if it's actually why they called it Man of Steel instead of Superman?

Considering that more than a few voices on this site have complained about a story not having enough "room to breathe and develop properly," the slightly longer running time should be seen as a good thing.

When I finally get to sit down in the comfy chair at my favorite cinema to watch Man of Steel, I will do so with the attitude of "there were no previous Superman movies or televsion series." Why not give the producers a chance to tell the story of Krypton's last son THEIR way, and judge them accordingly?

This is part reboot, part reimagination, and I won't let my love of past efforts spoil my enjoyment or scorn of whatever shows up on my screen in June.

And yes, I am very excited about this presentation. Here's hoping that this forms a positive solid foundation for the rest of the DC Universe.

Thats not a frown

Actually I read an interview with David Goyer (the writer) saying that they intentionally left out Superman from the title to kind of make a line in the sand to differentiate the movie from the previous ones. Good call if you ask me.

You crazayyy

You better not go to see 'Man of Steel' Owen, otherwise you may be doing your own unheroic 'frowing!'

As for Henry Cavill being short and stubby?!?

Mr Cavill is 6ft 1inches tall.

Great runtime.Hopefully we'll get at least 30 mins on krypton with some epic zod/jor-el scenes.Like the suit,tv spots look great.I think we are going to see an amazing movie.Cavill did his homework and they put together their own take on superman.Anyone think there will be any Lex to be seen? Maybe a darker version of him.How bout a brainiac reference to tease man of steel II? Im guessing something awesome will play after the credits too.I also think michael shannon is gonna really make this movie great

Come on DC! You can do this! (Please!!)

I think if you read what you have just written, you will notice it is a load of nonsense. I think the "S" on the chest has more copyright than a pair of red pants. Also if you read the interview with Zach in empire, of fx, can't remember, but he clearly explains about the pants.

The title also recalls The Dark Knight, which of course made mega-bucks. I bet that's part of the reason why the suits liked it...

it's a bird, it's a's a reboot of SUPERMAN by Zack Snyder !!

Bryan Singer is gonna watch this and wish he'd done it.

testify brother!

Yessss, Fantastic, this means , a fully fleshed out story, 1 hour of Smallville and and 1 Hour of Superman

Thas becuz his pants look like they pulled up too high

DC 52 got rid of the shorts and redesigned the suit to signify the change. It has nothing to do with copyrights. WB game Superman most of his powers and lore. Only think creators did was create character name and some origin. But he couldn't fly or wasn't all that until DC took over Character.

I often wonder why the bystanders on the street when looking up were so excited when they exclaimed "It's a bird!", "it's a plane!"

His arms look a bit short. Weird.

2hr 23. Oh, Nolan! You gibbit. Seriously telling me the 2hr 23 of this is gonna be as evenly entertaining as the 2hr 26 of Superman: The Movie?! Please...this is gonna feature huge spectacle, but plenty moments of extreme boredom you will be told is "deep"...that'd be Nolan's control over it. Trust me. No way will it be equal to the old movie in terms of goodness. And I don't really care about bigwig studio execs diddling behind closed doors - that suit looks wrong. Nice digitally graded/desaturated visuals throughout the movie too...not. Remember when film looked quality...cause it looked like, um, film? ;oP

Lol. "Henry is wearing the latest from the Simon Cowell "Man Of Steel" Collection..."

I'm betting the Gauntlet Scene from Reeves effort outdoes the whole of this effort. And Superman has a beard in this upcoming Goyer (Blade Trinity : Breaks his own rules in the first 10 minutes, destroying the entire plot of the movie) /Nolan/Snyder catastrophe....while he's on Earth. Seriously, check the trailers. I mean....really? Riddle me this - HTH does the dude shave? And based on this well thought out item, why should I trust these film makers when they and their studio exec bosses (in these particularly greedy-for-cash-and-don't-care-how-we-get-it days) make such a humongous deal about how good it's gonna be?

I'll admit, I'm kinda sickly curious - but after Nolan's INTERPRETATION of Batman, where in TDK, there was NO Bruce Wayne, NO Batman - JUST said director's interpretation (which was NOTHING like Bruce/Batman is actually like). Why on earth (or indeed, Krypton) should I trust this movie won't suck....As TDK did. I don't intend on paying for an over priced ticket to see a beloved character, then find the character isn't even remotely who they should be...even if the movie WERE good...That's not illogical, and kinda sucky, I feel. I may as well go watch Bourne. Or Vampire Diaries The Musical: They Sing In Each Other's Mouths. Ahem. Time for some Kryptonite Tea...this yellow sun's charging me up too much.

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