Two new posters for Superman reboot, Man Of Steel

Poster Simon Brew 13 May 2013 - 06:32

Henry Cavill is Superman in Zack Snyder's upcoming Man Of Steel. We've got posters to prove it...

If you've got an itch for posters of Henry Cavill dressed as Superman flying into some motion blur, then allow us to scratch it for you right here.

With a month to go until Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, Man Of Steel, arrives in cinemas, Warner Bros has released another pair of posters which, as you'll see below, are variations on pretty much the same theme. We get the impression that Superman will be flying in this movie, and at some pace.

The film arrives in cinemas on June 14th, and we would not rule out the possible release of more pictures of Superman in a hurry beforehand.

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The blur and lens-flare collction

Here he comes to save the day. .... mighty mouse

Has JJ Abrams taken over this film?

Is it just me reminded of Superman flying into the Phantom Zone by the second poster?

"Yes on the first poster; almost art deco in style. Nay on second poster."

Now please retouch my comments to add motion blur and lens flare.

Superman meets Star Trek? Me thinks so.

I prefer the old-style movie posters of the 70's/80's with all the characters 'posed' in order of relevance to the story, with a looming baddie's face behind them. Posters which basically introduced you to the movie's characters and atmosphere. These new style posters are all so "meh".

Fully agree - and hand drawn/painted - none of this Photoshop malarkey!

So sad Drew Struzan is retired!

The best film poster of recent years was the fan made Super 8 one - shame it never got snapped up for any real promotional use

I wonder how many more douchebags are going to make these sort of lamearse jokes?

Probably as many namecalling d-bags that troll to say stuff like you do.

Or do I just reply: "Well, your mom told me the same thing, but it was hard to understand what she was saying with my c#$k in her mouth."

Never really liked Superman... found it all too cheesy... I won't end up seeing this in the cinema but I'll probably get it on Blu-ray eventually.... sort of hoping it bombs though so we won't get treated to a Justice League film (which let's be honest, would be rubbish).
The route DC have gone down is fully reliant on Chris Nolan (nothing wrong with that) but I love his realistic Batman too much... this and that don't mix... i think.

In a word... AWESOME!!
Love Diane Lane.

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