Man Of Steel: new TV spot, sample Hans Zimmer's score here

News Simon Brew 7 May 2013 - 06:21

The first full track of Hans Zimmer's Man Of Steel score arrives online. And there's a new TV spot too...

Iron Man 3 has set something of a high commercial bar for every film that follows this summer, and looking down the list of runners and riders, Man Of Steel appears to be the one movie with at least a half decent chance of catching it. Zack Snyder's eagerly-awaited Superman reboot is in cinemas next month, and Warner Bros is being suitably savvy with its marketing campaign.

For one thing, it's fully aware of how much interest there is in Hans Zimmer's score for the new film. Leaving the John Williams iconic soundtrack aside this time, Zimmer has the job of introducing a brand new score for a Superman movie, and you can hear a one-track sample of his work below. The full soundtrack goes on sale in June, and is available to preorder now.

Then, there's a brand new TV spot too, which we figured you wouldn't mind having a look at while you're here...

Man Of Steel arrives in cinemas on June 14th. Expect a lot more about it in the weeks ahead...

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Whatever that giant scary robot thing is that comes crashing down to Earth at 0:18, I really hope Superman punches it. Hard. Harder than any superhero has ever punched anything in the history of cinema.

That music is brilliant! He was never going to top John Williams score but its a damn fine effort!

Q: What do you do when you listen to a new Hans Zimmer score for the first time?

A: You listen to it again, and again, and AGAINNNNN!

He was never going to top the John Williams score, but I've just come out of it going 'right, how did that go again?'

I'm hoping it's a giant mechanical spider... And also that he gets to wrassle some polar bears.

Is it wrong that I actually prefere this to the original John Williams theme? :)

all hail Hans Zimmer this generations Scorer!!

Agree with the other posters, it was never going to be as good as Williams score. But I am enjoying it. Definitely seems to fit the tone of the film.

Yes, but we'll forgive you. :p It's pretty great!

Honestly feel this film is way over hyped.

The score is ok, but I've seen others do far better and most of them are amateurs.

Example; "You'll Believe A Man Can Fly" - MattiaCupelliMusic

As for the direction of the film. Clark Kent looks like Bruce Wayne when travelling the globe (Which he never did in the comics because it was stupid to have a super powered person force themselves to walk around the freaking planet)

Example; Rewatch the scene and realise that Superman is slowly walking along a road and asking for a lift... FREAKING SUPERMAN WHO CAN FLY AROUND THE WORLD FAST ENOUGH TO REWIND TIME - WHO CAN MOVE SO FAST THAT EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE ITS STOPPED MOVING!

Personally I never liked Chronicle, but the flying looks ridiculous and his movements are too fast to be detailed. It also looks like they switched to a much weaker camera pixel ratio when doing the flying shots.

Example; Jet Scene in tv spot, Superman punching Zod in trailer, etc...

The music is ok. Its no where near as exciting and catchy as the original. If you asked me to hum this one, I would be completely unable to. Basicially alot of drumming with a violin over the top just cruising along. I dont understand the interest in it at all.

The original was a wonderfully energetic soaring piece that could bring a tear to the eye. This one is just another typical soundtrack piece that will be forgotten in 6 months.

Chewy is in this movie?

Nice music although unlike the original it will not stick in my mind 30 years later, or possibly not even 30 days later. The "tv spot" (as they say in America) seems a bit generic and forgettable, to be honest. The trailer posted on here before was awesome though.

The percussion used in the score is spot on for the feel of Superman. That whole build up and energy is felt through out the score! Really does get you pumped!!!

In more recent re-tellings of Superman's origin, Clark Kent did travel the world as a young man - to become a better reporter and to understand human beings outside of Smallville. Besides, since the Silver Age, Clark will sometimes travel through normal means - subway, taxi, etc - just to keep up his secret identity.

I personally thought the Mattia Cupelli track to be really rather good... but no where near as visceral, awe-inspiring, powerful, and venturesome as Zimmers. Cupelli does need to be scoring television though.

I presume he is 'hitch hiking' as he still does not know who/what he is. He is trying to fit in with humans. Which is basically Supermans whole get up. Trying to fit in. Clarke Kent is his character he makes up to fit in.

Not sure why you are so angry at a film you have not even seen yet?

In the Adventures of Superman, Clark Kent drove a car!

I think it's a generational thing. I'm old enough that I still recall reruns of the 50s 'Adventures of Superman' and the Donner Superman film. Although Christopher Reeve will always be My Superman (with and without the cape) I can see how both it, and the Williams score are both so dated to anyone born in the year 1990 and later that it might as well be The Adventures of Superman.

Maybe kids will get this score the way we got the Williams one.

Hahah, love it!

Dude no offence but this guys been a scorer as you put it since the 80's

born in 81 so still counts ;) so maybe I should have changed it to my generation, plus the turn of the millennium has seen him break into mega composer

It's Chewie, not Chewy!

Half true. You hit the bong would be the other half. Seeing as how that's your name, I'm guessing it was to be assumed.

No, not at all. John Williams' theme is wonderful, and iconic. It's powerful, and upbeat - built for those big moments in the movie, when Superman is about to fly, or is beginning to win a battle.

Zimmer's tells a whole story, through music. It's bloody beautiful. It begins so humbly - a farm boy, destined for something greater. The drums rise, hinting at something powerful beginning to grow. Something great.

Seriously, I've never heard such a powerful theme that's able to successfully portray the elements of Superman that make him great. The belief and hope that he's supposed to inspire. Over the two, I'd always favour this one. It's not nearly as exciting and energetic as Williams', but there's clearly a lot of thought been put into this. Both themes invoke different kinds of positive emotion, for two different kinds of movies, and two different kinds of Superman.

I'm beginning to sound like some kind of bloody wine taster or something. "The tune has a flowery bouquet.." -_- Unintentional, I just tend to ramble!

Actually, in the original scripts, Lucas spelled it "Chuuweee"

you got me bro! Peace! :D

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