Man Of Steel: first TV spot, new synopsis, running time

News Simon Brew 9 Apr 2013 - 06:25

Superman reboot Man Of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, edges a little closer. Here's a new TV spot and synopsis...

Warner Bros, we suspect, is about to unleash the might of a pretty hefty marketing campaign for its upcoming Superman reboot, Man Of Steel. The film is but two months away now, and if reports are to be believed, the studio's Justice League movie plans lie in the new Superman project succeed. Expect the studio to leave nothing to chance.

The latest phase in the film's marketing has kicked off with a brief, updated synopsis, and the arrival of some footage in the first TV promo spot for the movie.

The bit of the synopsis that refers to the plot says:

"A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind".

In fairness, that entire synopsis could apply to Richard Donner's original Superman film too, letter for letter.

However, take a (brief) look at what Zack Snyder's done with it, in that TV spot here...

Man Of Steel is due out in June. And the official running time of the movie is now being reported as - ready? - 148 minutes. We'll have more on the film in due course...

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I hope that's not the finished CGI in the film, it's awful and cartoonish looking... the CGI in Zack Snyder's 'Watchmen' was nigh-on flawless! This film is going to have to work EXTRAORDINARILY hard to stop me making comparisons with the timeless Donner film(s)...

It's very hard to tell much about the quality of the CGI from that YouTube vid.

That said, the TV spot was decidedly under-wowing, and the "synopsis" is essentially substance-free.

The Donnor Film isn't timeless. it's decidedly dated now, particularly the second half. That is not to dismiss it as it's a film of it's time but if you want MoS to recapture how you felt when you seen Superman then that won't happen as you were younger when you seen that, no matter how much 'better' a film MoS may be. Just Take MoS as it is

Maybe they just want to keep the story secret for now. It worked for the Batman movies. Besides, it's a Superman origin movie. What could it POSSIBLY be about? :)

Personally i think this looks superb. I was worried that it was going to be yet another origin movie, but i think it's going to be ok. I'm desperately crossing my fingers that there is no Lex Luthor though.

a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was this princess, and in episode 6, she looked really HOT - oh, hang on, that was star wars...

Kal-el - I am not your father...

See, I respectfully disagree with that assessment; Donner's film(s) - plural if you count his released cut of 'Superman II' - are indeed timeless, the 1970's fashions don't intrude or take away from it's core narrative or the resonance from it... by your same logic, 'Jaws' isn't timeless because it has 1970's fashions and a clearly-rubber shark, timeless films transcend fashion and sensibilities, and Donner's interpretation of the Man of Steel is every bit a timeless one that will endure and be enjoyed long after we're all dust in the ground, and rightly so!

I'm not saying 'Man of Steel' won't be a great movie, it likely wiill be, and I have to admit the CGI looks better than I initially gave it credit for, but Donner so completely nailed the definitive adaptation of that character and his mythology that it's going to be very hard to come out from under it's shadow and not make comparisons... and that was my point.

Sounds like a non-CW Smallville

good thing we've got the pros here to pick apart a 30 second tv bit! this could be good. this could tell a tale where he walks the line between being good or being bad. we all know how it turns out, but could be an interesting take on the mythos. lets not start the poo-pooing of a film based on 30 seconds please kids.

This is why I love DoG, people like to discuss thoughts and ideas on film, not just shout.

I get your point but I'll clarify what I mean my saying Superman is dated. I don't mean the 70s fashion or effects but rather the story, the threat and the characters on the bad side. Otis was shocking and completely out of place and Miss Teschmacher was... well lets just say i'm grateful we no longer see women portrayed in that manner. Even Lex (which was played well by hackman) was daft, he never felt like a proper threat to superman and his plan to destroy California was poor.

It felt like Donnor did a fantastic job in establishing the character of Superman and his back story but then couldn't give him a threat and that's what stops that movie being Classic for me.

Why does June seem so f**king far away!!!!!!

Man this movie NEEDS to be awesome

The success lies in how cool you can make a man who wears his bright red pants on the outside.

Preach it brother. I'm so excited about this

Can't wait. Can't wait. Cannot. Wait!

If you mean his bright red underwear, well then you are mistaken. Have you even seen the new costume featured in this film?

The running time has been know for a long while now, why mention it here?

got to be honest, if we have to pick then i'd rather have the content-free approach- the recent Carrie trailer gave away the whole movie!

I genuinely cannot remember the last time I waited so long to see a film I've wanted so much.

Except maybe for The Dark Knight Rises.

And The Avengers.

And maybe Prometheus.

Apart from those though... lol

It's pooh-poohing, I think. Poo-pooing is something completely different.

Last time for me was Superman Returns! lol. Don't get me wrong, I have been excited for Avengers, Dark Knight etc etc. But Superman has and always will be my favorite hero. I had years of seeing other heroes being done right and getting sequel after sequel while warners constantly cocked Superman up. I just hope this time we get the Superman movie we deserve, but not the one we need right wait, we get the Superman movie need, but not the one we deserve, no still not good, the one we need and deserve! :)

There's nothing to "pick apart." It's all very vague.

But you're right. No one should have any opinions about how the film is being presented, even though the purpose of presenting the movie is to develop impressions about it.

why not?


We really do need and deserve one.

I am thinking Snyder is the right man to do this.

I am afraid I cant get too excited by this. I am just going to wait and see if its any good. Mind you the last time I fell for hype was Skyfall and I hated that film.
I am not really a Superman fan. I am a Batman fan and I have been spoiled the last few years so its time for Superman fans to have their fun. I hope its good, but I am not holding my breath.

It will be interesting to see if the Batman films have influenced it a little bit or a lot. However if its two hours of Cavill walking about looking moody and wondering about his powers and why he is here etc, and he only gets suited up and the action starts in the last half hour then I am giving it a miss.

I too was super excited for Superman Returns...but we won't talk about that...ever again.

If I'm honest, and I read comic books, compared to the books, the Donner films were a bit twee! It was great as a kid but now I've grown up it so feels dated.

Its like the batman live action series loved it as a kid but now I cringe at it every time I see it.

Superman as a comic hero isn't as naff as he is on films. This is because its a bit more scifi with the enemies very much like in green lantern.

For me in the Donner films he seems to relay on kryptonite too much as well which bored me.

I am hoping there is a nice 3 part story arc like they did with batman in mind.

There are plenty of cool Superman enemies but you do need to have some imagination like Darksied.

I'm one of the few Superman Returns apologists (yes we exist). For all its flaws I loved it. But with hindsight, I can appreciate the tactical madness of introducing a child in a reboot, along with its many other problems.

Shame the TV spot is just a cut down of the trailer that was released in Dec. We must be due a new full trailer soon. June feels like ages away, but that's prob cos it still feels like winter, and nowhere near summer months. Yet Iron Man 3 is only 2 short weeks away, and Star Trek is merely 1 month away.
Good times.

Thanks for the reply and respectful exchange of ideas, JP sir, one thing though; in regards to Donner not giving his Superman a proper threat, he did in the second film, it nearly killed Superman to stop the three Kryptonian villains... it's just a massive pity Donner and the Salkinds' weren't able to behave like grown-ups, put their personal and professional differences aside, and finish 'Superman II' for a release that December (1979), the (somewhat rough and partially unfinished) Donner cut of that film showed a very tantalising glimpse of what could have been, alas...

The little boy in me wants to say this... SUPERMAN!

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