David S Goyer talks Man of Steel

News Glen Chapman 28 Mar 2013 - 07:29
Man Of Steel

David S Goyer touches on Lex Luthor, and plans for a new Superman trilogy...

With General Zod, played by Michael Shannon, set to be the antagonist in the upcoming Superman reboot Man Of Steel, it had been assumed thus far that Lex Luthor would not feature this time around. In a recent interview, screenwriter David S Goyer was asked about the decision not to include Superman's most famous nemesis in the upcoming film though, and it might just be that things are not that certain. "I don't think anyone has ever confirmed that we haven't included him", Goyer simply said, which might just be a bit of teasing, but might also suggest that there's a surprise we weren't expecting come the release of Zack Snyder's film. We're betting on the former, though.

There's been plenty of talk that Man Of Steel is the starting point for a new Superman trillogy, and I Am Rogue asked Goyer about that. All he could confirm was that "I haven't planned a trilogy". He added "that I sort of took from Chris [Nolan]. He always says 'put everything you have in this film film and worry about the sequel once the movie is done". A very wise man, that Mr Nolan.

We'll have more on Man Of Steel in the weeks ahead...

I Am Rogue.

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More than possible that Luthor will be a background character who will be built on later. think Harvey Dent in batman '89

You mean think what they tried to do with Harvey Dent. He randomly became white and Tommy Lee Jones-ish, remember?

Billy dee Williams as Dent. Now picture him as Twoface. I don't know. After Aaron Eckhart, I just can't see anyone else. He was smiley but not like billy dee so his Twoface was kind of brought to the surface whereas with Williams it would have come out of thin air. "Hey Eckhart, think about the future!" Boom. And tommy lee jones has such a rich assortment if characters to sort of motivate him for this role, but the warden from natural born killers? Not the right fit at all for Twoface.

I'm SO TIRED of seeing Superman vs. Lex Luthor - (he does have other enemies) I Mainly hate because Cryptonite, it's such a lame reason for getting one over on Superman. Supes needs to have a MASSIVE FIGHT with and equal! Like.... Say..... GENERAL ZOD!

I'm not tired of Lex Luthor. I just want to be able to take him seriously in a film. I want to see why he is formidable to a man like Superman. I think you do that by giving him 'earthly power' rather than physical strength. Superman isn't violent by nature, so he's at a disadvantage to a human especially, who is. Not just violent in a chaotic way, but in a manipulative and intelligent way. Lex Luthor is to Superman what The Joker is to Batman and he's a lot like The Joker, just has different motives and doesn't just show his villainous side so obviously.

Luthor like the Joker?

In the comics, the Joker willingly tries to destroy the world for the lulz in more than one arc. He pulls stuff like injecting supervillians with a combination of Venom and Scarecrow's fear toxin for the fun of watching them tear the world apart.

Luthor, unlike the Joker, has definite moral limits, He hates virtually all aliens, and this goes some way to explaining his hatred of Superman, but he consistently comes down on the side of Earth and allies with the Justice League in the event of alien invasion. During the arc where he was president, he even did a masterful job of tactically defeating a Darkseid invasion, where Joker would have welcomed it for the sheer chaos caused.

Yes he occasionally includes the Joker in his schemes - but always with awareness of the Joker's unpredictability and always on a tight leash (e.g hiring Bane to take Joker out the moment Joker goes too far and does anything that could draw heat to Luthor).

This actually puts Luthor as the only 'grade A' villain who has regularly cooperated with the heroes - again, only in cases of alien invasion and world-threatening events, but quite consistently in those cases.

But this is also what makes Luthor so hard for Superman to stop. He operates in a way where Superman can't simply stop him by punching him. He places so many corporate layers between him and his more villainous/deadly activities that he can't be convicted and so doesn't lose his corporate and political reputation (again - can you imagine the Joker getting elected president in the DC universe, and being such a necessary feature of the resistance against the Darkseid invasion that Batman threatens to take down any member of the justice league who interferes with his presidency?)

Luthor does evil in ways that defies simply 'fly in, take out the gunmen and beat down the villain' tactics. He goes to great pains to give the appearance of operating as a legitimate businessman, and Superman lacks the sheer detective skills to bring him down - when Batman gets involved he tends to be more successful, but Luthor falls right into Superman's weakpoint. Superman is, well, physically Superman, but he's no expert on white collar crime, and the kind of stuff that Luthor does get sometimes pinged for isn't the kind of thing that puts you away for years because his villainous plots are mixed in with a massive legitimate corporate empire.

Think of it this way: how could Superman stop the Global Financial Crisis? It's difficult to see how he could help. And that's why Luthor (who in the DC universe would be the kind of guy to engineer that kind of event for personal gain) is so hard for him to get his hands on.

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