Man Of Steel: early reactions, Man Of Steel 2 news

News Glen Chapman 1 Mar 2013 - 07:02

Zach Snyder's Superman reboot is going down well it seems. So much so, that Man Of Steel 2 is being worked on...

Just one or two bits and bobs regarding forthcoming Superman reboot Man Of Steel have come to light, so we're rounding them up here.

Firstly, there's been talk of one or two early screenings of the film, with the reaction to them being really very positive. Granted, you'd sort of expect that at this stage, but over at JoBlo, the site has feedback from at least one person who's very enamoured with Zack Snyder's new movie. Amongst the comments coming out of that preview screening?

“Imagine a Nolan story with Snyder effects/action.”
“It’s the best movie of the year.”
“There’s tons of action with Superman kicking all kinds of ass in his suit.”
“The cape is CGI’d most of the time so it can look awesome.”
“They have intentionally left out most of the Super action in the trailers to save it.”
“It’s not nearly as dour and serious as the trailers suggest.”

The requisite pinch of salt is, of course, required, but every report we've read of early Man Of Steel screenings has also been positive. Fingers crossed it works out as well as it's looking like.

Also on Man Of Steel, a story has broken over at Think McFly Think, which suggests that Warner Bros has turned to David S Goyer to formally start work on Man Of Steel 2. Warner Bros has form with this: it likes getting writing going on sequels before an initial film is released. Sometimes it uses the work (Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows) and sometimes it doesn't (Green Lantern 2). But the studio is reportedly rather keen to get a second film moving as quickly as it can.

Man Of Steel arrives in cinemas on June 14th.


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“The cape is CGI’d most of the time so it can look awesome.” Good grief. Who are these sources? Unless we get a source for these reactions they are meaningless

I agree, but it doesn't make me any less excited about it!

I hope these sources aren't the same that said Skyfall was the best bond film of all time. Still, this has raised my expectations of the movie - I'm no fan of Snyder (his films have no substance) but I'm hoping that with some direction from Nolan it'll change my opinion of him! Looking forward to Supes now!

It's not nearly as dour and serious as the trailers suggest? Then why did they make it look dour and serious? What was the point of the trailer?

That's what they said about the cape in Spawn, and a lot of CGI has not come that far in the intervening. I would think a CGI cape will stick out like a sore thumb and prove to be a distraction.

You say that, but you only have to look at some MMO computer games use of capes (or the rendering of water in high end games which have similar properties) to see how advanced the CGI can be on a desktop PC, let alone what they can do with film.

The guy sounded like an idiot, so I'm not going to get excited about that.

Spawn, with 90's cgi and watered down violence... Still better than green lantern. Still, I agree, who cares about capes looking all cgi? With Jurassic park and anaconda you only used cgi to do that which cannot be done conventionally. Even dare i say avatar and king kong wanted you to believe this stuff was real. i mean Gollum! nuff said! But since phantom menace, even Mundane crap like cheese in a playground or a roach approaching said cheese, it's friggin cgi. Problem child 2 is rolling in its blockbuster case

Agreed, way way better than Green Lantern but I still distinctly remember my disappointment with Spawn, I saw it multiple times in the hope I could find more good in it. Still have a soft spot for it though.

Yeah, I don't trust these early reactions anymore, ever since I read 'The Dark Knight Rises' got a standing ovation at its first screening, and then it turned out to be crap.

But I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. Man of Steel looks good so far.

Yes particularly compared to the hbo animated series, sort of like hating the mortal kombat movie, and then loving it because street fighter was worse than super Mario and double dragon combined (well just as bad anyway), and then mk annihilation ruins an already not that good thing. Mk and spawn should have been less... Less and more Blade. Not a perfect movie but a good one. Also Michael jai white can probably beat him up, probably not, bu he is no Wesley snipes when it comes to acting. On fact he's a terrible actor. His fight and muscles don't quite make up for it. An Austrian accent maybe?

To clarify I liked the hbo series, I mean liking spawn compared to green lantern, sorry. And I just recently bought tmnt 1-3 for my kids (mostly for me), and guess who were extras in parts 1 and 2 respectively? Sam Rockwell and Michael jai white. Speaking of distinctly remembering disappointment, when Tokka and Razaar were not bebop and Rocksteady, and when krangand the technodrome were replaced with back to the future of Japan, devastated

Michael Jai has improved with age I think, but his monotone, angry faced Spawn was fairly poor. I've never subjected myself to TMNT 2 & 3, but the boys are getting into them so its only a matter of time.

Better the reviews get, the better the chance it will suck. PLEASE dont let it suck.

Best movie of the year, huh... That's a tough one. Are you sure it beats Hansel and Gretel, Gangster Squad, and Identity Thief?

They'll like it for sure, and I haven't seen blood and bone but mjw in dark knight was that same overacting guy from spawn. He was okay in undisputed 2 though, and I would like to see him on expendables 3

Good because Superman returns was a snooze fest!

I'll check it out, geeks have a high tolerance for pain.

I was lucky enough enough to be part of the preview audience and can testify to it's brilliance. The Zod death scene is oddly moving.

Gimme a P ...... gimme an L .......... gimme an A .......... gimme an N ......... gimme a T!!!

The cape in Superman Returns was CG'd and nobdoy even knew :)

As I started reading the comments, I had a flashback to every glowing imdb review that was obviously written by family/friends of the movie being reviewed...

well it must be crap...since you didn't like it.

My only problem with this is that we heard the same thing about the Green Lantern movie... and there was sooo much potential with the Green Lantern movie and the messed that up

"Yeah, I don't trust these early reactions anymore, ever since I read 'The Dark Knight Rises' got a standing ovation at its first screening, and then it turned out to be crap"

Oh dear.

cant wait for this Supes release! I have read good things over on deadline about this movie being what pulls warners a**-losing streak of films this year out of the fire.

oh and the posts that say Skyfall and Dark Knight Rises sucked are pathetic. The topshelf stories and acting in both movies are why the fans loved both of them and gave each of them $1B ++ grosses.

Skyfall is one of the top 3 Bonds movies ever in storyline, if not the best.

Personally both movies were simply great movies in general, not just great batman/bond movies. And yes, if i didnt state it enough, both movies were VERY great movies.

Haters hate something else.

The Avengers got great early reviews as well. These types of things are to be taken with a grain of salt.

I have barely understood any of what you have just written

don't bother with 3. I thought it was crap even as a kid, but 2 was good fun

well, realistically, Bebop and Rocksteady were pretty stupid characters to begin with, so changing them was not that much of an issue

die in a fire, prick

...and it was an awesome film. Wait, you didn't like it because it is "cool" not to?

They basically wanted it to look like Batman, I guess, because those films made truckloads of money.

I thought the Dark Knight Rises was superb, I take a few issues with the double ending of the Dark Knight but the final film earned its applause.

I wanna see Brainiac as the main villain in Man Of Steel 2.
And I wanna see Green Lantern 2 being made.

skyfall is the best bond movie of all time

yeah,and that supes looked too yung and skinny

Touché bebop n rocksteady but I loved the cartoon so it would've made my day. totally agree with 3 sucked. And I'm not just saying its cuz it wasn't from the cartoon (never read the comic), it was just dumb

Skyfall was ok but TDKR was a let down batman was a guest star in his own film poor ending to that trilogy IMO

Matter of fact, the ENTIRE character was CGI in some of the shots, includind extreme close ups and a lot of people didnt notice, sure the movie sucked but technically it was flawless (far better than 90 percent of the movies that came after it for sure)

you need some education, thats all, go watch the 80s version of the thing, the original unaltered star wars trilogy, blade runner, brazil, original total recall, alien, original nightmare on elm street, all of those demostrate the greatness of practical effects versus CGI

No I did like the avengers, it was my favorite movie of 2012, (at the time) the best superhero movie I had ever seen, and got me into reading comic books.

The film features a CGI-ed cape...!?
Hasn't Superman heard? "No Cape!"

#1 Dickhead..?

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