What did we learn from the new Man Of Steel trailer?

Feature Seb Patrick 12 Dec 2012 - 07:14

Seb breaks down the trailer to the new Superman film, Man Of Steel. And here's his analysis...

And so, as one Nolan-brothers-produced DC comics-based movie franchise comes to and end, another begins. Warner Bros will be hoping, naturally, that the new Man Of Steel Superman films follow in the footsteps of Christian Bale’s Batman – but with the first full trailer hitting the net this week, how is Henry Cavill looking in the role so superbly filled by predecessors Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh? And how is Zack Snyder, already famed for stylish-but-arguably-hollow adaptations of 300 and Watchmen, adjusting to the challenge of taking on the world’s first and most archetypal superhero?

The Dark Flight

Unsurprisingly – given the presence of the Nolans as producers, and the monumental success of the Dark Knight films – the tone taken by the new Superman film is somewhat darker than those before it. Everything’s a little bit moody and ominous – but, crucially, there’s a slight sense in the trailer that it’s doing so out of a sense of grandeur and reverence.

While it would be nice to see more comic book movies take a cue from The Avengers – i.e. learn the lesson that a great superhero film doesn’t have to be moody – and while the inherently hopeful nature of Superman as a character would seem ideally suited to such an approach, there’s perhaps no harm in treating the reinvention of the 'first' superhero with a little bit of gravitas. But let’s hope he gets to lighten up a bit at some point.

Secret Origins

The instinct, upon seeing that the Superman origin story is going to be retold yet again, is for a fan of the comics to roll eyes and sigh: in the last decade alone, there have been at least three distinct 'official' interpretations of the story published (2004’s Birthright, 2010’s Secret Origin and this past year’s New 52 relaunch). But in other media it’s been significantly longer – in fact, leaving cartoons aside, the tale of baby Kal-El being rocketed to earth hasn’t been seen onscreen since the original 1978 movie.

So while there’s a general fatigue for origin stories at the moment (thanks, The Amazing Spider-Man), we reckon we can stand to see Man Of Steel put its own stamp on the story. It certainly looks like doing that, by exploring Clark’s deeds of heroism long before he gets near suiting up in blue. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too long to send him to Metropolis – scenes of a bearded Clark apparently wandering the world feel a little too much like a potential retread of Batman Begins.

Suited And Booted

There’s no doubt that Henry Cavill looks the part physically, and the brief dialogue snippets suggest that he sounds it, too – the gruff nature of his first line is a bit distracting, but in the sequence that closes the trailer (in which we can assume he’s talking to Lois) he exudes the calm, open authority shown by his predecessors Reeve and Routh. It’s early days, of course, but it feels instinctively like the role is in safe hands.

It’s only a shame that – with the possible exception of the cape, which really does look terrific swirling around him both in close-up and during flight sequences – the costume itself just doesn’t feel like any Superman we know. It’s dark, it’s alien, it doesn’t cut an iconic figure when he’s flying. Just like the shield that closes the trailer, it takes something simple and genuinely iconic and overcomplicates it. We’ll probably get used to it, but it’s just a shame that a potentially great Superman isn’t being allowed to look like one. And that’s even before we mention the lack of a spit-curl…


Already, Michael Shannon’s General Zod looks a very different proposition from the classic Terence Stamp version, and it’s unsurprising that Snyder and co would choose to go that way. It’s tricky, though he does have a goatee beard. Which we think you’ll all agree is quite important.

Perfect Parents

Jonathan Kent, Clark’s adoptive father, is a hugely significant part of the Superman mythos, teaching the young Kryptonian all kinds of important Earthly moral lessons before shuffling off this mortal coil (usually during his son’s late adolescence, and usually leaving the last message that despite all his abilities, Superman can never save everybody). So it’s a little disconcerting to hear, when asked whether Clark should have just “let everyone die” rather than revealing his secret, the answer “Maybe”. We can only hope it’s a bad bit of trailer editing. Perhaps he goes on to say “Maybe not”, or “Maybe there’s another way”, or “Maybe you should put on a red cape and fight crime and hide your identity behind a pair of glasses, lad”.

(It’s also a really tiny nit-picky point, but with a comics nerd like writer David Goyer onboard, it’s odd to hear young Clark call his mother “mom”. Clark calls his parents “Ma” and “Pa”. That’s just a given. Anything else is downright weird.)

We also catch a glimpse of Kal-El’s real parents, confirming that his superhero outfit is a direct descendant of an outfit worn by Jor-El (Russell Crowe).

Lois And Clark

We only get the briefest of glimpses of the marvellous Amy Adams as Lois, and without any dialogue all she can really do is confirm that she hasn’t darkened her hair for the role. Which is fine, frankly, because it’s Amy Adams, and she can do anything she damned well wants.

We’re left to speculate, then, about how significant Lois’ role will be, given how much the trailer struggles to find time for her (as opposed to, say, Clark’s mum and dad) – although it’s worth bearing in mind that, despite its length, this really is still a teaser trailer rather than anything heavily plot-related. Nevertheless, it’s interesting that in what appears to be a sequence where Superman willingly allows himself to be captured by the military, Lois is present – could there be some kind of connection to her 'army brat' upbringing and famously Superman-hating father, General Sam Lane?

Action Comics

After a slow start, with long shots and ominous music, the trailer explodes into life shortly before the end, with a series of quick cuts that are hard to make out, but which do seem to imply that Snyder is holding nothing back when it comes to the big action sequences. We appear to see large (Kryptonian?) spaceships arriving on Earth, Superman being confronted by a battalion of soldiers, Metropolis being devastated (with collapsing buildings and swathes of cars being flung into the air by the exploding ground below), the destruction of Krypton (which finally seems to have shed the crystalline look of the Donner movies), a big tornado, the two Kryptonians hurtling towards one-another in a mid-air battle, and Superman flying towards… something big and shimmery and glowing. Possibly in space. Possibly the Phantom Zone?

It also looks as if the director’s instincts for terrible slow-motion action sequences may have been reined in this time – although we’re still trying to figure out what’s going on with that first, literally earth-shattering take-off Kal-El makes. Sure, it looks pretty cool, but it doesn’t seem to make any kind of physical sense, does it?


Perhaps it’s not hugely significant, but it’s interesting to note that two major elements are missing from this two-and-a-half minute trailer: firstly, while we see lots of Clark-as-Clark, he’s never shown in glasses (we don’t even know if he’ll get around to starting work at the Daily Planet, although Laurence Fishburne’s Perry White does make a fleeting appearance). And secondly, the word Superman does not actually appear at any point (at least, not until the credits make reference to its creators, Siegel and Shuster).

Some of these points, along with the general tone of the thing, seem to add up to a film that feels slightly uncomfortable that it’s even a Superman film in the first place. Certainly, while the plot points are there, it doesn’t feel at the moment like it’s drawing heavily on the iconography of the character, or anything else that makes his status in the superhero pantheon so significant.

Yet there’s also plenty to be optimistic about in this – the scale of it, the confidence of the leads, the fact that the director may be toning down his worst excesses – and so long as it doesn’t turn out to be yet another two-and-a-half-hour gloom affair, it could yet be a pretty great superhero flick.

And let’s face it, there really are few things as great as seeing brand new footage of Superman elegantly soaring through the air. That alone pretty much guarantees our ticket…

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Good point about moody not equating to a good film, its the trap most computer games fall headfirst into. Not a big fan of superman in the comics but I liked the trailer enough to have my interest spiked.

The shot of Superman with a beard giving a shifty look at a schoolbus had me worried, trying too hard to be grim and gritty!

I just thought that was uncomfortable memories from what happened to him in school when he clearly did something that almost got him found out.

I like it. He's an alien. We know it, he knows it. His acceptance should not be easily won.It's a take I haven't seen before.

My one reservation is giant ships over Earth. If they're not attacking, then it's all good.

How does Superman shave? If he's virtually indestructible, then a normal razor won't be able to cut his beard.

Zod's got to go arrive on a ship at some point so i'd assume that's him. I'm gald they havent gone with a Cryptonite based fall for Superman (well im hoping so), I always found those disappointing, everything must be BIG being one of the few God-like Superheros.

Remember.. With the people behind this - and with how good it's looking... they don't need to cram all these elements into one film. The Disguise/Daily Planet side of things can enter into it later. If they tried to cram every iconic element into it you'd end up with more of a homage then a film in its own right. There will be sequels - there will be a Justice League movie, this is the first film creating the DC universe.. This is just the begining.

I'm hoping to see the spit curl fall down when he gets angry and starts to kick ass :D

In a world where an alien falls to earth, is raised on a farm, dons tights and then fights for our humanity, his take off doesn't make physical sense.

I couldn't care less about what has come before, movies aren't sequels to comics or TV shows, I look forward to a movie in which the story has its own beginning, middle and end, under the direction of a talented director, and played out by a great cast. So in that case, this movie looks GREAT.

Kryptonite Blades

He'd go all weak and faint mid-shave though. Pansy!

In John Byrne's '80s comics, he did it by reflecting his heat vision off a shard of the spaceship that brought him to Earth.

Er... yeah.

Why is it a fashion recently to have a go at movies like this that are moody serious takes on the character? Since TDKR in the summer it seems to be a growing trend to bash filmmakers for doing this. Why? we have plenty of alternatives in the marvel universe which are excellent so if the DC take is more serious then so be it, I like having different approaches.

Superman has been told in a lighter brighter fashion for 34 years, from the Donnor movies through Lois and clark and into smallville. Isn't it about time something else was attempted?

As for complaining about the lack of big blue suit or curl and other iconography, the single biggest problem facing the film makers of any superman movie is that because he is THE superhero much of his iconography has descended into cliche including Williams amazing theme, (how many parody's have you seen with a version of the S emblem, underpants on and slicked hair making fun of Superman and his powers) . They had to be removed for the film to stand on it's own two feet and to be given a chance. It's much the same reason the creators of Smallvile created the NO flights, No Tights rule.

With this trailer it appears Zack Snyder has created the perfect Superman to relaunch the character for a different time. IMHO

I desperately want a good Superman movie but I think I'd be in denial if I said I didn't have some problems with this trailer.

The blue-filtered, gloomy tone works well for Batman but doesn't gel with the character at all.

Why is Clark so pale? Apart from the fact he's essentially a man-shaped solar battery, the guy grew up in Kansas. So why does he look like he's stepped off the set of the next Burton film?

Zimmer's Gladiator-style music feels wrong too. Superman, above all other comic characters, needs a theme you can hum.

But we live in an age where trailers have never been more misleading (Prometheus, anyone?) so I suppose we'll just have to see how it plays on the screen...

I might be the only one that is really looking forward to a new take on the character...Donner's film is so iconic and established i think it is the case that only by doing someting different will this new film stand up on it's own...SL tried to continue the donner mould and while it had it's moments failed.......Also i am really looking forward to how Costner is going to play the father and actually liked the line he said about "maybe" leaving everyone to die...it showed how much he loves his son as he knows that by standing out might cause him harm......Bring it on..can't wait.

I actually thought they had spliced footage from 300 into the trailer. Also the suit looks very similar to the one the latest Spider Man wears (Same Super Hero Tailor maybe)

I agree. We have HAD the fun and colourful approach to Superman 5 times now, it's time to try something new.

As it is, it looks like it could be amazing. It looks a bit moodier than normal, but then there are some awesome action scenes to look forward to.

Snyder is a fan boy, we should never doubt him when he has source material to work from!

So basically, you want him to have a tan, and keep the same theme tune from Donners?

They are trying to get away from that version of Superman out of respect for Donners classics. They would never try to out do the original theme. I am sure the score for this film will be just as great as Inception and The Dark Knight films...

All I wanted from this film, was for Lex Luthor to not be in it trying to acquire land...again.

So this film is already a winner for me.

We've had the origin through Smallville for the last decade! It was also referenced again in Superman Returns so no need to do it again but it looks interesting and I quite like Jonathan's line; I see there's another dig at Amazing Spider-man...*sigh* let it go DoG.

I like that the costume does look alien since he's an alien.

You guys need to relax. It's not out for ages. It's a tease. And frankly it looks awesome already. The only thing we have to hope for is that that market isn't saturated with millions of trailers that make it feel like we've seen the film before it's even out. Nolan will take care of it and keep Snyder in line. And more than anything else, it cannot be worse than Singer's abysmal effort.

I never said I wanted the Donner theme, no. I just want something that has a tune.

This is something I keep seeing in regards to this film. When concern is voiced about the direction they're going in, people respond with, "So you just want this to be like the old ones."
Er, no. What I'd like is a Superman movie that accurately represents the character and his world. Jumping on the "dark and introspective" bandwagon doesn't do that. At all.

And it's not so much that I want him to have a tan, it's more that I don't want the greatest superhero of all time to look like he has the flu.

I have no problems with a less camp take on ol' Big Blue and his actual origins would show a more anti-establishment, activist type hero which could well work with a more serious take. But serious does not have to mean grim and moody.

It looks like this is more about having an alien in our midst who becomes a national treasure after proving he's on our side against seemingly insurmountable foes and the journey of the acceptance of his own identity by himself as well as the acceptance of him by the public as a whole.

The real test will be seeing how he is with his supporting cast. He's not damaged like Bruce Wayne was. He has his trouble's (not least the loss of his father) but his almost idyllic upbringing should get him through that as well his naturally stoic character. If he comes across like Batman in blue tights then he's nothing but a spoilt, whinging mummy's boy who doesn't really have anything to complain about. Who could get behind a hero like that?

I really enjoyed the trailer and Jonathan's "maybe". With that one word we see a that he would do anything to protect his son and his secret, even risk the life of another.
I know he's meant to be Clark's moral guidance, but I loved the fact that they're (hopefully) going to portray him as a troubled parent trying to figure out what the hell is the right thing to do with an alien son that could either be a hero or a villain!

I couldn't agree more.


The old movies' insistance on casting brilliant dramatic actors as Luthor, and then having them play him as a campy joke was one of their biggest failures.

The over complicated logo appears to be the movie's logo. It's not the one on the costume. Maybe it was Jor-El's logo?

There was only one great Superman film. Superman the Movie. The rest were pretty much just comedies (Even Superman 2) apart from the Brendan Routh one which was pretty good effort - except that it had the overused Lex Luthor.

The trailer looks fab to me. Can't wait.

I always wondered how he and Lois slept together and made Superboy in Superman Returns?

Surely her human womb would not have able to contain his alien super human baby juice?

Maybe a Kryptonite condom?

agreed, like my post in the trailer superman was fine in the early days the campness is perfect - he is the one super hero out of the lot that really needed a re boot/ reimage etc etc as superman became lame
now he looks hard as nails, cool and more importantly troubled, as thats the one thing they always missed out the movies was superman was lonley in the comics
He wanted to be accepted by mankind and no matter how much love they showed him he didnt feel accepted because ultamitley he was a alien with so much power

I don't think it HAS to be grim and moody to be serious either (marvels are all serious but lighter) I just don't see anything wrong with making it grim and moody as a version and a take on the character particularly one as i said has been parodied to the extreme in the last 30 years (remember Russ Abbot's Cooperman?)
I think it will deal with his natural sense of being an outsider, seeing people from his own planet (Zod) before deciding this planet and its people are home (that's my take) It's a lot to take in and doesn't have to mean he's spoiled it just means he has a lot to reconcile in his head, and I'd like to see them explore that

"because its always been that way" is never an acceptable answer to anything. Therefore the changes to the suit, spit curl and even some mythos are welcome in my opinion.

Yes, origin stories are wearing thin, but why wouldn't we want to take a closer look at the adolesence of this all-powerful being? Please correct me if i am wrong, but my recollections of the originals, skip from arrival, to awkward high school senior, to Daily Planet...imagine being 12 and discovering these crazy powers, and being told that you must hide them, that you will never be accepted if you reveal them to the world, even in the face of a bus accident and the possibility of watching your childhood friends die. I am pretty sure that would mess you up.

One of the endearing traits of Superman is that he is fallibly human as well as indestructibly alien. Guilt, insecurity, and fear along with just flat out learning how to be Superman, is something that I don't ever recall being explored in the mainstream film versions of Superman.

The thing I missed most from that trailer? The total lack of John Williams' epic Superman Theme. :(

As someone who has been saying "wait and see how oh looks on screen" about the costume. My main take from that trailer is that it's really awful. Almost black in some scenes and whenever it's it shadowy everything looks black. Also, while initially was wowed with the take off, the more I see it the less sure I am. It's just not very superman is it?

The earth flyby looked pretty spectacular though!

Agreed. From a story point of view, it makes things interesting when the parents aren't perfect and are trying to figure things out themselves.

Soon as I saw that first, literally earth-shattering take-off Kal-El makes I remembered reading (many years ago now) a theory about Superman's strength having something to do with a kind of "tactile telekinesis", ie its more than just muscle that lets him catch airlines on their nose without having smashing a hole through it. Obscure trivia I know. Trailer shows some huge potential though.

"Some of these points... seem to add up to a film that feels slightly uncomfortable that it’s even a Superman film in the first place" – Wasn't this the WHOLE POINT since Singer's tribute to Donner was generally trashed by fans and its producers. You even contradict yourself in the next paragraph: "so long as it doesn’t turn out to be yet another two-and-a-half-hour gloom affair." You can't have your cake and eat it too.

It looked good but very CG, as did the take-off climb; as it did in the teaser.

Why does his take off not make physical sense?

He is taking off in the snow, so I am assuming it is his from his fortress of solitude. Which also means it is most likely the first time he has ever flown (as it is in the comics). It seems to be anyway, seeing as he is kneeling down, almost gathering the power to take flight.

Looked pretty damn cool to me!

Krypton isn't in this trailer, that's probably Superman attempting to seal of something coming through a worm hole, and someone said that's Superman arriving in a ship. During the day, I don't think so. Zod I'm guessing looking for the big man. Also think Clark Kent is trying to save someone and can't, that's when he end's up in the Water.

I don't like this fan boy thing. Superman has to evolve, or we might as well just make Donner's version (Amazing) again with different actors. The suit look's amazing much better than the last attempt. Even the comic's have muscle deffinition, not Wall mart looking spandex job like the last movie.

Haha, im sure Lois will bring him some medicine or something.

I don't even think this film looks dark. The first part of the trailer shows him figuring out who he is, the second part is showing all kinds of flying about and city mass destruction (Avengers, new Star Trek trailer-esk)

This whole 'dark' thing is a misconception. I dont even think the dark knight trilogy was 'dark', it was just meant to be more 'if this happened in the real world, this is probably how it would be', which I feel this is kiiiiinda what they are going for with Man of Steel. If this Alien DID exist amongst us, with super human strength, how would we all react? We probably WOULD (at least try) to arrest him. That's what I like about the tone to this film so far.

I mean come on, they even tried to kidnap E.T!! Haha

It doe indeed. I've been sceptical about cg doubles since the burly brawl in the matrix. Certainly we have the scanning resolution for photo real doubles but it seems to be the animating process which is the problem. Now mo cap is much better so I'm hoping they go down this route

actually superman may not be able to tan, tanning involves damage to the skin and being immune to damage supes cannot tan.

I liked the "maybe", and the effect of him taking off on ice makes sense, just downward force.

Once again, Den of Geek provides a well-written review that the reader can enjoy. Thanks!

Wow, this analysis has a lot of whining.

My take is that Krypton isn't just another planet - it is/was located in another dimension. Think about it - the Kryptonians were already using alternate dimensions to house their undesirables (aka The Phanton Zone.) Jor-el picked a universe in which the alternate laws of physics would benefit his son - giving him "powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men." Kryptonite is from his home dimension, and they obey the homeworld's laws of physics, which is why it can kill Superman. Also, Supes is helpless against Mxyzptlk - another dimension jumper.

Reeve's portrayal was serious, even if some of the concepts became campy. His performance was never anything less than pure and convincing. True, III and (especially) IV are rubbish... but at least III had a few decent moments...

And some characters shouldn't be in different times. Superman stood for truth and justice; to see that changed because modern audiences are (insert justified derision here) and thus can't handle anything more noble...

Maybe the movie will be good in what it has to do...

If people are upset over the answers, they shouldn't ask the questions for writers to speculate and give answers to. =D


You've just convinced me of that as well.

Superman II has Zod believing it's just a yellow sun, but the transdimensional angle would bear a little more merit - answering enough of the situation, without crossing any boundaries and risking looking camp in the process (1950s or 80s, the shaving thing really did not need to be answered... are there no other aspects to why Superman does what he does compared to how he shaves, or why?)

Haven't we learnt not to take trailers seriously by now ! we simply can't decipher the real story by watching the trailer, as it's not edited in sequence and all the scenes are not connected so you can't really tell what's going on. I'm glad they've moved away from the Donner years, I'm a huge fan of Superman the comics but no film had come close to translate from comics to screen..let's hope this is good..and let's wait to hear what zimmer has done with the music..something iconic I hope.

I remember reading something similar but I have no idea where now. I was worried that I was making it up in my head until I saw your comment. To me the way the snow starts to swirl around him before he takes off confirms this or something like it is happening.

I think its a good call making it moody. It prob gna b the difference between the upbeat light hearted marvel series and the dc series! If dc made there films witty and fun then it would end up being avengers with a new cast. Where darker gritty and moody will make justice league and other side movies different!

Is he not working as a fisherman in Alaska? That might justify the lack of tan?
As for the theme this film, more than any other appears to be about Clark Kent becoming superman and being accepted by earth as a hero, I fully expect a version of the traditional superman theme to be included in the closing scene after Clark has accepted his fate and not a second before, it'll be the same effect as batman turning over the joker card at the end of batman begins

I think the line where Pa Kent says "maybe", is less about protecting his identity (though that is probably some of it) and more telling him, though you have God-like powers, you are not God...and if it is their time to "go" maybe you shouldn't be interfering.

The trailer was a tad uneventful, the speech played as back ground noise, with a slightly discordant musical theme going on.
And I have a question. Where is the original John Williams score ?
I loved that last remake of Supes they did...no faffing about with the origin story, just carry on from the original 80s films.
This, tragically, looks like it has lots of origin story in it....when the hell will these studios learn that we all know the origin of Bats, Supes, Spidey etc and just get on with the sodding movie. Origins in movies of such well know characters is just a way to add another 45 minutes of play time to a movie that doesn't need it, like sex scenes, which are a pointless wastage of film time when the plot could be expanded upon elsewhere.
Production values on the film, on the other hand, look amazing.
And I love the way they are going all dark and moody. We've done bright and happy, now lets make it a bit darker...and usually more fun.
Plus Zack Snyder makes fine, if sometimes strange, movies ( I'm looking at you Suckerpunch, you lovely piece of mixed up wtf film making ).
Just add that John Williams theme guys.

"Zack Snyder, already famed for stylish-but-arguably-hollow adaptations of300 and Watchmen"

Watchmen, hollow? That's a load of crap. The credits sequence, Vietnam and All Along The Watchtower scenes are all brilliant.

One thing that is bugging me more than anything is the lack of John Williams' iconic score. It could very well be the absolute perfect marriage between character and the theme. There would be no possible reason to try and top that 1978 music.

That's what I took from that too

Which will be pretty important when it comes to Jonathan's death. Interesting!

Having read this, I now get why my boyfriend was laughing so hard all the way through watching Megamind with my little sister. The references to Superman are now painfully obvious to me; clearly I am a bit thick.

10 years of Smallville mostly focussed on just that. Much maligned, I found the first 5-7 seasons pretty engaging. After that, they really wobbled about what they were doing with the story.

I can't recollect the theme/score/motifs from inception or the dark knight movies at all. That doesn't seem that great to me. Not that it is fair to pit anyone against Williams but I find a lot of movie scores these days to be generic, bland and forgettable.

The batsman movies strike me the opposite way. They don't seem to be realistic just tediously grim

Reboot, reinvent, re-visualize, blah, blah, blah! For crying out loud, "DC
COMICS" has a hundred years worth of some astoundingly great dramatic stories of
"The Man of Steel--SUPERMAN--" in its Archives, so why another retelling of his
origin? And, General Zod--again? Oh, well...

The Nolans have a reputation for grit, though the new "Batman" franchise
started with a slightly slow build-up. I'm wishing for a highly dramatic "Man of
Steel", with kick butt, in your face FX, while rapidly shedding the
"SMALLVILLE" [not in costume] lengthy storyline. Frankly, Warner Bros. just
doesn't seem to know how to leave 'well enough, alone', and go with the natural
arc of the DC COMICS' creations. Look at what they've done to "Green Arrow" on
TV, and how they nearly wrecked GREEN LANTERN, and for some reason they've
totally ignored the public's call for WONDER WOMAN. Still, I hope...

Reboot, reinvent, re-visualize, blah, blah, blah! For crying out loud, "DC
COMICS" has a hundred years worth of some astoundingly great dramatic stories of
"The Man of Steel--SUPERMAN--" in its Archives, so why another retelling of his
origin? And, General Zod--again? Oh, well...

The Nolans have a reputation for grit, though the new "Batman" franchise
started with a slightly slow build-up. I'm wishing for a highly dramatic "Man of
Steel", with kick butt, in your face FX, while rapidly shedding the
"SMALLVILLE" [not in costume] lengthy storyline. Frankly, Warner Bros. just
doesn't seem to know how to leave 'well enough, alone', and go with the natural
arc of the DC COMICS' creations. Look at what they've done to "Green Arrow" on
TV, and how they nearly wrecked GREEN LANTERN, and for some reason they've
totally ignored the public's call for WONDER WOMAN. Still, I hope...

I love the look of this, the approach feels different and that is great. a different take is what was needed. superman returns was not that great.

They should not have used Zod in this. We needed something new and untried. Something original. Maybe Brainiac or Doomsday. Zod in Superman 2 was such a strong and iconic character and us oldies won't be able to watch the new one without comparing and contrasting. It will spoil it.

Who's complaining about the curl? The curl is right there in the Secret Origins photo with the bearded, grumpy Clark. I have no doubt the curl will turn up looking a bit more crisp and tidy later.

You want to hear that theme? Go watch the Donner movies.

It's a superhero movie, of course they're attacking

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