New poster for Man Of Steel

Poster Simon Brew 3 Dec 2012 - 19:26

Superman is in trouble on the new teaser poster for Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel...

With the new trailer for Superman reboot, Man Of Steel, arriving in cinemas alongside The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey next week, Warner Bros has started the built-up to a fresh publicity splurge with the release of a new poster for the film.

It's a bit of an odd one, this. Henry Cavill appears to have been apprehended by some blurry people, with handcuffs that presumably he's not breaking off for a very good reason. Kryptonite, perhaps.

Man Of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder, is in cinemas next June. We'll have the trailer next week...


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Are they going to make him kneel before Zod?

You'd have to be an awfully stupid soldier to believe you can restrain Superman with handcuffs. one hell of a weird teaser poster. What with the Star Trek one the other day as well I'm beginning to wonder if the art of tease poster making is dead!

"This summer... You will believe a man can use photoshop filters."

I think the most disheartening thing about this poster is the lack of a spit curl in Supes' hair. I have high hopes for the movie, but that's a detail that shouldn't be missed.

That is the thing about Superman that, well, makes him Superman. Had Superman commited some form of a real crime, he would most likely be submissive like this. I don't think Superman would "fight the law" that's just against his nature.

Why does Man Of Steel have the face of Michael Vaughn from Alias?

This new Superman looks like its taking its lead from the comic books where (poss spoiler so don't read on) Supes isn't quite as all powerful as we've been used to. Also the writers of the comic reboot have made the public and especially those in power suspicious of him, which makes for a much more interesting and more rounded character

Agreed - and it's not as if there's not a lot of very good poster artists around at the moment. These latest ones just smack of laziness and unoriginality.

wait, didnt they have this scne in Hancock. FYI this movie will suck

i do not love but i do enjoy this poster. im assuming Superman is making a point if this is an actually plot line in the movie(if not a metaphor) Hes a character with strong moral code and constantly questions himself on what is "right"..,....sorry im jus looking forward to it

hes showing hes not a threat by not breaking the handcuffs. remember in the teaser he walks out of crashing into what looks like a bank volt to a swat team and seemingly gives himself up to gain trust of the community.

I'm getting tired of all these drama-queen fanboys on here giving the film the kiss of death because the featured poster or a minute-long teaser trailer isn't living up to the image of Superman that probably adourns their bedsheets, lunchboxes and fantasies.Wait till it comes out.If you see it and don't like it then hey, fair enough. After looking forward to Singer's vision and then the let-down of his dull, static effort, I'm looking forward to watching a film that will hopefully be as far removed from the(albeit much-loved) Donner original as possible.Therefore I'm willing to put a little faith in a Superman who's curl doesn't look right or who doesn't have the red underpants.

As posters go, it's quite bland in my opinion and lacks a certain wallop that is needed with teasers. Still looking forward to the film though.

I don't get anything from this poster and I don't really like Superman as a superhero, but I think I might enjoy this more than the other films.

I like it. Eight days till the trailor. Bring it on!

So I take it from your 6 month early review of this film (all be it short and sweet) you shall not be watching it to see if your review is on the money?

Not if you've never heard of Superman...this is a reboot after all.
I quite like the poster - raises questions about his role of hero, his use/abuse of his power etc. Looking foward to this film.

Has he finally been arrested for stalking Lois in the last piece of sh... I mean film?

It looks intriguing. I've never been a massive fan of Superman but I like that Snyder is going in a new direction, instead of continuing on from Donner's films like Singer attempted to do.

I cannot wait for this film, however as others have mentioned, poster/teaser artwork of late has been of a pretty poor standard.

There are much better posters and artwork made by fans these days. I am looking forward to seeing fan artwork for Man of Steel.

they have already said that he wont say that I think

hopefully as supes never really changed since the 50's model! I always thought he was lame untill i started with the reboot to see what they had done to him.
Problem with suppes was he was invincible unless some hit him with krypto or came from his world.
Thats why out of DC world all ways prefered batman as at least he was just a man

I was just making a light hearted comment.

It's a bit "meh" and not sure why they fuzzed out his face quite so much. It does make me laugh seeing people the film is going to be great or crap based on a poster!

*"seeing people say the film..."

d'oh! no comment editing function.

There are no such things as light hearted comments on the internet my friend! Everyone seems to take everything that is said incredibly personally.

no need much as i want to see superman on the deadliest catch....i dont.

I have lost all faith in Superman (even his name is stupid, for God's sake. Even his costume is stupid), so I will not be watching. Sorry, but it's the truth.

Looks terrible

. . .with a man's courage

Arrested for not wearing shorts.

They grey pallor of his face makes him look like Bizarro.

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