Superman: Man Of Steel round-up

News Simon Brew 12 Jul 2012 - 07:12
Superman: Man Of Steel

It looks like a trailer is coming shortly for the new Superman film, Man Of Steel. Here’s our news round-up…

With the main shoot over, director Zack Snyder still has the best part of a year to put together his Superman reboot, Man Of Steel. The film is being showcased at Comic-Con, which has just kicked off, and a few bits and bobs have popped up about it.

Firstly, it’s now clear that a trailer for the film is imminent. It’s been classified by Alberta Film Ratings with a G rating, and runs for 1 minute 27 seconds. It’s almost certain that the new trailer will play before The Dark Knight Rises, which opens next week, and it’s also likely to premiere at Comic-Con. It should appear online in the next week or two, and we’ll bring it to you when we get it.

Secondly, following the news that Hans Zimmer has been confirmed to score the movie, and he’s started work already. Speaking to DannyGraydon, Zimmer was asked if he was confident about taking on the project, know that he had The Dark Knight Rises under his belt. “I don’t feel confident at all”, he said. “I never feel confident. But, a little bit of fear has gone a long way to being inspiring in the past. John Williams is the master and I am not even going to try and go in that direction. I’ll try my best not to embarrass myself and my colleagues on the film. I’m definitely going to have a go! In a funny way, it’s exactly because Superman is such an opposite character to Batman that I am welcoming the opportunity to do the music.”

Finally, following the reports – including ours – that Man Of Steel was set for a 3D post-production bolt-on, Warner Bros has been saying that’s not the case. The 3D news popped up at the IMAX website, and IMAX has been in touch with us and many other sites to tell us that this was an error. No decision has been made on whether to release the new Superman movie in 3D, although it’s definitely getting an IMAX release.

More on Man Of Steel as we get it, of course. It's set for release next June.

Danny Graydon.

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Sounds like they won't be using the original theme at all; that would be a shame.

When are we getting the trailer?

They shouldn's shy away from the Williams theme, like the main theme to James Bond, it can transcend reboots and new actors to exemplify a character.

I'm almost as excited for the teaser trailer, as I am for The Dark Knight Rises. With regards to the score, I am thankful that they are NOT going with the John Williams theme. As an audience, we deserve an entirely new take on Superman. The James Bond films all take place in the same universe. Man of Steel is something new, not at all connected to the Donner films. It would be like using the Danny Elfman theme with Nolan's Batman. It wouldn't quite fit.

Agreed. Nostalgia is a weight around the neck of creativity. New is good. :)

Feel free to read the article.

Feeling happy about this reboot. Hope Snyder pulls something fantastic- I would hate to see this fail, although the fact David.S.Goyer wrote this gives me hope :)

I'm really looking forward to this and I'm glad it's going to be incredibly different to the Donner films (no offence to everyone involved or who loves them, they just weren't my cup of tea), so I'm not really at a loss for losing the John Williams theme. Hopefully Lois will figure out Clark's identity all her own and they won't drag it over the films.

And go on a diet

It's a shame they won't be using Williams's theme, but I am sure Hans Zimmer will come up with a good new theme.

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