Man Of Steel getting 3D post-production conversion

News Simon Brew 10 Jul 2012 - 06:28
Superman: Man Of Steel

Superman will hit the screen in 3D when Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel arrives next year...

While Christopher Nolan has famously resisted 3D for his movies, including the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros is embracing it for next summer's superhero reboot, Man Of Steel.

The new Superman movie has already been shot and is currently in post-production under the stewardship of director Zack Snyder. But it's now been revealed (briefly, before the page was taken away) over at the official IMAX site that Man Of Steel will be released in 3D. That's in addition to taking advantage of the IMAX format too, of course.

Given the premium on 3D tickets, and the fact that people are still willing to pay it, this isn't a massively surprising move. There's plenty of time for Warner Bros to get this right, too. When the new Superman film first started shooting, the idea was for the film to release at the end of the year. Now, there's extra time built into the schedule, given that Man Of Steel won't be with us until June 2013.

We wonder if a trailer might be imminent, perhaps alongside The Dark Knight Rises. That's us doing that speculating thing again, though...

Think McFly Think.

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Ooh, a less sharp picture that will give me a headache, will distract me from the film constantly and that I have to pay more for. Where do I sign up?

Oh dear God....not again. What a surprise eh? Zack Snyder directing too...this is going to be the best film of 2013..... heheheh its going to be like Clash of the Wrathing Titans meets Scooby Doo.....Remember the Scooby Doo Movies series? At the end of the intro credits a title card would flash up and the voice over would go...This week Scooby Doo meets Dick Van-Dyke.... or whoever...Sonny and Cher, Batman, Laurel and Hardy?!? and so on. This film is going to be fun and funny for all the wrong reasons, yet still make millions like the new Spiderman film, because its in 3Dum....sighhhh not long until the Dark Knight Rises and the Hobbit.....I must have patience....I must not despair at the state of the film industry....I must not rail at the general movie going public and their abject stupidity at going to see crap films regardless.....Ok..slaps face! Its going to be good! Its going to be Goood..ITS IN 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What next I wonder? Someone will reveal that they have discovered a Newspaper from 2013. It has somehow time traveled back to 2012 via a wormhole! In a small article on page 13, there is the news that a man has commited sucide, having just read that the new Superman film breaks box office records and even eclipses the Avengers takings, despite getting a one star review on Den of Geek....


3d is rocks, stop bitching old folks!!

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