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News Simon Brew
16 Jul 2010 - 07:18

Is Jonathan Nolan directing the new Superman film? And where is Warner Bros looking for an actor to play the new Man Of Steel?

There were some rumours floating around earlier in the week that Jonathan Nolan - brother of Christopher, co-writer of the likes of The Dark Knight - had been confirmed as the director of the long-awaited Superman reboot. This is the project that Christopher Nolan is overseeing for Warner Bros, having come up with a story for a new Superman movie with David Goyer. Furthermore, rumours were suggesting that Chuck star Zachary Levi was in the running to play the Man of Steel.

Since those rumours surfaced, Moviehole has been doing a bit of digging around, and has been chatting to a "very reliable contact" about the project. It's discovered that Jonathan Nolan (who is working on the script, incidentally) hasn't, as it happens, signed up to direct the new Superman film, but that "it looks like he will get the job".

Moviehole reports that Christopher Nolan is keen for his brother to direct the film, and while there are hoops still to jump through, the most likely outcome by the sounds of it is Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas producing, with Jonathan Nolan directing.

As for the casting, there's definitely no Brandon Routh, which is no surprise, and Zachary Levi wasn't mentioned. However, the article says that the top choice for the role is a "popular TV actor that no one is thinking of, but everyone will be thrilled with if he pulls on the blue tights".

That said, casting still seems some way off, yet Moviehole's source says of the project, "This Superman is neither a reboot or a sequel. It's just a Superman film. The basic elements of the storyline are: BIG action, BIG set-pieces, witty dialogue, playful romance, a light-hearted feelgood mood juxtaposed with derring-do and danger, top-notch cast, epic feel, sci-fi background (sounds a little like Donner, right?) BUT with some sort of huge twist on the legend."

You can read more on the story here, and we'll certainly be keeping you posted.

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