M Night Shyamalan has nearly wrapped low-budget thriller

News Simon Brew
24 Mar 2014 - 06:11

While nobody was looking, it seem as though M Night Shyamalan has made a new film...

Last summer's After Earth, starring Will Smith, wasn't the flop it's sometimes reported as, bringing in a worldwide take of $243m. But it's certainly been another misfire from director M Night Shyamalan, whose track record of underwhelming movies seems to be getting longer with each feature.

Maybe that's why, as he promised, Shyamalan has gone a different way with his follow-up project. He's apparently been making an under-the-radar return to thrillers with a smaller film called Sundowning. It features Kathryn Hahn as a single mother, who takes her two children to visit their grandparents. And then things go wrong. As is usual with Shyamalan movies, little is known beyond those bare basics.

Production is apparently nearly done on the new movie, and there's a chance it may be in cinemas at some point this year. As we hear more, we'll let you know...

The Wrap.

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