M Night Shyamalan has nearly wrapped low-budget thriller

News Simon Brew 24 Mar 2014 - 06:11

While nobody was looking, it seem as though M Night Shyamalan has made a new film...

Last summer's After Earth, starring Will Smith, wasn't the flop it's sometimes reported as, bringing in a worldwide take of $243m. But it's certainly been another misfire from director M Night Shyamalan, whose track record of underwhelming movies seems to be getting longer with each feature.

Maybe that's why, as he promised, Shyamalan has gone a different way with his follow-up project. He's apparently been making an under-the-radar return to thrillers with a smaller film called Sundowning. It features Kathryn Hahn as a single mother, who takes her two children to visit their grandparents. And then things go wrong. As is usual with Shyamalan movies, little is known beyond those bare basics.

Production is apparently nearly done on the new movie, and there's a chance it may be in cinemas at some point this year. As we hear more, we'll let you know...

The Wrap.

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This is mature from Shyamalan. He hasn't made a good film in years, but The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable are fantastic and I'd love some more of his work where he's on the top of his game.

I hate that he constantly gets derided....he makes some daft choices, but when he's firing on all cylinders he's capable of some of the best scenes in modern cinema.

I can still the alien hand coming under the door in Signs, some of our cinemas still have popcorn embedded in the ceilings after folks saw that - some of which I'm sure I put there.

I will always watch his movies.

Unbreakable, signs and the village are three of my favourite films, so I will always give anything he makes a chance.

Could this be the sequel that was promised for Devil?

Then music videos and the advertising world would benefit greatly from his talents. But an auteur needs to deliver far more than just a collection of scenes. He has been given more than enough opportunities to deliver something greater than his bag of tricks; and his audiences have voted with their feet. There is a reason he gets derided.

Except audiences haven't voted with their feet. Only Lady in the Water bombed.

Do you mean another of The Night Chronicles, or a full sequel? I hadn't heard anything about a sequel, just that he had a bunch of script ideas lined up that he'd farm out to other directors under the Night Chronicles banner...

I absolutely did not believe what you wrote; but I went and checked the profitability of his movies and I stand corrected - his one-note buffoonery actually makes money because I have somehow entered a parallel universe where up is down, cats chase dogs and bad is good. I certainly can't argue that he does some great directing at times; but come on - his stories are akin to your favourite uncle pulling a coin out of your ear when you were five; only now you're thirty and your uncle is broke and living in your garage. Is this really what people spend their hard-earned money on? I guess so. Now I'm thoroughly depressed.

Haha, I know right? Something is amiss - everyone criticises him, but SOMEONE'S going to see his films. At least that explains why he keeps getting studio backing.

I actually dont mind his films. Looking forward to Pines TV show having read the book.

In my view Shyamalan has never made a good movie. His early films only received the praise they did because of his fetish for poorly foreshadowed twists. His dialogue is worse than George Lucas', and he proved he can't do a decent action scene to save his life with The Last Airbender. I just do not get the people who like his films, I really don't.

I shall keep handing over my money and being dissappointed if theres a chance he can create another unbreakable. At least theres hope. People should aim their derision at talentless hacks like Paul WS Anderson and Brett Ratner.

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