Universal drops cinema release of Joe Carnahan's Stretch

News Simon Brew 22 Jan 2014 - 07:00

Joe Carnahan's upcoming film, Stretch, doesn't seem to be getting a cinema release anymore...

Made for just under $5m, and from director Joe Carnahan, Stretch was one of the films we listed in our rundown of 25 must-see movies of 2014 at the end of last year. You can see that list here.

However, it may turn out that the film isn't going to get a cinema release at all. Universal had scheduled the movie for a March 21st 2014 bow, but has now apparently dropped plans for that release. Blumhouse Pictures, which funded the movie, has subsequently been unable to find another distributor, which leaves the film in a little bit of limbo.

Universal has offered no comment when asked by The Hollywood Reporter if it plans any kind of theatrical release for the movie, and the assumption is that one won't happen now. That may yet be proved wrong, but it seems as though Stretch may end up bypassing cinemas altogether, and debuting via a video on demand service.

It's a shame in the sense that Joe Carnahan films tend to be a real delight to see on the big screen. His last film, The Grey, gave Liam Neeson one of his very best roles in years. And there was a playfulness and sense of fun in Carnahan's The A-Team movie that tends to be missing from many modern day blockbusters. Narc remains brilliant.

Bypassing cinemas won't make Stretch a bad film though. The movie, a comedy thriller starring Patrick Wilson, is one that Carnahan says is "as good or better than my best film, and I say that from the bottom of my heart". We remain very, very keen to find out how true that is, on whatever sized screen we finally get to see it on.

When details land as to how we can all get to see Stretch, we shall pass them your way.

The Hollywood Reporter.
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There are currently over a hundred cinema screens within five miles from my house, all showing the same dozen or so films. Why don't cinemas get incentives from the distributors/studios for showing independent or UK films. I think genre films would really benefit from s scheme like this. The age of film is dying (if not already dead!) so the days of distributing bulky cinema reels is in the past it just comes through the phone line.

Bewildering news. Hope he does a Ben Wheatley and releases it on his own terms.

How weird. With a budget that low it is almost guaranteed to make Universal money. Last year they released Despicable Me 2 which made a bunch of money along with several smaller low budget films that did well like The Purge and Mama. There are no obvious big money movies on their roster for 2014. Just a very strange decision that may well come back to haunt them.

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