Nicolas Cage vs PhotoShop: first poster for Stolen

News Simon Brew
17 May 2012 - 06:17

Bad PhotoShop alert: the first poster for new Nicolas Cage film, Stolen...

Let's do the important bit first. Stolen reunites Nicolas Cage with his Con Air director, Simon West. That alone gets our attention, and the film's been flitting around our radar ever since we heard about it.

The plot seems as usual as always: Cage is looking for his kidnapped daughter, and to get her back he apparently has to cough up the $10m he's been hoarding while he was in prison.

Actually, you don't need us to explain that, thinking about it, because the ham-fisted poster does a rather good job of getting these key points across. In fact, the movie title seems like a bit of an afterthought here.Take a look:

Of key concern where this poster is concerned though is the big question: what on earth has happened to Nicolas Cage's face? It's shiny, contorted and, well, blatantly PhotoShopped within an inch of its life. Hmmm.

The film is due in cinemas later this year. We'll predict right now that it's better than the poster...

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