First trailer for Stoker

Top 10 Simon Brew
27 Sep 2012 - 07:55

Meet Stoker, an American film from the director of Oldboy. Thought that might get your attention…

There are a few reasons to be interested in Stoker. Firstly, while Hollywood goes about remaking one of his previous films, Oldboy, director Park Chan-wook has set about making an American film of his own. Secondly, said film has been written by Wentworth Miller, best known as the star of the TV show Prison Break. He originally pushed the script under a false name, and it ended up on the Black List of the ten best unproduced screenplays back in 2010. And thirdly, the cast isn’t bad, either. Nicole Kidman (in what looks like one of her creepiest roles to date), Mia Wasikowska and Dermot Mulroney are amongst the names attached.

The film, then, is called Stoker, and it’s due for release in cinemas next March. Which means it seems the time is right to reveal the first trailer for the film. Unsurprisingly, it’s got an R-rating. It does look rather good, too...

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