Steve Zaillian joins potential Spielberg project, Montezuma

News Ryan Lambie
7 Jan 2014 - 06:39

Writer Steve Zaillian is set to write and produce the historical drama Montezuma, with Steven Spielberg in line to direct...

When it was announced that the potentially expensive adaptation of the science fiction novel Robopocalypse had been shelved about a year ago, it appeared to leave Steven Spielberg without a film to direct. Spielberg was then attached to the film American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper, but that venture also failed to bear fruit (it's since been taken up by Clint Eastwood).

But according to The Hollywood Reporter, a potential feature for Spielberg could be Montezuma, a project which has been lingering in Hollywood for more than half a century - it was originally planned as a Kirk Douglas vehicle back in the 1960s, and a reunion of sorts between the star and writer Donald Trumbo (surely the best name of any screenwriter ever) who'd previously collaborated on the hit Spartacus.

It's said that Steve Zaillian, the veteran screenwriter who won an Oscar for his script for Schindler's List, is set to write and produce a new version of the Montezuma script, which concerns the part conquistador Hernan Cortes played in the collapse of the Aztec empire. Spielberg's in line to direct, with DreamWorks producing and Javier Bardem reportedly interested in playing Cortes.

The project's still in its early days, of course, so much could change, assuming Spielberg does end up directing it at all. But given that Zaillian and Spielberg's last work together was the previously-mentioned Schindler's List, their collaboration here could result in a monumentally powerful film.

More news on this as it comes in.


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