Jason Statham unveils new deodorant range

News Ryan Lambie 1 Apr 2014 - 06:22

Action star Jason Statham now has his own brand of antiperspirant, which promises to provide the essence of man in a can...

George Forman has his grill. Loyd Grossman has his own range of cooking sauces. Now action star and Den Of Geek hero Jason Statham has unveiled his new line of spray-on deodorant, which the label claims will provide us with "the essence of man".

"From Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels to The Expendables franchise," a press release tells us, "Jason Statham has proved time and again that he's the alpha male of action cinema. His new line of antiperspirant - simply called Statham - will make a little bit of that machismo available to everyone."

With each fragrance named after one of his hit films - Blitz, Hummingbird and Crank are the first three, with The Mechanic, Chaos and The Bank Job reportedly on the way - the Statham range could prove to be a hit with action fans. We can't think why they haven't named one of the fragrances after Snatch.

The Statham range of deodorants will be available later this month in branches of Woolworths up and down the country. 

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I saw some for sale in C&A the other day.

Next to the spaghetti tree.

I still wear a belt I purchased from C&A

I would buy this in a second! You're not a real man unless you smell like Statham in a can! Yay!

Oh and look, flying penguins roosting in those spaghetti trees over yonder... :D

I dunno, something about this story smells funny.

"Spray it all over yourself, you toilet"

Genius! That is all.

Best one of the day - Bravo.

As if the Stath sweats!

I so wish this was real, I laughed and choked on my tea at the phrase "Spray it all over yourself, you toilet"

Yeah, that killed me too. :D

this is completely wonderful. i love you.

actually less absurd than the line of avengers aftershaves released a while back...

I actually wish this was real.

Too bad these aren't real. I'm curious as to what 'Snatch' would smell like.

Yes the Staf sweats, his perspiration is rumored to cure all known ailments.

Second best one of the day, the first being the press release about the Andrew Scott range of baseball caps this morning.

This was entirely plausible, until you mentioned Woolworths, nice try though guys, really funny.

You kid, but I'd buy.

I love you guys.

Just thinking about a slightly sweaty Jason Statham gives me dirty thoughts......

Antiperspirant that smells like a real man...sweat, beer and cigs.

Ooo fancy pants :P

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