Stargate movie reboot announced, Roland Emmerich directing

News Simon Brew 30 May 2014 - 06:29

A new trilogy of Stargate films are set to "reimagine" the original film. Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin are attached.

The immediate slate of director Roland Emmerich is now full of sequels to his earlier films. We've long known that Independence Day 2 is inching closer, with a release date set in 2016. But now it's been confirmed that we're getting a brand new trilogy of Stargate movies.

MGM and Warner Bros are backing the project, which is described as a new trilogy that "reimagines" 1994's original Stargate movie. It's also seeing Emmerich pairing up again with Dean Devlin. Devlin co-wrote and produced Stargate, whilst Emmerich co-wrote and directed.

Whilst there have been sequels to the original movie, there hasn't been one that made it to the inside of a cinema. As such, Stargate is best known for the three television series it inspired. Whether Emmerich and Devlin look more to those than their original film remains to be seen.

More news as we get it, but other commitments mean that the new Stargate is a good few years away yet.

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Hmm, this will be interesting. It's one thing rebooting a film/franchise of films, but rebooting something which has 3 TV shows, and something like 17 series (10 SG-1, 5 SG-Atlantis, 2 SG-Universe?). Although thinking about it, rebooting for example Superman with decades of comic back story is probably a bigger deal. Anyway, I'm all for more Stargate on screen, so hopefully they do this well.

Maybe they will do Stargate - Rise of the Goa'uld or something.

If they're clever, they can just include a random shot of one of those dimension jumping mirror things that they used in SG1 on a couple of occasions, hinting that this could just be set in a parallel universe, and hence not annoy everyone by overwriting everything else!

In a way I kind of don't mind them ignoring the TV series since I've alays wanted to know what the original creators had in mind when they planned to make a trilogy invthe first place. However, I'd much prefer this were a direct sequel with Russel and Spader back rather than a reboot. If we have yet another set of Jack and Daniel, this just makes the franchise that bit more convoluted which could be avoided.

I really don't mind this as I always saw the movie and the SG1 universe as two different realities (seeing as, in the movie, Ra is clearly a full-on alien inhabiting his host and that Abydos was in another galaxy. As opposed to Ra being a snake-like parasite and Abydos clearly lying firmly within the Milky Way in SG1).

I'm more than happy to see further movies in the Stargate movie universe and further SG series universe.

I am in two minds about this I must be honest. I don't want to see yet another reboot of something I love! But potentially this could be a great thing for the series, having missed Stargate since it went off the air a few years back.

Personally, I would still have liked to have seen them finish the TV series properly, mainly referring to Atlantis here. As they had planned to make a straight to DVD feature length film to finish the story of what was seen in the final episode of season 5 (deliberately been vague to avoid spoilers). In a way SG-1 was finished with continuum suggesting that life goes on with the closing scene. But I personally felt there was still that little bit more to come from Atlantis.

Possibly controversial statement, but I always thought the film was total crap, and the series a masterpiece. I know, I know, I've been having this argument with my friends for years, but apart from Russell and Spader, it moves me not.

I agree. No reboot, but a continuation of the story to some degree. If they reboot this, I am out.

Yeah, I'm not interested.

The TV shows were what made Stargate what it is. The movie was middling at best; even in the realm of Roland Emmerich films, which are usually generic but fun, Stargate is on the lower end of his contributions to the film world. It's just NOT that good a movie; good concept, poorly executed.

All the good points of Stargate came directly from the show; the Goa'uld, the large Universe-spanning gate system, even making Daniel and Jack actual compelling characters. All of it was due to the TV series.

If these movies mean to ditch the mythology set up by the show and return to the rather bland, uninspired characters/mythology of the movie I will have no interest in seeing them.

Maybe I'll rent them...or watch them when they play on TV.

So Roland Emmerich has run out of ideas and is rehashing is old work. Is he the new George Lucas? Leave Stargate and Independence Day alone!!

I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say that I rather have a continuation rather than a reboot. Stargate Universe ended just three years ago and that series failed because it alienated the fanbase with its Battlestar Galactica like drama. MGM's Facebook page is constantly bombarded with Stargate comments and the Legacy books are still selling pretty good. The interest is there for a continuation. I think however that Emmerich still wants to give his trilogy "vision", because he and Devlin hate the series.

Yeah, the movie launched the idea. The shows took it to its full potential.

Totally, yeah.


I don't think that's very controversial at all. The original film is a very basic action film with a limited premise. The TV shows expanded this to be something much larger and far more interesting.

You wouldn't believe some of the heckling I've received about this. :D

Only thing i really like about the movie was the uber-powered henchmen! far better than the jaffa of the show

Wormhole X-Treme!

*heckles loudly :P

No, no, NO!

There was life left in both SG-1 and Atlantis and Universe should have been given one more season

There were going to call it 'Going to Other Planets', but then research showed that having an X in the name would get better ratings!

I agree. I really wish there were more seasons of Atlantis. SG-1 had 10 seasons and had it's time and Universe just wasnt that good. But Atlantis could had gone on a few more seasons.


Loved the Original! It was fun and enjoyable, curious to see what they do in a reboot.

Lucas never rebooted his movies - he just altered them.

"Stargate Universe ended just three years ago and that series failed
because it alienated the fanbase with its Battlestar Galactica like

So very true! Watched a couple of S1 ep's and thought nope this style (i.e. drama) is gonna kill it. Also because of the drama/character build you need the first three S1 ep's about looking for air? lol

But it also created a whole bunch of new fans. I could never get into SG1 and it's various spin-offs but enjoyed every minute of Universe. I was gutted when it was cancelled.

If it weren't for the fact that they hated the TV show.

Yeah, not to mention the episode where they are looking for water and the one where they are flipping because the ship flies to a sun to recharge and the crew thinks the ship wants to do suicide.
I also found it very strange that they brought everyone in via those commstones except Carter, McKay, Zalenka and Daniel. The people who know about Ancient stuff and could fix the whole flipping ship. Those people could also go into the use of the wormholedrive to catch up to Destiny to get everyone off.

I only saw it for the first time recently. Thought it was complete dross. I'm a big fan of Kurt Russell, but it really bored me. I've never seen any of the shows.

I haven't watched the series before. Why are they so good?

And which ones would you recommend?

Well, heh, hard to say really. Start from the beginning I think. Series 1 suffers from what many genre series do, i.e. it's like, 'Monster of the week' every time, until series 2 where they start weaving in the long-play plots and building mysteries and mini-cliffhangers and stuff. It's a bit like original Trek - they have the gate, they build a base, train some dudes, then every week they dial up another muddy, medieval planet in the Hollywood hills, populated by colourful peasants with some terrible problem - marauding bandits, rampaging aliens, mystery illnesses etc. But it does its job, and if you stick with it, it really pays off. The whole 'Egyptian Alien Overlords' thing is f***ing fantastic, and you meet alll kinds of wicked mini bosses and bad guys and stuff. It's been a long time, but iirc, by S3 or S4 they start going off into space more, meeting more aliens and mapping out this huge network of gates.

The strength of the show, apart from the alien Egyptians thing, is the characterisation, which is brilliant. Even though they do lots of cliche episodes and bottle shows, the characters are so awesome, they own the cliche and make it something better than it is. One of my favourite episodes is where they get stuck in a time loop and repeat the same day loads of times - it's Groundhog Day for the US Space Army, and it's hysterical.

Give it a spin man, it's well worth it. Start from the beginning and creep through. By the time you get to S3 you'll be hooked, promise. ;)

Thanks John. :D

You've sold it well, mate. I'll give it a spin.

Characters are always the most important thing to me so, as long as they're good, I'll probably like it.

I think it's a sci fi law that every show must have a Groundhog Day episode at some point. And they're always awesome.

The movie has been exceeded and entirely supplanted by the series(s). I will honestly and happily pass these by.

Why even bother if you are going to use the original creative team? Mind you I've never been an Emmerich fan and thought that the TV shows were by far the best thing to come of the original movie.

The original film was OK, but the TV series really made Stargate what it is today. I haven't watched SGU yet but I'd love for them to finish off Atlantis properly.

The TV series did some brilliant sci-fi stories, I've watched everyone and would say it's the definitive sci-fi series even beating Star Trek... The movie on the other hand was mediocre and that's being kind...

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