Original cuts of Star Wars reportedly heading to Blu-ray

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18 Aug 2014 - 06:54
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Rumours are getting stronger that the original theatrical Star Wars cuts will be getting a Blu-ray release...

We've been hearing rumours of this for a few months now, but the folks over at ComicBook.com reckon it's definite: the original theatrical cuts of the first Star Wars trilogy are set to get a Blu-ray release.

The stumbling block to them doing so before, as you probably don't need us to tell you, was George Lucas. Since he released his first special editions of the films in the 1990s, those are the ones that he's treated as the real versions, making further amendments with subsequent disc releases. For fans of the unaltered Star Wars films, a tatty DVD release based on the old Laserdisc transfers was the best option. That's not saying much.

George Lucas had argued back in 2010 that it would be "a very, very expensive process" to put the original cuts out. We, er, launched out own George Lucas In Need appeal at the time.

However, now that Disney owns the rights to the Star Wars films, there's a fresh impetus behind getting the original cuts released. It sounds as if George Lucas was right though, as this involved going back to the original negatives, which are said to not be in the finest shape. But the restoration work is said to be underway, and has been for "quite some time".

We've got nothing official at this stage, nor a release date. But Disney would be missing a money-making trick not to have these released in line with Star Wars: Episode VII. And Disney does not miss many money-making tricks.

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