Steven Moffat Star Wars rumour false

News Simon Brew 10 Jul 2014 - 06:40

The rumour doing the rounds that Steven Moffat is doing Star Wars has been debunked....

UPDATE: This particular rumour has been shot down. Here's the Tweet from Sue Vertue...

This is the original story we ran....

Jedi News is reporting a new rumour this morning, that suggests that Doctor Who and Sherlock co-executive producer and writer Steven Moffat has been offered a Star Wars movie.

Clearly this is nothing more than rumour thus far, and the site doesn't have light to throw on whether it's a standalone spin-off movie or part of the ongoing saga that he's been linked with. Moffat's last feature film work was co-writing the screenplay for Steven Spielberg's The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn. He turned down writing more Tintin movies to take to the Doctor Who job. Furthermore, Russell T Davies, his Doctor Who predecessor, turned down the chance to meet George Lucas with a view to working on the mooted Star Wars live action series.

We wait and see if this one actually pans out. Were Moffat to take the job, it'd make his already packed schedule even harder to juggle, not least with four instalments of Sherlock set to film next year, on top of Doctor Who commitments. More as we hear it.

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OK, given some time, I'm sure that the BBC can find a good replacement for Moffat on Dr Who; but if Gatiss can't run Sherlock by himself, they need to lock him up someplace until its run its course.

Reckon he would do a good job tbh!

Mixed feelings on this one - sometimes I love his writing and sometimes I hate it. If he had someone working with him, then I think it would work better. I can understand why they might have asked him though.

As I don't like Doctor Who at all I only really know Moffat from Coupling. Heard Sherlock is pretty good though.

My Father-in-Law on the other hand; massive Who fan and he absolutely HATES Steven Moffat with an unbridled vengeance for what he's done to the series. It's really quite funny.

On the one hand we might get some more logic in Doctor Who with Moffat gone. On the other hand, we might get a brilliant or confusing Star Wars movie. By the way, is it a 'Episode' or a spin off Star Wars that has been offered?

Okay, now I'm worried...

hes good at indivdual stories just not over arcing ones

I like all his stories. No I love them.

Oh praise the Lord this is false!
So glad he's also decided against doing further Tintin movies. He's already screwed up two of my childhood favourites (Dr Who and Sherlock) - can't bear the thought he might get his hands on Tintin as well.

I'm with your father-in-law on that one. And Coupling was dreadful - just a lame Friends rip-off.

I liked Blink and the first series of Sherlock was ok, but I think he is vastly overrated as a writer.

The voice of reason.

Lovely ladies though.

Moffat needs to lay off the coffee, stick to the original good ideas he has and let them run instead of trying to cram them in all in at once never to be seen again

Good ideas - lousy execution.

I think the internet would have melted down if that happened. The geek outrage would have been something to see certainly. Personally I'm just glad to read that RTD didn't get involved with Star Wars. Dodged a bullet there..

Thank god!

Listen, I know that these are just meant to be click-baitey articles but...can you at least put some thought into them? And, y'know, actually make them feasible and realistic?

Steven Moffat will not be able to write for a big, producer-driven franchise for AT LEAST another 2 years. Not only is he doing 'Doctor Who', but he also writes 'Sherlock', and for the BBC 'Sherlock' is a massive priority to them because it has incredible international appeal (not only does it get better UK viewing figures than 'Doctor Who', but it has found success in over twice as many countries).

They will have Moffat under an incredibly tight contract and they will NOT let him delay Series 4 for longer than they already have after losing Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch to The Hobbit (which is the same reason Cumberbatch will NOT be playing Dr. Strange, because of his commitment to 'Sherlock' from the BBC).

News outlets, I understand that this is all about getting clicks which gets you ad-revenue which pays your bills but...could you AT LEAST feckin' try?

I'm not sure how you can "screw up" Sherlock Holmes for someone, when there are already approximately 1,576,474 different adaptations out there, so you can easily just watch another. But Moffat has already "had his hands on" Tintin.
He already did the bulk of the work (structuring and such) on THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN scripts. When he pulled out of the project to showrun DOCTOR WHO, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish were brought on (at the suggestion of Pegg and Frost, apparently) to finish/polish the final drafts. But the final script is still predominantly Moffat. (He even uses a joke - a door being open when believed locked - again in The Day Of The Doctor.)

Which dodged a bullet? STAR WARS or RTD?
Of course, if he had done STAR WARS fandom would be referring to him as RTD2.

I was a bit surprised by the original rumour, because somehow Moffat doesn't really strike me as a fan of Star Wars or other pulp-scifi. But I could be wrong as he is a fan of Tintin, which is very pulp-y.

And lovely guys. I'm always happy to see Richard Coyle in anything ;-)

I did easily watch another version of Sherlock and I read the books. I don't like Moffat's version - I think the characters are completely wrong. I also had no idea of the extent of his involvement in Tintin (which I did enjoy) but I don't particularly like his work overall so am glad that he isn't involved in any further Tintin films. Both the above are personal opinions which is what this board is for. No need to get so defensive about it.

thank goodness for small mercies

Who? Is that the chap with the curly hair who looks like a teenage girl?

Considering the update: Yeah, because Moffat has never lied to us before.

I would say Star Wars, as I just don't see RTD's more adult humour working with what are essentially fairy tales. But yeah, it would have been funny to see him getting refered to as RTD2!

You should never expect logic from Doctor Who as the premise itself isn't very logical. Personally, I think he should stay on for series 9 and let capaldi settle into the roles then bow out. I don't think he is as terrible as some people say. I think a lot of the issues with his era was due to the split series which wasn't his fault, but a programming/budget choice by the BBC.

Well he's resurrected one of mine the destruction RTD brought upon it, so I'm just glad I'm not you :)

Trolls, trolls everywhere :)

J.J. Abrams also said he definitely wasn't doing STAR WARS, and then did. But I'm not convinced STAR WARS is something Moffat would necessarily want to do.

The voice of a troll.

You were offensive about it... he corrected your flawed argument. The internet isn't for one persons ranting without fear of rebutal... no matter how many people may think so.

The voice of someone who doesn't have a decent counterargument so makes lazy troll accusations.

Ah he doesn't! He's lovely. He was good in Covert Affairs as well.

Still no good counterargument ...

I wasn't offensive. Your "ranting without fear of rebuttal" comment would probably carry more weight if you hadn't been accusing everyone on this board who disagrees with you of being trolls.

I didn't like RTD's tenure either.

When recommending Couplings to people who have never seen it I tell them that "the lazy way to describe it is a British version of Friends but with lots more sex". It is the lazy way to describe it. Coupling is, imho, comic genius from start to finish.

so not a Doctor Who fan then !


Your name pops up in every Steven Moffat thread when you clearly hate the guy, that is trolling.
It would be like me posting in Justin Bieber forums, it's weird and creepy.

Well you sure don't like a lot. Doubly glad I'm not you :)

I made the counter argument elsewhere, but you are stalking articles about a writer you don't like.

Personally I've been following him long before he was famous as skilled writer with an unrivaled talent for situational comedy where so many others rely on repeating the same set phrases until they become comedy by some process I can't fathom or relate to.

I make no claim that this is definitive, I know people who have followed RTDs career since his CBBC work, whatever floats your boat. But to stalk articles of a writer that doesn't resonate with you? That strikes me as more than a little creepy. I only wish that picking up the average book off a shelf would appeal to me, or anyone else... but then the book stores, publishing industries and and novelists would all go bankrupt in a very brief period of time should for some unexplained reason, suddenly everyone's tastes coincidentally coincided.

Thank god.

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