Star Wars: Episode VII - IMAX, Puzzlewood and fakes

News Simon Brew 9 Jul 2014 - 06:48
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Our latest Star Wars news round-up: Episode VII to shoot in IMAX, what's going on at Puzzlewood, and more...

Just a quick round up of the latest news surrounding JJ Abrams' currently-shooting Star Wars: Episode VII.

Firstly, the shoot has wrapped in Abu Dhabi now, with production now ongoing in the UK. A new image from the Abu Dhabi location has been posted on the Bad Robot Twitter feed, and it also seems to confirm what was widely expected, that parts of the new Star Wars film are being shot in the IMAX format. A format that JJ Abrams, of course, is no stranger to. Here's the picture...

Reports suggest that Star Wars has more location work planned, with Puzzlewood in the Forest Of Dean reportedly a future base. Puzzlewood has, in recent years, been used for Doctor Who and Atlantis. The BBC has posted a report from Puzzlewood, and its pictures show that a huge production, surrounded by high security, has effectively taken over the place. You can see the video here.

If Puzzlewood is being used - and it's a lovely place, if you ever get a chance to visit - then it may be that the film will see a return to Endor. There are, to our knowledge, no Ewoks currently roaming the Puzzlewood area though.

Finally, just to debunk something. A bunch of footage was doing the rounds the other day, which was being labelled as 'leaded footage' in some quarters. It turns out to be the work of a German enthusiast by the name of Frank Wunderlich. It's not bad work either, to be fair, but expect a fair few more hoaxes before Star Wars: Episode VII actually arrives on December 18th 2015.

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Yay hopfeully more ewocks, just what everyone wants........


Have you seen my ewocks anywhere? The blue ones with the hole in the toe.

No. Please not Endor. I want to see new places, new planets. I'm sick enough of the old cast. I want a NEW Star Wars film (and trilogy).

Can't say I'm a big fan of IMAX being used for select scenes, it jars and looks odd. Just film the whole damn thing in IMAX or leave it alone.

Puzzlewood = Kashyyyk? Dagobah?

IMAX is certainly justified, let's just hope they don't make the cross-cutting mistake, but rather just film entire sequences on their own in IMAX.

I'm sure Puzzlewood is great, but the trees would be wrong for Endor.

According to the local Forest of Dean newspaper puzzlewood is doubling for both Endor and Dagobah.

I would be horribly disappointed to find Ewoks in Episode VII. RTOJ is already a rehashing of the first movie. It'd be nice to have an as original as possible Star Wars film without visiting planets inhabited by merchandise.

They were definitely at puzzlewood last week. I work in the local supermarket and the production crew were coming in with their security tags on. We kept pressing them for info but they said it was countryfile, even though it had episode VII on their neck tags lol. They had the fire engines there as well so must of filmed a bonfire scene i'm guessing maybe Lukes jedi pyre?? Puzzlewood would suit Dagobah more so than Endor in my opinion as it has a mystical quality too it.

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