Star Wars: Episode VII production delay, new actors cast

News Simon Brew 7 Jul 2014 - 06:24
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The shoot of JJ Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII will shut down for two weeks in August. Plus: two more faces join the cast...

The latest developments on JJ Abrams' now in production Star Wars: Episode VII are that there are two new faces in the cast, and a bit of a production rejiggle. So let's take that in order.

Crystal Clarke and Pip Anderson are the new cast members. They've both been discovered through the open casting call process that took place last year, where tens of thousands of people tried to nab a role in the new Star Wars movie. The official press release from Lucasfilm didn't give any details on what their roles would be, but it did provide a snap of the pair. So here you go...

And then, as a consequence of the heavily-reported injury to Harrison Ford, there's going to be a break in filming. The production will take a two week "hiatus" in August, "while adjustments to the current production schedule are made as actor Harrison Ford recovers from a leg injury".

This won't affect the film's release date - filming is still expect to finish in the autumn, with Star Wars: Episode VII arriving in cinemas on December 18th 2015.

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Hey JJ! D'ya think that maybe fate wants to tell you something with broken old Harrison? How about we reduce his role a little bit, hm?

Needs to change the light bulbs for the lens flare Lol

They are totally going to kill him off though, right? That's surely what's going to happen

Any ugly people in this film?

No, only hipster hotties. At the moment I do not really like the new cast. But I am a J.J. Abrams fan so I have some hope.

A new hope?

Hahahahahahahahahaha, I am funny.

I hope so. Though then we wouldn't have an old Han Solo anymore. But I'd be willing to pay the price.

I've just noticed that my joke might have been a bit too subtle.

Wow. The 4537284th lens flare joke. Well done.

You're a bit of a douche.

It was meant to be a bad joke. Clearly I am not ACTUALLY calling myself funny and laughing that much at my own bad joke.

It is you who is the true douche.

I bet he dies saving Chewie.

I was hoping he would die while still recuperating from the leg injury.

Exactly. It's like when I'm reading Macrumors and someone comments "Safari seems snappier!" or "You're holding it wrong". Uggh.

Let's keep it civil, eh?

I bet he dies after buying a midlife crisis red sports-space-ship, while trying to beat his old Kessel run record.


Well I thought it was funny.

Or maybe wishing Harrison Ford dead is just not funny.

Naw, I think it's the other thing.

Clearly this is not going to be a film for old people...

Wishing death on anyone makes you a grade A dick

Thank you.

I think for Peter it was a case of sarcasm lost in translation.

Wishing Han Solo dead is not wishing Harrison Ford dead.

Pretty J.J. will have a cameo.

I wished for Hitler's death back in 1944

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