Lawrence Kasdan reportedly writing Boba Fett movie

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12 Jun 2014 - 06:19
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The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Episode VII co-writer is reportedly writing the planned Boba Fett movie...

Here's what we know about the collection of new Star Wars films thus far. JJ Abrams is currently shooting Star Wars: Episode VII. Gareth Edwards, of Godzilla and Monsters fame, has been hired to direct one of the planned spin-off movies, which Gary Whitta has signed up to write. And then Chronicle's Josh Trank has been snapped up to direct a further spin-off film.

The spin-offs are set to be films that centre on specific characters within the Star Wars universe, with Boba Fett, Solo and Red Five reportedly lined up. And it's now being rumoured that Lawrence Kasdan - who's already co-written Star Wars: Episode VII - has penned the script for the Boba Fett movie.

SchmoesKnow broke the news, quoting one of its usually reliable sources as saying that "Kasdan has written a version of the movie". Whether this is the same one that Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta are developing is unclear. They may be on a different spin-off movie, or Whitta may be working on Kasdan for the script for Boba Fett. Either way, Kasdan and Boba Fett seem to be linked somewhere along the line.

The report also notes that Kasdan may be dipping into the Star Wars Expanded Universe for his Boba Fett screenplay, which has been a part of the Star Wars empire generally regarded as non-canon. That said, there'd be nothing to stop Kasdan using themes from one of said stories, and wrapping it into a firm part of the Star Wars movie world.

More on the assorted Star Wars films as we hear it.


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