Josh Trank to direct second Star Wars spin-off film

News Simon Brew 4 Jun 2014 - 17:09
Josh Trank

Fantastic Four and Chronicle director Josh Trank is to direct the second Star Wars spin-off movie...

Disney and Lucasfilm is wasting no time in expanding its plans for the Star Wars cinematic universe, as it's confirmed a director for another spin-off film.

We already know that JJ Abrams is currently directing Star Wars: Episode VII. Then it's been announced that Gareth Edwards, off the back of Godzilla, is to direct the first full spin-off, due in December 2016.

Lucasfilm has now announced another though, with the news that Josh Trank is to direct a standalone Star Wars movie as well. Trank is currently working on Fox's Fantastic Four reboot movie, having come to prominence with the excellent Chronicle. We're guessing this news rules him out of directing the already-announced Fantastic Four 2.

In a statement from Lucasfilm, its president, Kathleen Kennedy, said that "we're thrilled to welcome Josh into the family. He is such an incredible talent and has a great imagination and sense of innovation. That makes him perfectly suited to Star Wars, and for this new slate of movies that reach beyond the core characters and storylines of Episodes I through IX".

Which film he's making and when it's arriving are unconfirmed as of yet.

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We're still yet to see how he's going to do with Fantastic Four...I'm not too hopeful to be honest.

I would assume this will be the 2017 film, given that the official schedule (not the baseless rumour one) is three years between each Episode and two spinoffs in between.

He'd better be good :/ I enjoyed Godzilla so am hopeful for the Gareth Edwards one, but I haven't seen Chronicle here.

Chronicle is epic and a must see ! A real character drama piece of what would actually happen if people got super hero powers

But what will those spin off be about?! Officially, that is.

I'll definitely watch it. I'm going to watch a lot of the stuff that most of the new Star Wars people have done, to see where to set my expectations. That means Attack the Block, 12 Years a Slave, Inside Llewyn Davies, and maybe Game of Thrones, but I don't particularly want to watch a TV series. I might watch Girls but from what I've seen, it doesn't actually seem very girly, so I'm not too interested in it.

you've not seen GoT either!? man thats epic too lol

if you're wanting to check out Adam Driver, I'd thoroughly recommend Tracks once its available on DVD/Downlaod, he's really good in that

Alright, I may do that, thanks. I love watching girl shows but Girls didn't really appeal to me.

No, I haven't seen Game of Thrones. I watched the first two episodes and a woman was raped and I turned it off. I don't want to see that.

Plus he has a supporting role in Inside Llewyn Davis, kill 2 birds with 1 dvd

'Behind the core story of episodes I through IX' is an interesting turn of phrase. Assumed they would leave the prequel trilogy era as it is and try to forget about it!

There's no chance of it happening but I'm secretly hoping that they'll do such a good job of these new movies that they'll then decide to go back and do the prequels again. And burn the first ones.

The prequels were fantastic movies.I love all six star wars films.Contrary to what the miserable haters think, they were hugely successful movies and an entire generation of SW fans grew up with them.The clone wars series was excellent as well.So there is no chance in hell they will ignore it.I only hope JJ and these other directors can make SW movies as good as what has come before.

I grew up with the prequels too, man, totally know what you mean. Have defended them many times before! Just didn't expect Disney to go play with that era again

Fair enough if you guys like them. Believe me, I wish I did. I'm genuinely still pained by the prequels - such a huge disappointment from such massive potential.

I guess I'm just a miserable hater :)

Haha. Don't get me wrong, It's hard to completely like them, especially Attack of the Clones!

Well, there aren't THAT many more rape scenes coming afterwards. I reckon you could still catch a nice handful of good episodes and follow the rough pattern. You're really missing out.

It seems violent and bloody and rapey, just not my thing at all.

Oh, so it's not only the rape but also blood and violence? Yeah, okay, then there's probably not a single episode that you might find entertaining. Definitely not up your alley then.

to be fair, the opening credits are pretty good....after that it's all incest, sex, death, blood and dragons...


You make it sound like that is worse than the opening credits. ^^

GoT doesnt do anything really that the story doesnt need - yes there is sex blood and violence but it is all used for the political and character drama! give it ago!

I don't care if it's important to the story - I don't want to watch that stuff. It's really quite simple. I love fantasy but I don't like that level of rape and violence it's just disgusting and I find some of it disturbing. I've had enough rape in my life, I want to see it.

Well, I too am still looking forward for Spaceballs II: The Search for More Money.
But seriously, if it has a decent story to tell why not make a spin off movie?

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