Godzilla director Gareth Edwards making Star Wars spin-off

News Simon Brew 22 May 2014 - 23:57

UPDATED: The next Star Wars film after Star Wars: Episode VII will land in December 2016.

UPDATE: It's all official. A posting at StarWars.com has revealed that "Lucasfilm and Disney have begun development on multiple stand-alone movies that will offer new stories beyond the core Saga. Gareth Edwards will direct the first stand-alone film, with a screenplay by Gary Whitta. The film is due out December 16, 2016".

Our original story follows.

The escalation of director Gareth Edwards' career continues. Following his wonderful low budget movie Monsters, he's steered Warner and Legendary's Godzilla reboot to critical acclaim and box office gold. And now he's been hired by Lucasfilm to direct one of the planned Star Wars spin-offs.

The move, which presumably puts him out of the running for Godzilla 2 (a project he remains attached to for the minute), will see him helm a project such as the Boba Fett (which is the likely choice) or rumoured Yoda and Han Solo spin-offs. We'd guess that this is the spin-off that Disney is lining up for release in 2016.

More news as we get it. And a hearty handshake to Mr Edwards...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Happy with this as long as he's NOT doing the Boba Fett movie. It'll be a crime if Joe Johnston doesn't get to do that. He's wanted to do one for ages (he's talked about it even before the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm made such a thing a real possibility), and he designed Fett in the first place for The Empire Strikes Back.
Edit - after seeing the update, I don't think he is doing the Boba Fett film. The rumour was that Kasdan is writing that.

And people worry about Disney and Star Wars. Bravo Disney, Bravo. Great choice.

This is a great choice!
It's interesting, though, that the film will be out in the December after Star Wars Episode 7. Seems like the regular May timing for Star Wars is making a permanent residence in December?

N'aw I wanted him to do Godzilla 2. I didn't even like Godzilla as much as I wanted to, but I respected his decision to not play his aces right away - allowing the film to build to a crescendo. He also seems like a mega G-Fan, like me, so I hope if he really can't do G2 they will get someone equally passionate about the property (and hopefully just as skilled!)

How lovely! Yet to see Godzilla, but I adored Monsters.

Ben Wheatley for the Han Solo movie!

I'd be more excited about this if it weren't for the other announcement that Gary Whitta was writing the script. In case you don't know who that is, he co-wrote After Earth and The Book of Eli. I'm sure Edwards, whose direction of Godzilla was absolutely stunning, will have script input, but considering how naff and dull the script was for Godzilla, I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing.

Combine Edwards with a better screenwriter! and I'm all for this.

Upon hearing this splendid news, it appears that I shall require a new pair of underpants, posthaste.

Having seen Godzilla yesterday I have to agree. My favourite bit was the sequence that probably read in the script something like "a bunch of soldiers jump out a plane" but which Edwards managed to craft into an eerie and striking piece of cinema that really harked back to that haunting sense of dread the original captured so well. Un-saddled by dialogue he kicked it out of the monster-ravaged park, i wish the rest of the film had the same sensibility. Still, they might give him a film about a Hoth Wompa or something, maybe it's all just fine :-)

The Godzilla reboot is 'critically acclaimed'? It has the same Rotten Tomatoes score and a lower Metacritic score than Prometheus which was described as having a mixed reaction and as being one of the most divisive films of 2012 by this site...

I read that last word, toothpaste. So I hope you need some cuz I bought it.

Good point. This ain't Lucas. It's the House of Mouse. Disney animated studios is on fire lately, not to mention marvel and Pixar. Star Wars'll be fine.

I am looking forward to fashioning a new pair of underpants entirely from toothpaste, many thanks.

Well we got y'all's toothbrushes, so it's like, viva la toothy.

Well, at least we now know which character this will be based around...

Oh dear, Star Wars overkill

So there wont be any jedi's or sith lords or action till the last 20mins then? Great.

Godzuki vs The Rancor?

At least we know it'll look great.

Can't Edwards write the script as well? Monsters was better than Godzilla cos it had a better script. Edwards wrote the script for Monsters but not Godzilla so if you want a really good Gareth Edwards movie, then get him to write as well as direct.

Didn't robot chicken already do his story?

Exactly my point :).

Why Ben Wheatley? Fantastic director, but he's never displayed any sensibilities of a box office geared filmmaker. Unless you're joking?

Hopefully they will develop the story more than they did for Godzilla, good film but there was no structure to the story

LOL does anybody really give a s**t about rotten tomatoes and metacritic?

But Joe Johnston is terrible... Let his dreams be crushed and give us a good movie!

Thats a bit harsh don't you think. Sure he's made few duds (like almost every director) but he's also made some greats like the Rocketeer, Honey i Shrunk the Kids and Captain America: The First Avenger.

No, not joking. I think it would be funnest thing.

Was I the only one who thought it was really weird that they used music from 2001 in that scene?

You guys just won the internet, lol.

Monsters had a more coherent script, and most of the actual dialogue was improvised!

No. Such. Thing. :P

Yeah because it's not like rotten tomatoes and metacritic collect reviews from pretty much all newspapers and movie websites in the US..on second hand, maybe you consider reviewers like Richard Roeper and The New York Post to be "keyboard warriors"

i don't think a few reviews from established critics are gonna make a difference in among thousands of reviews posted by keyboard warriors, and in any case richard roeper liked godzilla

So instead of using established critics when describing a film as 'critically acclaimed', this website should use the 'real critics' as established by your criteria?

When people read 'critically acclaimed' on a website like this, they usually expect it to mean by established film critics.

no what i'm saying is that the scores on rotten tomatoes and metacritic are skewed due to the large numbers of idiots that post of those sites, therefore rendering the scores meaningless

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