JJ Abrams' video message from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII

News Ryan Lambie
21 May 2014 - 14:21
The Star Wars logo.

Want a look at the first creature from Star Wars: Episode VII? Then take a look at JJ Abrams' message from the set right here...

One of the wonderful things about the Star Wars original trilogy was the wealth of practical creature effects on display. And if the video below from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII is anything to go by, that's something we'll be seeing in the forthcoming sequel, too.

Using a canny bit of promotion, director JJ Abrams promotes a new, Disney-led initiative called Force For Change, where pledges of $10 will give fans a chance to head to the UK set of Episode VII and appear as an extra. The Money donated will, Abrams says, "be helping children around the world through our collaboration with UNICEF."

Knowing that footage of a creature from Star Wars would get the video shared on sites like this all over the planet, Abrams has one casually strolling past the camera as he stands on set in Abu Dhabi. Given that it's for such a good cause, we're more than happy to oblige - and we must say, that creature looks absolutely adorable.


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