Has the Star Wars cinematic line-up been leaked?

News Glen Chapman
19 May 2014 - 05:53

A German website reckons it has the schedule for the new raft of Star Wars films - including a Red Five spin-off...

It's no secret that Disney has plans for Star Wars movies beyond the confirmed upcoming trilogy, and the studio has been quite vocal about its plans for spin-offs and such like. Given the template set by the Marvel cinematic universe, there's clearly a model to aim for there.

So, let's start the week with some speculation and the requirement for a large dose of salt. Because a German website is reporting on a strategy meeting that it apparently had access to, where Hasbro outlined what we can expect from future Star Wars movies. Hasbro is expected to be producing the tie-in figures and such like for the new Star Wars films. Interestingly, a few other websites were reporting on this, and their stories have since disappeared.

Anyway, here's the schedule that was being reported...

Fall 2014: Rebels

2015: Episode VII

2016: Boba Fett

2017: Episode VIII

2018: Solo

2019: Episode IX

2020: Red Five

It's worth bearing in mind that this is far from an official release and it's unclear as to the reliability of the insider source at Starwars-union.de (the website in question), but it's certainly an interesting list and most of the titles certainly make sense.

More on the future Star Wars movies as and when they're available.


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