Has the Star Wars cinematic line-up been leaked?

News Glen Chapman 19 May 2014 - 05:53

A German website reckons it has the schedule for the new raft of Star Wars films - including a Red Five spin-off...

It's no secret that Disney has plans for Star Wars movies beyond the confirmed upcoming trilogy, and the studio has been quite vocal about its plans for spin-offs and such like. Given the template set by the Marvel cinematic universe, there's clearly a model to aim for there.

So, let's start the week with some speculation and the requirement for a large dose of salt. Because a German website is reporting on a strategy meeting that it apparently had access to, where Hasbro outlined what we can expect from future Star Wars movies. Hasbro is expected to be producing the tie-in figures and such like for the new Star Wars films. Interestingly, a few other websites were reporting on this, and their stories have since disappeared.

Anyway, here's the schedule that was being reported...

Fall 2014: Rebels

2015: Episode VII

2016: Boba Fett

2017: Episode VIII

2018: Solo

2019: Episode IX

2020: Red Five

It's worth bearing in mind that this is far from an official release and it's unclear as to the reliability of the insider source at Starwars-union.de (the website in question), but it's certainly an interesting list and most of the titles certainly make sense.

More on the future Star Wars movies as and when they're available.


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I have a bad feeling about this...

Dang! Beat me to it. :D

No! Shut them *all* down, hurry!

"Yes master. Huff. Wheeze."

Still can't believe that they have these spin offs lined up yet we're not getting a Ewan McGregor Obi Wan film.

They had bad experiences with prequels.

I'd be totally up for a Boba Fett movie. Especially as we all know he managed to blast his way put of the Sarlacc pit. A Red 5 movie would be pretty cool as well. Anything that doesn't feature the Jedi too heavily.

I'd pay to see 2 hours of Obi Wan sat in the desert looking at his watch waiting for something to happen!

Thats not cannon and the theorys have been it will be bobba before sarlac.

Only the bobba fans say he survived because on the non cannon books but he is most definitely dead until a movie says otherwise. And tbh it would cheapen the films if he lived

Of course Boba is alive. C'mon, it's Boba Fett.

I fear something terrible has happened

Unfortunately, we know he'll be brought back. Complete with Kiwi accent

He's dead mooki eveybody is dead

That's called Phantom Menace... for the most part

Well, Rebels is kicking off with a feature-length episode later in the year, and given that the pilot instalment of The Clone Wars was shown in cinemas, it's not too much of a stretch to think that Rebels' pilot will follow suit.

It's like all restraint in the universe suddenly cried out in great pain...

That's a lot of Star Wars. Learn patience they must.

They must get Joe Johnston to direct. He's said in the past (even before Disney bought Lucasfilm) that he'd love to make a Boba Fett film.

I'd rather not see a Boba Fet movie but a Boba Fet / Star Wars 'underworld' TV series. I'm guessing it would super expensive to do tho.

Please, for the love of zombie Jesus, do not make a Han Solo origin movie!

how are they gonna do a Han Solo film? Cast someone young who's obviously going to look, sound and act NOTHING like Harrison Ford?

I don't see how that can work. Unless it's REALLY young solo... like... if he's 8 or something (obviously that's not gonna be it)

Wait, 2014 Rebels? I don't think so. I fear this franchise is in danger...

The great thing about Mr Ford is he has played exactly the same character since about 1983. Every one is a copy of Indy/Solo. It's not that he's a bad actor, just that his range is somewhat limited.

I would take someone who looks/acts nothing like Ford in a good movie over someone who really looks the part but is put in a bad film (point of reference: Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese, Terminator Salvation - although I don't actually think it was a bad film!)

Red Five? dont they mean Rouge Squadron?

who says it will be Han Solo?

surely there is scope here for it to be the children of Han and let's say Leia?

Let's hope this isn't true, Fett and Solo would be uninspired choices.

Assuming this list is to be trusted, what's the 'Red Five' spin off going to be about? :S I mean, yes, it seems to be a Rogue Squadron/Luke Skywalker as a fighter pilot reference, but how on earth is that going to work? :S

Are you making that up?

1 SW movie per year is NOT going to happen, 2 movies every 3 year is the max and 1 movie every 2 years is more likely

Probably Shia LaBeouf...

As far as I'm concerned, 30 years of effort from thousands of people putting millions of hours into expanding the universe through books, games etc is more worthy of being recognised as canon than J.J Abrams and Disney acting like a bunch of idiots and electing to ignore all that work. Though of course we all know J.J will rip off a bunch of stuff from the Expanded Universe anyway.

Plus saying he survived (which he did) would just make him more badass, and atone for the most embarrassing way he could possibly been taken out, short of having a heart attack.

Who on earth would play him??

That would be cool.

Marvel seem to have managed it.

My concern wouldn't be with him looking or sounding like Harrison Ford. I'd be more worried about finding somebody with the charisma to pull it off.

Red Five is obviously a Red Squadron reference, not Rogue Squadron.

Since you don't know how to spell Boba Fett's name or the word "canon," your opinion is irrelevant.

Ah, so Rebels is a cartoon is it?

Oh! I'm sorry, didn't realise that the grammar scouts were out! But then again I was typing that message on my phone whilst my 2 year old was on my knee. One hopes this paragraph is a little better for you.

If they bring him back, it should be set after the Sarlacc pit, IMO. It would be cool to see a movie going on at the same time as ROTJ. Could maybe get a couple of little cross-references in there.

I see what your saying, but for me if they bring him back the weaken Luke Skywalker a little. And cheapens Boba, I mean it took one of the best Jedi that ever lived to kill him

I do see what you are saying, However the true canon is the films.

I loved a lot of the books, some were gash, and the games too were awesome.

I'm a little concerned with you saying JJ is going to rip the books off, as you have set him up to disappoint you either way. If he goes different direction he is failing to honour the books, if he takes inspiration and takes the movie universe in the books direction he's just ripping them off.

In my mind Boba Died, defeated by one of the greatest Jedi of all existence.

But hey I may get proved wrong

sorry Rogue Squadron

Rouge was funnier though.

Cut the chatter!

Going with those Indy recasting rumours Bradley Cooper.

If Red Five is a Rogue Squadron movie, I would seriously dig that. Make it about the Battle for Corusant (that happend after Episode VI), for example! Could be great stuff!

I'm more saying that it's impossible for J.J to do an original story, because pretty much everything possible that can be done to expand the universe, has been done. So they might as well just keep everything as canon. I'm basically going to treat the new movies as an alternate continuity, like J.J did with his Star Trek reboot. The simple thing is, Star Wars belongs to the millions of people who love it, now, not people who haven't bothered to delve into the EU.

Plus I hate to outright say people are wrong, but you are wrong about the way Boba died. He wasn't killed by Luke. He had Luke momentarily out of action, and it was Han randomly flailing that caused Boba's jetpack to malfunction, launching him into the Sarlacc pit.

It could have Karl Urban star in it, be awesome, and then get cancelled by Fox.

What a load. You even managed to paragraph your text! You just clearly don't know the difference between "cannon" and "canon" - or "Boba Fett, the Bounty Hunter" and "Bobba Fett, Uncle Marv's Cousin from Alabama".

I agree. I was picturing a fleet of Jedi pilots in full drag ready to fly into Skywalker Ranch and whup George Lucas' heteronormative ass.

"This summer, Ryan Gosling IS young Han Solo." Cue internet meltdown.

Seriously, wasn't his role in Drive as the peripatetic lover/warrior/driver the perfect audition for him to play Solo?

Embarrassed but don't know Red Five... Explanations please!

Shia Labeouf of course... DUH...

Shia Labeouf of course... DUH..

Boring conversation anyway....


Ooooooooo I'm in!!

Haven't seen Almost Human. Was it good?

As ever a bit puzzled by some reactions, but genuinely seeking to understand.

Firstly, I'm not sure why anyone would not want any of these films to be made. It seems like a one way bet to me. If you see something you enjoy, or partially enjoy, then you are up on where you stand today, and if you don't then what's been lost?

Secondly, I remain mystified by what difference it makes whether something is "canon" or not. Surely, we aren't in the position of attempting to construct any aspect of such films as a truly credible reality, without authorship or presentational context. So why worry?

Like tears in the rain.

Please don't put that it isn't going to happen unless you can prove it. You have about as much say on whether they're being made as I do in picking the Brazilian World cup team.

in many ways yes, but Gosling's voice isn't his prize asset and Solo is all about the voice. Not for me

Really wet?

RuPaul is Captain Mazgara who leads a sassy, but adventurous group of x-wing pilots across the galaxy!

Maybe a mini series or TV series like the Indiana Jones adventures?

Beautiful, and now lost in time.

Red Five standing by

Dear Disney...do not appoint screen writers for the Solo movie. Go immediately to Amazon, buy Brian Daley's Han Solo trilogy and make films of them.

Han Solo, the High School years, starring Zack Efron.

I'm sold! Day One ticket...get this made Disney!

ouch...just ouch...

I'm fine with spin-off's but I'd rather they be TV show's rather than movies that should be saved for the main instalments of the franchise.

Assume you don't realise they are the same people! Skywalker was red 5, he formed rougue squadron then rougue squadron used the call signs red leader, 1 etc for the battle of endor as a mark of respect to the red squadron from the battle yavin.

Good shout. Can't remember Gosling trying on any accents. Then again, doesn't the human voice change over time?

Ummm... Han was responsible for knocking boba into the sarclacc pit?

That or The Men Who Stare at Goats.

I would pay to not see that.

No need to pick a team , Holland will win the World Cup.

I'm English so I wouldn't dare say England will win it as we will be coming home early. I hope you don't resort to kicking lumps like in the 2010 final. You are a better team than that.

Chances of Han Solo being played by Harrison Ford in 2018?

Yeah, except for the fact that Red Squadron (or Wing?) was the forerunner to Rogue Squadron.

Never tell him the odds!

Good shout. I'd be more excited by a Boba Fett TV series than a movie.

I'd say his character in What Lies Beneath was a bit different. And in Frantic. But yes, his charisma is greater than his range.

Thanks. Now I can't get the image of Porkins in full drag out of my head. Can we have a Biggs and Wedge movie.

Well they cast Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan.

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